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Nick Offerman Knew Chris Pratt Would Be A Movie Star The First Time They Met

"I said if you don't screw up, I think you might be a movie star."


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I've always been a Vinnie girl but suddenly I'm a Pauly queen.

35 TV Characters Who Had The Most Memorable Coming Out Scenes

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"Pose" Had An Epic Season 2 Premiere And Fans Definitely Took Notice

" Pose is such a crazy rollercoaster of emotion. Sorrow. Ridiculousness. Anger. Joy. Discovery. Violation. Rage. Bliss. Fear."


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The Creator Of HBO's "Chernobyl" Would Love If You Stopped Taking Nuclear Disaster Selfies

"Comport yourself with respect for all who suffered and sacrifice," Craig Mazin subtweeted the tourists visiting the Ukrainian disaster site.

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