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Which Is Better, The Reboot Or The Original?

Let's settle👏this👏now.👏

15 Realizations I Had That Will Make You Feel Incredibly Old, I'm Sorry In Advance

The Playstation is turning the same age as Justin Bieber. Let that sink in.

Here Are 33 TV Shows That Should've Ended Sooner

"If the [How I Met Your Mother] creators were set on sticking with their plan ... the show shouldn’t have lasted for so long."

Netflix's "Living With Yourself" Grants The Wishes Of People Everywhere By Giving Us Two Paul Rudds

"Double your pleasure. Double your fun. Double your Paul Rudd." — Netflix, probably.

39 Side-By-Sides Of The 2019 Emmy Nominees On Their First TV Show Vs. Now

Catherine O'Hara and Eugene Levy have starred on TV together since 1976.

16 Big Differences Between "It" One And Two And Stephen King's Book

Thank god the movie didn't include THAT scene.

25 TV Shows That Are Kind Of Bad, But Honestly So Good

"I love it. I hate it. I love that I hate it. I can't stop watching it."

22 Horror Movies So Terrifying, People Had To Turn Them Off Halfway Through

"Oh, no thank you." — Me to the horror film as I change the channel.

21 Random Movie Facts That I Have A Hard Time Believing

Imagine Michael Jackson as Spider-Man!

Which TV Character Instantly Comes To Mind When You Think Of These 15 Shows?

Daenerys Targaryen, Jon Snow, or Arya Stark for Game of Thrones?

Nora Dominick • 4 hours ago

18 Books From Your Childhood That You Totally Forgot You Read

Did every school have copies of Hatchet? I think so.

Kelly Martinez • 1 hour ago
Andrew Ziegler • 3 hours ago

18 Scenes In "The Emperor's New Groove" That Will Never Not Be Funny

"Hey, I've been turned into a cow. Can I go home?"

Here's What The Cast Of "Lizzie McGuire" Looks Like 17 Years Later

Hey now hey now, this is what dreaaaams are made of!

20 Facts About "The Dark Crystal" That Are Low-Key Mind-Blowing

The baby from Labyrinth grew up to work on the puppets in The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance!

17 Tom Holland Moments That Are So Tom Holland It Hurts

"I love her. She is an angel." —Tom Holland talking about his dog, but also how I want Tom Holland to talk about me.

26 Really Inappropriate "Friends" Moments That Don't Hold Up In 2019

Remember when Ross kissed an unconscious woman at a party, and it ended up being his sister?

Spencer Althouse • 1 hour ago

“Halloween Horror Nights” Has Officially Begun, Here’s How Each Maze Ranks

Just a tip: if you think a character is fake, think again.

Selena Gomez Revealed She Once Had A Crush On Cole Sprouse And, Of Course, He Appeared In The Comments

"Apparently my heart was very conflicted between Juan and Cole Sprouse when I was 11."

What Was The First Character These Actors Ever Played?

Let's see if you know ALL their roles?

Let's Face It: Your Grandma Definitely Had All 45 Things On This List

She always had that one cabinet full of stuff you couldn't touch!

15 Celebrity #TBT Photos You Might Not Have Seen This Week

Maluma as little kid kicks off this week's #ThrowbackThursday!

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