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People Are Sharing Horror Stories About Growing Up With Overbearing Helicopter Parents, And It's Truly Toxic

"Since they had the password to the university portal I’d shared with them to help pay for my housing costs, they'd logged into my email and were checking up on me by reading my emails. They were worried and couldn't understand why I was so upset because 'they had good intentions.' I immediately set up an automatic forward and delete and created a private account, but the damage was already done."

"The Plot Twist Hit Me So Hard, I Had To Pause It": People Are Revealing The Jaw-Dropping, Mind-Blowing, And Gobsmacking Films They Instantly Fell In Love With

"When those credits rolled, I cried for so long after, and I was a mess. I didn’t read the book before, so I was SHOCKED and at a loss for words. I watched it three times in a row the first time and bought multiple copies of the book."

20 Facts I Learned This Week That Truly Shocked And Surprised Me

Before hitting it big as an actor, Jon Hamm taught drama and acting classes for a year at his former high school in St. Louis. One of his students was Ellie Kemper, who went on to star in The Office. Kemper said that all of the students in her improv class loved him. The pair went on to work together several times, with Kemper saying that it felt as if Hamm was "grading me on some level."

11 Heartbreaking And Shocking New Details Jennette McCurdy Revealed About Her Relationship With Her Mother On "Red Table Talk"

"Everything I said was prefaced with a disclaimer of, 'Well, this happened, but my mom meant nothing by this.' I couldn't just say the truth to my therapist. There was a disclaimer and protection and guards around every single thing that I said. And at one point, [my therapist] said to me, 'You don't need to defend her every single time you bring her up.' And that opened the floodgates."

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