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17 Great Celebrity #TBT Photos You Should Definitely Check Out This Week

Mindy Kaling during her theater kid days kicks off this week's #ThrowbackThursday!

20 Years Later, The Cast Of "Cruel Intentions" Dish On How They Knew It Was Going To Be A Classic

“They were like, ‘You’re Buffy! People have this great idea of you — why shatter it?’ I was like, ‘That’s the point!'” Sarah Michelle Gellar said.

27 Things "Game Of Thrones" Season 8 Really, Seriously Needs To Deliver

I pray to the old gods and the new that my wishlist comes true.

Jenna Guillaume • 3 hours ago

A Totally Insane Sequel To "Forrest Gump" Was Scrapped After 9/11

The sequel would've seen Forrest Gump meet OJ Simpson and Princess Diana.

Only A "The Office" Expert Can Finish 6/8 Of These Classic Lines

Do you know The Office or do you KNOW The Office?

Here Are 23 "Captain Marvel" Details That You Might've Missed The First Time

Talos drinking his soda is a direct reference to Pulp Fiction.

Here's The First Trailer For Quentin Tarantino's "Once Upon A Time In Hollywood"

The movie explores the rise of Charles Manson in 1960s Hollywood.

"Bill & Ted 3" Is Happening And It's The Most Excellent News I've Heard All Year

Bill & Ted Face The Music will star Keanu Reeves and Alex Winter and arrives in theaters next summer.

Is This A Real Pokémon Or A Fake One?

You're gonna need a bigger Pokédex...

Crystal Ro • 5 hours ago
Matt Stopera • 9 hours ago

Which Nickelodeon Characters Are These?

So you think you're a serious Nickelodeon fan, eh?

26 Childhood Toys Everyone Thought Were Extinct That You Can Buy RIGHT NOW

It's time to teach the youth what a REAL toy looks like.

Here Are The 31 Netflix Titles Leaving In April

So long, Sex and the City: The Movie.

The New Netflix Titles For April Are Here And There Are So Many Good Ones

P.S. I Love You! Pineapple Express! Chilling Adventures of Sabrina! Spy Kids!

I'll Be Supremely Impressed If You Can Get 7/13 On This Romantic Movies Test

"You have bewitched me body and soul...with this quiz."

Here's Our First Proper Look At "Toy Story 4"

Why are there still three more months to wait until June 21?!

25 Things That Were So Normal To Do In 1995 That Gen Z Will Never Understand

We used to talk to humans on the phone a lot back in the day.

I Rewatched "Game Of Thrones" Season 1 And Noticed Some Interesting Details

The best way to prepare for the final season is to go back to the start.

I Found Kylie Jenner's Old Myspace Pictures And They Are So 2000s It Hurts

I have to thank middle school Myspace Kylie for bringing "jealousy is a disease, get over it" back into my life.

How Well Do You Remember Some Of The Biggest Pop Culture Of 2014?

Yes, it feels like a lot of these things just happened two years ago, not five.

Here's What 14 People Who Went Viral Look Like Now

The "I like turtles" kid is a grown-up!

This Out-Of-Context "Twilight" Twitter Account Truly Made Me Laugh Out Loud

Did Dakota Fanning just chuck a baby into an open fire?

If You Score 11/14 On This TV Theme Song Quiz, You're Probably Black

We are livinggggg singleeee, and in a ______ kind of world, I'm glad I got my girl!

16 Marvel Movies That Definitely Forgot To Do Their Homework

Aside from, like, the flying hammers and stuff.

Pick 5 Very '90s Kids Things And We'll Match You Up With The Disney Prince Of Your Dreams

The choices are all that and a bag of Mickey Mouse-shaped chips!

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