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June 29, 2017

13 Celebrity #TBT Photos You May Have Missed This Week

The infamous kiss from Cruel Intentions kicks off this week’s #ThrowbackThursday!

Gillian Anderson Calls Out The Lack Of Women Behind "The X-Files"

Update: Three women writers and two women directors have been hired to work on the upcoming season.

15 Random Facts About '90s Movies That You Might Be Able To Impress People With

Whitney Houston was NEVER supposed to sing "I Will Always Love You"!

30 Cosas que definitivamente te pasaron de niño cuando viste 'Jumanji'

La película responsable de tu miedo a las arañas.

Can You Complete These New York City Subway Phrases?

I hear this man's voice more often than my own mother's.

Flash Briefing For June 29, 2017

Here's what's in the news today.

This Map Shows How Badly Climate Change Will Impact Each County In The US

As temperatures go up, the US economy will suffer, according to a new study. And the warmer it gets, the worse the damages will be.

People Can't Stop Laughing Over This Mom Who Apparently Had No Idea What Her Dog Looks Like

"I kind of just made that face Jim from The Office makes when Michael Scott does something dumb."

We Know Which Disney Princess You Are Based On Your Apartment Aesthetic

Just pretend this quiz is your fairy godmother.

Anjali Patel • 1 hour ago

It’s Too Soon To Declare Victory Over ISIS. Iraq Did It Anyway.

The Iraqi government's declaration that ISIS had been expelled from Iraq goes against both the current situation on the ground in Mosul and the experience other Iraqi cities freed have gone through.

Trump Has One Consistent Message: Destroy The Media

Throughout the chaotic early months of the White House, Trump has been remarkably clear on a single issue: the “fake news” media.

Do Summer Right With This Strawberry Lemonade Cake

Strawberry lemonade cake stand anyone?

Si haces más de 10 de estas 16 cosas, felicidades, eres el impuntual de tus amigos

Crees firmemente que SIEMPRE hay 30 minutos de tolerancia.

Blue Apron Shares Rose 0.00% On First Day Of Trading

Investors took a skeptical look at the meal-kit delivery company, whose stock stayed perfectly flat on its first day as a public company.

Nem 20 dos 513 deputados estavam no plenário durante a leitura da denúncia contra Temer

Segundo o registro oficial, apenas 78 dos 513 deputados estavam na Casa — e, mesmo entre os presentes, poucos foram ao plenário.

Here's A List Of My Top 10 Mental Breakdowns That Will Make You Feel Like You Have Your Shit Together

*Almost* all of the times I've completely lost it, compiled into one BuzzFeed list.

Trump Administration Appoints Anti-Transgender Activist To Gender Equality Post

"To put it simply, a boy claiming gender confusion must now be allowed in the same shower, bathroom, or locker room with my daughter," wrote the new senior adviser for women's empowerment at USAID.

Qual será o próximo personagem brasileiro importado pelos gringos?

Ajude a escolher quem deve ser o próximo personagem exportado para conquistar o planeta depois da Cuca.

Jeff Sessions Once Opposed A Federal Hate Crimes Law. Now He Vows To Enforce It.

When he was a senator, Sessions voted against hate crimes legislation. But at a hate crimes summit on Thursday, the US Attorney General said enforcing those laws is a "top priority."

House Investigators Say The White House Needs To Offer More Information On Alleged Comey “Tapes”

The president’s tweets, apparently, do not speak for themselves.

This Is What The Cast Of "Zoey 101" Looks Like Now

Do I look good my dear? Do I look good today?

Heat Street Is Folding

The conservative digital media outlet, which is owned by News Corp and originally led by Louise Mensch, will be shuttered as a standalone operation on August 4.

Texas’s Illegal Execution Drugs From India Have Expired. It Plans To Buy More.

Three states spent more than $75,000 to buy a banned execution drug from India. The FDA blocked the shipments, a court fight ensued, and last month the drugs expired.

Zillow Backed Down After Threatening A 23-Year-Old Woman Over Her Popular Blog

Kate Wagner relaunched her popular McMansion Hell blog Thursday and said she wouldn't comply with Zillow's demand to delete photos.

Quão boca suja você é?

Esta boquinha fala coisas de cair o cu da bunda?

I Have One Nagging Question About The "Wonder Woman" Movie

How in the heck do Amazons age??????

A Progressive Lawmaker Just Convinced Some Of Her Republican Colleagues To Repeal A War Authorization

The move is a first step in repealing the 2001 Authorization for Use of Military Force, which multiple administrations have used as the legal basis for the war on terror over the past 16 years.

This Visually Stunning Summer Sci-Fi Movie Looks Even Better Than "Avatar"

It looks gorgeous and full of action — plus, Rihanna is in it!

Corinne Olympios Completes "Bachelor In Paradise" Investigation, Says She Won't Return

"My team’s investigation into this matter has now been completed to my satisfaction."

ミラノサンド好きは絶対行くべき!ドトールが初のブックカフェ こだわりのコーヒーにフードも充実


It Sounds Like The White House Is Getting Involved In The Ohio Republican Governor’s Race

While in Ohio this week, the vice president told an audience that he “was for Jim Renacci before it was cool.” Renacci is citing the remarks as evidence that he’s the Trump administration’s preferred candidate. Pence’s people say its not an endorsement.

Emilia Clarke Says She Is Done With The Role Of Daenerys Targaryen When "Game Of Thrones" Ends

The Mother of Dragons is hanging up her crown after Season 8.

'Sense8' regresará para un último episodio y la gente está perdonando a Netflix

El próximo año se estrenará un especial de dos horas.

17 gafes que aconteceram na TV e nos deixaram com vergonha alheia

Se você tem aflição de vergonha alheia, não veja esse post.

A hashtag #SeHarryPotterFosseBrasileiro voltou e segue dando ótimas sugestões

"A banda preferida do Voldemort seria Inimigos do HP".

Aparentemente o BEIJAÇO brasileiro contra o fim do "Sense8" deu certo

A Netflix vai lançar um episódio especial de duas horas para contar o fim da série.

Propina a ministro do TCU foi paga no Rei das Coxinhas, diz delator

Delator conta que o agora ministro Vital do Rêgo tinha pressa em receber o dinheiro e por isso usaram a lanchonete no interior da Paraíba. Assessor reclamou que o dinheiro era pouco. O ministro nega.

Kendall And Kylie Made "Vintage" T-Shirts People Hated, And Now They've Been Removed From Their Site

I guess complaining about something on social media can pay off sometimes.

Can You Win At Least $7,000 On "Jeopardy!"?

Would you like to make it a true Daily Double?

It's Official, We're Getting A Brand New "Sense8" Finale

Netflix announced today that the original series, which was canceled early in June, will return for a two-hour finale.

Inside The Totally Insane And Sort Of Successful Fan Campaign To Bring Back "Sense8"

After almost a month of relentless campaigning from fans, Netflix has just announced that the canceled show will return for a special.

Tu gusto en películas de terror te dirá cómo vas a morir en la vida real

Precaución: Sólo sigue adelante si quieres saber tu fatídico destino.

14 segredos que maquiadores profissionais querem que você saiba

Você até pode economizar no rímel, mas de preferência não na base.

Justin Bieber Threw His Shoes At Some Fans And The Aftermath Has Been Pretty Iconic

When I grow up I want to be one of Justin Bieber's Yeezys.

Este tutorial de "jogo da velha" é 100% você lidando com os problemas da vida

"O homem que vence os outros é forte, mas o que vence a si mesmo é invencível".

El PAN considera inaceptable el espionaje y exige investigación a fondo

Senadores demandaron que expertos internacionales acompañen las indagatorias.

15 Makeup Recommendations From Actual BuzzFeed Readers Who Have Sensitive Skin

Brands will tell ya anything, so we asked our readers.

Se você virasse um zumbi, que tipo de zumbi seria?

É só uma questão de tempo. O apocalipse já está aí.

Ach du Scheiße, Berlin!

Hier sind einfach nur die 13 krassesten Regen-Videos des Tages.

10 musiquinhas da infância que você deveria voltar a cantar

"Coelhinho, se eu fosse como tu, tirava a mão no bolso e enfiava a mão no..."

The Future Of Health Care Could Be Humans, Robots — Or Both

Omada Health recently laid off some human staff to focus on AI-augmented health coaching. Whether the gambit works will reveal a lot about the future of digital health.

These Teens Got Arrested For Trying To Sell Pancake Mix To Undercover Cops

IHop they have someone to bail them out of jail.

Here's What Guy Fieri's Donkey Sauce Is Actually Made Out Of

Turns out Flavortown is all just make-believe.

Jeremy Corbyn Has Sacked The Labour Shadow Ministers Who Defied Him On Brexit

Three members of the Labour front bench have been sacked by Jeremy Corbyn after voting for Chuka Umunna's proposal to keep the UK within the single market.

Guillermo Del Toro Went On A Very Excellent Twitter Rant Over "Baby Driver"

"This is An American in Paris on wheels and crack smoke."

25 fatos sobre a banana que vão fazer você pensar na vida

Por exemplo, compartilhamos 60% de nosso DNA com elas.

15 Life-Changing Things All Harry Potter Fans Must Do In Scotland

Can you really call yourself a fan if you've never visited Dumbledore's island tomb?

You Have $60, Can You Buy Some '90s Stuff Without Going Over Budget?

Should you buy a Tamagotchi or get something from the Delia's catalog?

18 Memes sobre la tormenta en la CDMX que te inundarán de risa

¿Qué hicimos para enfurecer así a Tlaloc?

If You're A Parent Who Hates Caillou You're Gonna Wanna Read This Fan Theory

This one's for all the parents that can't stand another minute of Caillou.

Here’s What People Are Buying On Amazon Right Now

Movers and Shakers is a list of products on Amazon that are currently rising in the ranking. This week: Sims 4, an inflatable flamingo, and a retro bathing suit.

16 vezes em que o melhor do Brasil foi o brasileirinho

Estes aqui são o melhor do futuro da nação.

13 Patio-Friendly Vegetable Recipes To Make For Canada's 150th Birthday

Dig up something delicious with recipes from Trish Magwood.

All The Best Deals On Amazon Today

Deals on a probiotic face mask, a yogurt cheese maker, collapsible colanders, and more!

16 Confessions From People Who Work In Porn That Might Surprise You

Butthole-tracking software is a real thing.

Une youtubeuse inculpée après avoir tué son petit ami dans une vidéo

Monalisa Perez a été inculpée pour homicide involontaire après avoir accidentellement tué son petit ami d'une balle dans le torse en filmant une vidéo YouTube.

How I Found A Steady Soundtrack For An Unsteady Life

My friends and I saw ourselves in the songs of the Hold Steady. They were our stories, only better.

17 Jokes That Will Make You Hate Yourself For Laughing At

I said to my dad, "What rhymes with orange?" He said, "No, it doesn't."

23 Guys Who Truly Know How To Beat Their Face

Boys just wanna have fun, too.

A Man Has Been Charged With Allegedly Falsely Claiming His Wife And Son Died In The Grenfell Tower Fire

52-year-old Anh Nhu Nguyen has been charged with five counts of fraud.

16 Food Questions Britain Has For America

Please stop ruining the good reputation of cheese.

Pick A TV Show And We'll Tell You Which Book To Read Next

Who knew your Netflix history could help you find a new book?

Holy Shit, You'll Actually Be Able To Drink Luke's Coffee Soon

Bring a little bit of Luke's Diner home.

Régalez-vous avec ces pommes d'amour dignes d'une fête foraine

Pommes d'amour? Chouchous? Pop-corn? Guimauve? Vermicelles? Pourquoi choisir? Craquez pour tous!

Amazon Prime Day Is Coming. Get Ready With BuzzFeed's Shopping Newsletter!

Get all of the best deals right in your inbox on July 11th!

18 Gross Things All Cat Owners Secretly Do

You've probably stepped in some vom.

O cara que saltou da varanda é um paraquedista experiente

Conhecido como Fuscão, ele é praticante de uma modalidade chamada BASE jumping e já tem mais de mil saltos na vida.

Ehe für alle? Warum CDU und CSU jetzt sauer sind

CSU-Mitglied Michael Frieser hat es uns erklärt

As 16 pessoas mais trouxas do Brasil

Será que eu vou ser trouxa este ano? Sim ou com certeza?

BuzzFeed zeigt den Brief, mit dem CDU-Politiker zu einem Ja für die Ehe für alle mobilisieren

Die "Wilde 13", eine Gruppe progressiver Unions-Mitglieder, ermutigt "noch einmal aus ganzem Herzen, am Freitag für die Öffnung der Ehe zu stimmen".

This Study Shows That Hardly Anyone Knows The Most Important Thing About HIV Today

Most people still wrongly believe you can get HIV from having unprotected sex with someone who has the virus and is on effective treatment, a new survey has revealed.

22 Little Facts That Will Make Every "Love Island" Fan Go "Omgggg"

Dumped islander Chloe told BuzzFeed what life inside the villa is really like.

17 Cosas que entenderás si odias tener sentimientos

¿Emociones? ¿Muestras de afecto? No, gracias.

O quanto você é hipster?

Já postou foto do seu café da manhã?

9 wundervolle große Eszetts, damit du dich dran gewöhnen kannst

Willkommen in unserer Welt, große Eszetts!

La double vie, les mensonges et les dissimulations de l'avant coming out

Des gays et lesbiennes, anonymes ou connus, nous racontent leur avant coming out. Une période difficile marquée par des dissimulations et des mensonges, parfois grotesques, toujours pénibles.

These 12 Augmented Reality Experiences On iPhones Already Look Like The Future

Apple developers are already building experimental AR experiences for iOS 11 and some of them look lit AF.

Talvez Adele nunca mais saia em turnê mundial novamente

Em uma carta escrita à mão para seus fãs e divulgada nas redes sociais, Adele disse que "quis que meus últimos shows fossem em Londres porque não sei se sairei em turnê novamente e queria que a última vez fosse em casa".

20 homophobe Äußerungen, die Heterosexuelle noch immer versehentlich von sich geben

"Ich habe kein Problem mit Lesben, ich liebe Lesbenpornos!"

Inside The 2017 Battle For Song Of The Summer

DJ Khaled, Luis Fonsi, Diplo, Zedd, and Carly Rae Jepsen explain how random chance — and careful planning — fuel an annual midyear tradition.

22 Tweets About Snapchat Streaks That Are So Relatable It Hurts

"Our snapchat streak is more important than your vacation you selfish asshole."

20 Streaming Services That Aren’t Netflix, Hulu, or Amazon Prime

From art-house movies to British TV to anime and Bollywood, here is a sampling of the expansive world of (legal) online streaming.

Estas histórias emocionantes mostram como os livros do Harry Potter mudaram vidas

Em comemoração ao 20º aniversário do primeiro livro da série, oito pessoas contam como a magia de Harry Potter impactou suas vidas.

Lesben: Klischees vs. Realität

Niemand ist der "Mann" in einer lesbischen Beziehung. Spoiler: Beide sind Frauen.

This Is Why The Minions Are So Popular

The Despicable Me sidekicks have become globally ubiquitous thanks to their slapstick humor, amorphous cuteness, and a cunning marketing strategy.

Estas são as vítimas civis dos ataques liderados pelos EUA contra o Estado Islâmico no Iraque

A campanha aérea liderada pelo governo americano teve um impacto devastador sobre os civis, mas ainda não houve prestação de contas sobre sua extensão. O BuzzFeed News visitou sete locais em Mossul onde testemunhas dizem que inocentes foram mortos por ataques aéreos dos EUA e de seus aliados.

People Were "Appalled" When This Luxury Festival Cancelled Their Tickets Last-Minute

British music promoters have turned a derelict Croatian island into a luxury holiday destination, but it has been beset by a range of issues since day one. Now people are complaining of last-minute cancellations.

Nove heroínas da 1ª Guerra Mundial tão maravilhosas quanto a Mulher Maravilha

Alerta de spoiler: os homens atrapalharam bastante.

A "Horrendous" Acid Attack On Two Cousins Is Now Being Treated As A Hate Crime

Resham Khan and Jameel Muhktar, who were celebrating Khan's 21st birthday, suffered "life-changing" burn injuries in the attack.

Moderate Muslims Of Pakistan, We Have Nowhere Left To Hide

Taimoor Raza's death sentence, and the non-existent debate around it, are symptomatic of the shrinking space for dissent in the Islamic Republic.

Líderes del PAN también recibieron el malware Pegasus, de acuerdo a un nuevo informe #GobiernoEspía

El senador Roberto Gil Zuarth, Ricardo Anaya, líder nacional del partido, y el secretario de comunicación Fernando Rodríguez Doval, fueron los objetivos según The Citizen Lab.

29 Memes You Need To See If You're Shit At Adulting

All your friends are getting married and having kids and you still have no idea what taxes are.

President Trump Is Ridiculing An MSNBC Host's Looks And Is Calling Her "Crazy"

The president of the United States called Morning Joe host Mika Brzezinski "crazy." She, along with co-host Joe Scarborough, have postponed their upcoming vacation to appear on Morning Joe tomorrow.

How Popular Are Your "Love Island" Opinions?

Do you think Jonny is a snake?

13 Hochzeiten von gleichgeschlechtlichen Paaren, die beweisen, dass Liebe echt ist und OMG ich weine

„Zu wissen, dass wir dort stehen, weil die Liebe gesiegt hat, hat uns unseren Hochzeitstag unglaublich versüßt.“

Kensington And Chelsea Council Failed To Ban Journalists From A Meeting So They Cancelled It

After media organisations overturned a ban on their presence, the council took the extraordinary step of abandoning its first cabinet meeting since the Grenfell Tower fire.

Kannst du deine Hogwarts-Ausstattung kaufen, ohne dabei zu viel Geld auszugeben?

Lass dich nicht von den Weasley-Zwillingen verführen!

Nicola Sturgeon Rinsed A Tory MSP Who Asked Her To Protect Men From The Gender Pay Gap

The first minister said the male MSP was "kind of missing the whole point".

All The Best Deals On The Internet Today

Deals at Asos, Target, Guess, and more!

9 trucs que toutes les filles font quand elles sont toutes seules

Du genre arracher ces longs poils bizarres sur vos mamelons.

Estos 10 trucos te van a hacer descubrir que llevas comiendo mal la fruta toda la vida

En menos de cinco minutos puedes convertir cualquier fruta en un manjar.

Don’t Get Too Excited About America’s First-Ever Marijuana Cafés

Denver is preparing to open the country’s first cannabis cafés, but people in the bud business say overly strict rules could kill the city’s — and the nation’s — pot lounges before they ever get a chance to thrive.

Kendall Jenner Met India's First Openly Gay Prince And Invited Him For Dinner With The Kardashians

In the latest episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians, Kendall goes to India and invites Prince Manvendra Singh for dinner with Kim, Khloe, and Kourtney.

Rupert Murdoch's Bid To Take Complete Control Of Sky Has Been Delayed

Conservative ministers warned the billionaire could gain too much power to "influence the overall news agenda" and the political process.

So schlimm wird die Ehe für alle

Schlimm, ganz schlimm.

Can The Harry Potter Fandom Survive New Canon?

In finding alternative pasts, presents, and futures for the magical characters that defined a decade, we've been able to heal wounds that new canon might open back up again.

The EU Thinks The UK's Offer On EU Citizens Is "Clearly Below" Existing Rights

BuzzFeed News has seen a preliminary European Commission assessment of the UK's offer that also says Britain's proposals lack clarity and legal certainty.

Adele Tells Fans She May Never Tour Again In An Emotional Handwritten Note

"I wanted my final shows to be in London because I don't know if I'll ever tour again and so I want my last time to be at home."

Il y a des gens assez fous pour faire des gâteaux «accouchement» et c'est infâme

Les gâteaux de naissance sont la nouvelle tendance pour dévoiler le sexe du bébé.

Former MP Says Liberal MPs Will "Absolutely" Cross The Floor On Gay Marriage

The stage could be set for dramatic scenes on the floor of parliament.

Bist du wirklich für die Ehe für alle?

Keine Sorge, dieses Quiz geht ganz schnell.

アマゾンジャパン社長が語る顧客第一主義 運送問題は「心配しないで」

ますます便利になっていくAmazonプライム。運送業界への負担も懸念されるなか、アマゾンジャパンのジャスパー・チャン社長がBuzzFeed Newsの取材に応じた。

What You Need To Know To Start Your Day

Trump is finally getting to implement his travel ban, and it could happen today. The third-highest-ranking Catholic official at the Vatican has been charged with multiple "historic sexual offences." And some people actually think Mars Rover missions are being faked somewhere in Canada.



28 canciones que no deberían haber fracasado, pero la gente heterosexual existe

Esto no es necesariamente un ataque a la gente heterosexual: es una guerra a muerte contra la heterosexualidad.

PM Modi Has Finally Spoken Up About The Lynching Of Muslims And Dalits Across India

Modi's address came a day after protests were organised in cities throughout the country to speak up against ongoing violence.



18 photos terrifiantes pour les thalassophobes

Des photos à ne pas montrer aux âmes sensibles.

This Disabled Man Is Married To A Full-Time Nurse But They Had So Little They Had To Go To A Food Bank

New research shows that half of all families using food banks have a disabled member.

Prison Staff "Hogtied", And Used Excessive Force Against, Young Offenders

Children's hands and ankles were cuffed and linked together behind their back while they lay on the floor.

Julie Bishop Charged Taxpayers More Than $3.5k To Go To Last Year's AFL Grand Final

She's spent more than $8,000 on AFL grand finals in three years.

Answer 6 Questions To Learn Which Underrated Southern Comfort Food You Need Right Now

Whether deep fried or covered in gravy, it's gonna be amazing.



A Summary Of What Happened To Your Favourite "Pretty Little Liars" Characters

The series has officially ended, and at least one person ended up as a necklace.

ふわふわ、しっとり♪ フルーツロールケーキ



「海が怖い」「深海の写真が不気味」「海面を覗くと足がすくむ」「湖が苦手」海や湖を見るとこんな症状になる心理を「海洋恐怖症」や「深海恐怖症」、「海洋恐怖症」と呼びます。海の画像をみて怖くない? あなたは大丈夫か確かめて。

The Census Showed How Difficult It Is To Get Accurate Numbers On Sex And Gender

The 2016 Census did not provide accurate figures on people with a sex or gender other than male or female.

Pick A Door To Open And We'll Tell You Something You Probably Didn't Know

Did you know that shaving your hair doesn't make it grow back thicker?

Here's Proof Fans Guessed The Ending Of "Pretty Little Liars" Before It Was Written

Tfw the fans are better writers than the actual writers.

Periodistas pintaron #SOSPrensa en el Zócalo, el Gobierno local lo borró y luego se disculpó

Empleados de limpieza de la CDMX borraron con chorros de agua la pinta contra la violencia hacia la prensa.

Which "Buffy The Vampire Slayer" Character Are You Based On Your Random Preferences?

If the apocalypse comes while you're taking this quiz, we'll beep you.

We Need To Talk About The Wine Moms In The "PLL" Finale

THIS is the spin-off I want to see.

We Know What Type Of Friend You Are Based On A Pool Party You Plan

You don't have to wait an hour after taking this quiz to swim.

Australia's Highest-Ranking Catholic Is Facing Sexual Offences Charges

"I'm innocent of these charges. They are false," Cardinal George Pell said.

El Caballito fue restaurado y parece que las autoridades olvidaron que fue por una omisión

Según este expediente del Gobierno de la CDMX, las afectaciones ocurrieron porque a una asistente se le "olvidó" entregar un oficio.

17 Tweets That Basically Sum Up "House Hunters International"

So you're looking for an American-style house with a big backyard in Central London?!

The Senate Intelligence Committee's Russia Investigation Is Gaining Steam

Sen. Warner said the committee will now begin interviews with some members of the Trump campaign who have been cited in the press as having potential links to Russia.

Why People Are Upset Over Jackie Chan’s Role In “The Foreigner”

Although the martial arts legend is a beloved figure among Asian-Americans, some are slamming the upcoming film’s erasure of Vietnamese people.

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