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15 Movies You’ll Be Talking About This Awards Season

Strippers, showmen, and sad clowns — with movies like Hustlers, Judy, and Joker, this year’s Serious Movie Season is looking a little less somber than usual.

Alison Willmore One month ago

"Succession" Is A Horror-Comedy About The Terrible Humanity Of The Rich

The appeal of watching the HBO series comes from the way it excuses no one — including those of us watching — from the devolution onscreen.

Alison Willmore One month ago

Brad Pitt Is A Character Actor Trapped In A Movie Star's Body

Pitt's one of the most movie star–looking movie stars out there. But his best performances, from Fight Club to Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, have been in scene-stealing supporting roles.

Alison Willmore 2 months ago

A History Of Women In Quentin Tarantino Movies

Once Upon a Time in Hollywood has reignited discussion about how Tarantino depicts women. Maybe the best way to explore the question is to let his characters speak for themselves.

Alison Willmore 2 months ago

“Midsommar” Is Scary, But Not Because Of All The Grisly Deaths

Ari Aster's new movie is a nightmare about finding the place where you feel like you belong. Spoilers ahead.

Alison Willmore 3 months ago

Meryl Streep Is The Best And Worst Part Of “Big Little Lies”

If there’s a through line in this season of Big Little Lies, it’s that maternal good intentions themselves aren’t worth shit.

Alison Willmore 3 months ago

Why Does Everyone Love "Chernobyl" So Much?

HBO's Chernobyl lets its viewers partake in the disaster without feeling like this kind of collective failure could ever happen here or now.

Alison Willmore 4 months ago

The Rise Of The Rom-Com Schlub

Always Be My Maybe and Long Shot let their ambitious women have it all — because the men in their lives are willing to hold their purses. Mild spoilers!

Alison Willmore 4 months ago

“Booksmart” Has A Blind Spot When It Comes To Class

Olivia Wilde's girl-centric Gen Z comedy is gloriously frank when it comes to sexuality and substances, but it’s less interested in its own class tensions.

Alison Willmore 4 months ago

Keanu Reeves May Be Pure, But He's Not Oblivious

America’s most memeable actor is back in John Wick: Chapter 3, a movie that's in on the joke of our obsession with Keanu. He might be too.

Alison Willmore 5 months ago

"Detective Pikachu" Is A Movie About How Brands Are Our Friends

Ryan Reynolds voices the world’s cutest CGI creature in the new Pokémon movie, but not even Pikachu can fix your real life.

Alison Willmore 5 months ago

What Happens When Christian Movies Go Mainstream?

Faith-based hits like God's Not Dead and I Can Only Imagine aren't the surprise they used to be. But how will an industry fueled by a sense of neglect handle mainstream acceptance?

Alison Willmore 5 months ago

Climate Change Fiction Is Rethinking The Ecoterrorist

We don't need to be on board with the extreme actions of characters in First Reformed and The Overstory to feel some empathy for the desperation that drives them.

Alison Willmore 5 months ago

In “Us” And “Pet Sematary,” History Is The Scariest Thing Of All

In Jordan Peele’s new movie and the latest Stephen King adaptation, the real bump in the night might be decades of suppressed trauma. Spoilers ahead!

Alison Willmore 6 months ago

Elizabeth Holmes’ Scam Is Over, But Her Story Will Go On Forever

The Theranos scandal is juicy, damning, and rife with potential readings — in other words, ideal fuel for our 24/7 take economy.

Alison Willmore 7 months ago

“Greta” Is A “Murder Me, Mommy” Meme Come To Life

French acting legend Isabelle Huppert is the rare fave who seems like she really could run you over with a car if you asked nicely enough.

Alison Willmore 7 months ago

I Wish More TV Shows Ran For Just One Season

Must the reward for a successful TV show always be for it to keep going until it's not as good as it used to be?

Alison Willmore 7 months ago

"Russian Doll" Is Better At Video Game Storytelling Than Most Video Game Adaptations

Netflix's delightful time-looping series is one of a few recent titles that take inspiration from gameplay. Spoilers for Russian Doll and Serenity.

Alison Willmore 7 months ago

Why Are “Bohemian Rhapsody” And “Green Book” Still Oscar Frontrunners?

As this turbulent award season comes to an end, Hollywood appears to be closing ranks around two controversial movies (and their creators) that don't really deserve to be defended.

Alison Willmore 8 months ago

Is It Just Me, Or Is Marie Kondo’s Netflix Show Weirdly Dark?

Netflix's Tidying Up With Marie Kondo promises that you can organize your way to "your ideal life." But are messes really a cause of our problems, rather than a symptom?

Alison Willmore 9 months ago