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23 Of The Craziest And Scariest Things One Direction Fans Have Ever Done

I can't believe we all survived it but we're here to tell the tale now.

Which Disney Sidekick Are You?

"Flounder, don't be such a guppy."

31 Celebrity Parents I (Honestly) Never Knew Existed

Today I learned that this is what Leonardo DiCaprio's dad looks like.

Matt Stopera 4 minutes ago

43 TV Performances That Were Criminally Underrated During The 2010s

From Annie Murphy as Alexis Rose to Tom Ellis as Lucifer and everything in between.

Nora Dominick 4 minutes ago

18 Songs I Had No Clue Were About A Celebrity

I'll never think of "Heart-Shaped Box" the same way again.

Only A True Directioner Can Score 10/10 On This 1D Quiz

We don't think you've got that one thing it takes to pass this quiz.

16 Unexpectedly Sad And Disturbing Rom-Com Moments You Never Saw Coming

Josie Geller from Never Been Kissed deserved better!

Boomers Are Saying The Word "Boomer" Is A "Slur," So The Actual Dictionary Had To Completely Shut Them Down

"Replace the word “Boomer” in your article with ANY minority group using a slur for that group (somehow Boomer has become a slur) and YOU WOULD BE FIRED." WHAT?!

29 Funny As Heck Jokes About My Chemical Romance Reuniting

Eyeliner! Sales! Are! Through! The! Roof!

Here Are The Most Incredible Music Videos From The Last 10 Years

Including "Hotline Bling", "Sorry", and everything in between!

23 Reactions To "The Little Mermaid Live" That Made Me Laugh Out Loud

We NEED to talk about that Flounder puppet.

Kristen Stewart Finally Opened Up About Falling In Love With Robert Pattinson And That Cheating Scandal

"I've actually never been allowed to just say what happened because I was so self-conscious about seeming like an attention seeker."

16 Hilarious Jokes About The "Twilight" Baseball Scene

No other moment in movie history matters more than the baseball scene in Twilight.

24 Of The Best Marvel Cast Moments Of The Decade

Time to "cut the check," I guess.

The 31 Greatest Songs From Beginning To End

♫ I bless the rains down in Africa ♫

26 Interesting "Star Wars" Behind The Scenes Facts From Mark Hamill Himself

Mark used to argue with Carrie Fisher about whether or not Luke Skywalker counted as royalty.

25 Dumb But Funny Things Millennials Forgot They Used To Believe

The CGI technology used in Parent Trap still confuses me to this day.

Jen Abidor 4 minutes ago

This "Terminator: Dark Fate" Plot Twist Has A Lot Of Fans Divided


If You Can Recall The Titles Of These Rom-Coms From Character Names, We'll Be Impressed

You have to be cold, shiny, hard Plastic to know all of these.

Are You More Like Ross, Rachel, Monica, Chandler, Joey, Or Phoebe On Thanksgiving?

Chandler doesn't like Thanksgiving and JOEY DOESN'T SHARE FOOD!

19 Jokes About "Stuart Little" That Are Actually Very Clever

"Stuart Little implies the existence of a Stuart Large."

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