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In “Us” And “Pet Sematary,” History Is The Scariest Thing Of All

In Jordan Peele’s new movie and the latest Stephen King adaptation, the real bump in the night might be decades of suppressed trauma. Spoilers ahead!

Alison Willmore • 7 days ago

Elizabeth Holmes’ Scam Is Over, But Her Story Will Go On Forever

The Theranos scandal is juicy, damning, and rife with potential readings — in other words, ideal fuel for our 24/7 take economy.

Alison Willmore • One month ago

“Greta” Is A “Murder Me, Mommy” Meme Come To Life

French acting legend Isabelle Huppert is the rare fave who seems like she really could run you over with a car if you asked nicely enough.

Alison Willmore • One month ago

I Wish More TV Shows Ran For Just One Season

Must the reward for a successful TV show always be for it to keep going until it's not as good as it used to be?

Alison Willmore • One month ago

"Russian Doll" Is Better At Video Game Storytelling Than Most Video Game Adaptations

Netflix's delightful time-looping series is one of a few recent titles that take inspiration from gameplay. Spoilers for Russian Doll and Serenity.

Alison Willmore • One month ago

Why Are “Bohemian Rhapsody” And “Green Book” Still Oscar Frontrunners?

As this turbulent award season comes to an end, Hollywood appears to be closing ranks around two controversial movies (and their creators) that don't really deserve to be defended.

Alison Willmore • 2 months ago

Is It Just Me, Or Is Marie Kondo’s Netflix Show Weirdly Dark?

Netflix's Tidying Up With Marie Kondo promises that you can organize your way to "your ideal life." But are messes really a cause of our problems, rather than a symptom?

Alison Willmore • 3 months ago

Why I’ve Had Trouble Buying Hollywood’s Version Of Girl Power

I get the desire to take comfort in cheerful stories of women’s triumph, from Ocean's 8 to On the Basis of Sex. But in 2018, I haven’t found them very comforting.

Alison Willmore • 3 months ago

These Are The 11 Best Movies Of 2018

This year was bad, but at least the movies were good. Here are my favorites.

Alison Willmore • 4 months ago

The Only Good Political Movies This Year Are About An 18th-Century Queen And Joseph Stalin

The Favourite and The Death of Stalin are dark historical comedies that work as funhouse mirrors, reflecting back warped shapes that look a little more recognizable than we'd like.

Alison Willmore • 4 months ago

Being A Wendi Deng Stan Has Gotten Very Complicated

My half-joking hobby isn't all that funny anymore, but it’s not like I’m going to look away.

Alison Willmore • 5 months ago

"Mid90s" Is The Biggest Skateboarding Movie Of The Year, But It's Not The Best

In Mid90s, Minding the Gap, and Skate Kitchen, skateboarding doesn't just look good onscreen — it’s a fascinating way to deal with race, gender, and what it means to belong.

Alison Willmore • 5 months ago

Why Is Everyone Mad About Ryan Gosling’s New Space Movie?

First Man doesn’t romanticize Neil Armstrong, or NASA’s hard-won moon landing. Instead, it tries to show great achievements without needing to deify those responsible for them.

Alison Willmore • 6 months ago

“A Star Is Born” May Not Get Pop Music Right, But It Gets That It Matters

Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga have remade A Star Is Born as a tender, conflicted love story for the age of poptimism. (Spoilers, if you haven’t caught any of the three previous versions of this movie.)

Alison Willmore • 6 months ago

Is “Life Itself” Too Real For White Male Critics, Or Is It Just Really Bad?

No one could blame Dan Fogelman for being upset about the critical reaction to his new movie, but the director’s self-defense is more cynical than any of the reviews.

Alison Willmore • 6 months ago

This Fall’s Oscar Movies Take A Hard Look At The Not-So-Perfect Son

Beautiful Boy, Ben Is Back, and Boy Erased each offer a different take on the idealized white suburban son whose parents fail to see him as he really is.

Alison Willmore • 7 months ago

John Krasinski Wants To Play Red-State Heroes Without Getting Political

Cubicle drone Jim Halpert has remade himself as an action hero, and a particular kind — a reluctant but stalwart defender of an American way of life.

Alison Willmore • 7 months ago

“Crazy Rich Asians” Doesn't Care About Your Impossible Expectations

Crazy Rich Asians and To All the Boys I've Loved Before may be making history, but all they really want is to entertain. Isn't there something historic in that, too?

Alison Willmore • 8 months ago

We Live Half Our Lives Online — So Why Don't More Movies Show It?

John Cho's new movie Searching might be the first one you see that takes place entirely on a computer screen. But it probably won't be the last.

Alison Willmore • 8 months ago

Tom Cruise's Undying Hustle Is What Makes The "Mission: Impossible" Movies So Good

There will always be new leading men in Hollywood. But Cruise seems determined to prove that none of them will ever work as hard as he does.

Alison Willmore • 8 months ago