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Ehis Osifo • 12 hours ago

The Rock Just Got Married — Here's A Bunch Of Fun And Interesting Facts About His New Wife

She is the daughter of drummer Sib Hashian from the band Boston.

Which TV Couple Has The Greatest "I Love You" Moment?

"So, pick me. Choose me. Love me."


Spend A Paycheck At Urban Outfitters To See Which "Euphoria" Character You Are

Eu·pho·ri·a — a feeling or state of intense excitement and happiness.


How Much Are You Like Rachel Green From "Friends"?

Let's see how Ray-Ray Green you really are.

16 Dr. Spaceman Moments From "30 Rock" That Are All Funny, No Filter

"We have no way of knowing where the heart is. See, every human is different."


Which Three Netflix Female Characters Are You A Combo Of?

Are you an Eleven, Jessica, and Alex combo or a Debbie, Jen, and Lara Jean mashup?


Whoa, Whoa, Whoa, Noah Centineo And Lana Condor Just Had The Sweetest Twitter Exchange

"You'll always be my Peter K. & I'll always be your Lara Jean."


The "Stranger Things" Mall Is A Real Place — Here's What It Actually Looks Like

Strange things are afoot at the Starcourt Mall.

I Bet You Can't Get Even 5/7 On This Pop Culture Quiz

Awards, breakups, castings, and more!

18 Times Tumblr Was Funny As Hell About "Harry Potter"

"Harry Potter was a trust fund jock who became a cop and married his high school sweetheart."

21 Unproblematic Celebrities Literally EVERYONE Loves

"Julie Andrews is basically the world's grandmother now."


These Horror Monsters Are Terrifying — But Which Are The Terrifyingest?

It's okay. I didn't want to sleep tonight anyway.


Brody Jenner Defended His Ex-Wife Kaitlynn Carter After She Received Backlash For Kissing Miley Cyrus

"There is far too much negativity being directed at someone who I love and care about very much."