I Know I Shouldn't Laugh, But These Extremely Dumb Things People Posted On The Internet Last Week Are Absolutely Killing Me

    Let's give it a rest, people. Come on.

    1. On the English language:

    Meme challenging to write a word starting with T and ending with T, with a humorous response given

    2. On new pictures from Mars:

    mars picture with a comment reading why the pic show the sun shining there is sun in mars

    3. On the government:

    person who called an amendment a and end met

    4. On loud noises:

    Social media screenshot: A user asks if they can call the cops on a neighbor's crying baby; a sarcastic reply suggests arresting the baby

    5. On the Sun:

    facebook conversation where someone says the sun used to be yellow not white because of chemicals

    6. On character traits:

    Text in image: "I'm nobody's ex. I will sue ya for deformation of character. EXPEDITIOUSLY"

    7. On vibes:

    Two comments on a news video; the first criticizes a person named James Harden, the second humorously critiques the new host

    8. On solar power:

    person who says good luck with solar power when there's no fossil fuels

    9. On accents:

    facebook conversation where someone says irish is the people of ireland and ireland is the accent

    10. On Earth:

    Tweet questioning why the Earth doesn't fall down, expressing confusion about its constant float in space

    11. On Mount Everest:

    people who think mount everest is in the usa

    12. On dogs:

    tweet says dogs can't talk so they don't have brains

    13. On awards:

    facebook comment reading this story won the pullet surprise

    14. On ego:

    Text in image criticizing a person for self-centered behavior and seeking team success in a career

    15. On biology:

    Twitter user disapproves of referring to people as animals, urging smart behavior

    16. On bears:

    facebook conversations where someone spells hibernating as "hyper mating"

    17. On weightlifting:

    A person lifting heavy weights on an incline bench press machine at the gym. A text overlay and social media comments are present

    18. On incidents:

    Social media screenshot of a comment about an incident with a pheasant, ending with a mix-up of "consolation" and "constellation."

    19. And on The Sun, again:

    Text from a social media post claiming the sun has changed color from orange to white due to pollution and not the sun itself