Reporting To You X


Can We Guess?
Would You Rather?
Who Are You?

Are you a real egg lover or some kind of fraud?

"It's all your fault, Jafar!"

Who is your 1D bae?

Your food soulmate is waiting.

Maybe you know the words for this stuff.

Allow these culinary creations to haunt you in your sleep.

Step into the beat.

Egg boyfriend is ready to love you.


Feelin' a little doughy?

You probably think about this all day long.

Are you in the Water Tribe, the Earth Kingdom, the Air Nomads, or the Fire Nation?

There can only be one.

Colorful food choices to match colorful seasons!

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Mix it up!

When will you find ~the one~?

Blend it up!

New year, new adventure.

Bring on the bread!

Your taste in food = your taste in celebs.

“Just because something works, doesn't mean it can't be improved.”

Food and hot guys? The perfect match.

Stir and fry your way to the answer!

Japanese snacks are the best snacks!

And then they'll eventually order from a kids menu. Full circle!

Remember, this is an imaginary meal with imaginary calories.

This might drive you a little bit crazy. Sorry!

It's time to tell us how you really feel about Big Macs.

'Mo turkey, 'mo problems.

In case you couldn't help but wonder whether you're actually a Carrie, or really more of a Charlotte.

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