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Jenna Guillaume 24 minutes ago
Crystal Ro 3 hours ago

Only A Film Buff Will Have Seen 25/45 Of These 20-Year-Old Movies

Some of you are about to feel very old...

Isha Bassi 6 hours ago

24 Movies That Are 100% Brilliant Even Though Most People Think They're 100% Crappy

"C'mon, let's go to Paris's — I wanna rob." —The Bling Ring

Christopher Hudspeth 33 minutes ago

17 "OK Boomer" Jokes That Are So Clever They Deserve An Award

"Gonna ruin Thanksgiving this year by saying, 'OK boomer' after the family prayer."

Farrah Penn 3 hours ago

How Much Random Disney Knowledge Do You Have?

Real fan or fake fan? Find out right here.

21 "Clueless" Jokes That Are Almost As Great As Cher's Yellow Plaid Ensemble

"TBH, Paul Rudd in 'Clueless' is what made nerdy white guys my type."

Ehis Osifo 8 hours ago

18 Things That Were Actually Better In The '90s, I Swear

Tired: pressing the "end call" button. Wired: emphatically slamming a flip phone shut.

19 Times Keanu Reeves Was Peak Keanu Reeves In The 2010s

The time he revealed that he almost changed his name to "Chuck Spidina."

Allie Hayes 8 hours ago

17 Times Tumblr Was Hilarious About YA Novels

"Realistic YA Novel: Just 300 pages of stressed out teens doing SAT prep."

Most People Can't Identify 15 Of These Disney Animals — Can You?

No Disney movie is complete without them.

Pablo Valdivia 33 minutes ago

If You’ve Seen 37/51 Of These Movies Then You’re Def A VSCO Girl

Your movie choices are more telling than you know.

Ajani Bazile 5 hours ago
Christopher Hudspeth 2 hours ago

17 Ridiculous TV Shows That I Can't Believe Actually Aired

A show with the tagline "trapped inside of every white girl is a strong black woman ready to bust out" was never going to be good...

The "Twilight" Universe Is Complicated, So I Bet You Can't Get 9/10 On This Quiz About It

Half of these books was Edward explaining weird vampire logic.

Tessa Fahey 33 minutes ago

17 Of The Absolute Worst TV Boyfriends Of All Time

"Nate Jacobs is the trash beneath a raccoon's foot."

Kelly Martinez 1 hour ago

Make A Playlist Of 2010s Songs And We'll Guess Who Your Male Celeb Crush Is

Also this quiz is a reminder that this was a decade full of just great music!

Brian Galindo 4 hours ago
Farrah Penn 2 hours ago
Sarah Aspler 33 minutes ago

25 Photos That'll Remind Millennials Just How Beautifully Simple Life Used To Be

A simpler time, when all you needed was a pillow fort to make you happy.

18 Celeb Photoshop Fails From The 2010s That You Can't Unsee Once You've Seen Them

Featuring two thumbs, a ghost foot, and a missing leg.

Ajani Bazile 33 minutes ago

Can We Guess Your Age Based On The Cartoons You Watch?

It's like Saturday morning all over again.

Shelby Heinrich 1 hour ago

20 Nickelodeon Celebrity Guest Stars You Probably Forgot About

Turns out the Glee and Pretty Little Liars crew really loved Nickelodeon!

18 Robert Pattinson Moments That Prove He's The Biggest "Twilight" Troll

"I had to do a lot of physical training and stuff but, uh...I didn't do it."

Farrah Penn 33 minutes ago
Kayla Yandoli 4 hours ago

21 Funny "Ellen Show" Moments From The Past 10 Years That Are Straight-Up Hilarious

A LOT of funny things have gone down in the past 10 years.

Brian Galindo 11 hours ago
Dave Stopera 1 hour ago

17 Toys That Only '80s Kids Will Truly Remember

How many of these toys do you recognize?

12 Celebrity #TBT Photos That Celebs Shared With Us This Week

Josh Peck hanging out with his fellow Nickelodeon stars in the late '00s kicks off this week's #ThrowbackThursday!

27 Movies That Defied Expectations And Turned Out Not To Suck

It turns out these movies are more than what they seem!

Ehis Osifo 33 minutes ago
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