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21 Shocking, Surprising, And Downright Unforgettable Things I Learned This Week

If you've ever heard that the fast food chain Wendy's is named after founder Dave Thomas' daughter, then you'd be right. But you also might be shocked to find that his daughter's name isn't even Wendy! Thomas' daughter's actual name is Melinda Lou Thomas. Her siblings allegedly had a difficult time pronouncing her name, so they called her "Wenda" instead, thus leading to the name "Wendy" for the restaurant.

Madison McGee 1 hour ago

I Guarantee That These 61 Facts That I Learned In November Are So Fascinating, You'll Never Be Able To Forget Them

While working on The Lion King, animators were given special permission to observe hyenas. The visit was granted under one condition: the hyenas could not be portrayed in a negative light. When the movie came out in 1994, the biologists were allegedly furious when they saw that hyenas were villains in the movie, and attempted to sue Disney for defamation of character on the animals' behalf.

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