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"I Was Dumbfounded And Kept Waiting For Him To Start Laughing" — Women Shared The Most Horrifically Incorrect Things They Heard Men Say About The Female Body

"A lot of people think women can hold period blood like they can hold their pee. A friend of mine once got mad at me because I started my period in the middle of a movie at the theater, so I got up to go put in a tampon. He asked me why didn't I hold it until the end of the movie?"

19 Older Adults Are Sharing The Best Things About Being In Your 60s, And As A Younger Person, I Feel Immense Relief

"There's a certain, almost dangerous, level of personal liberation.... This liberation in me, at least, has manifested in almost extreme levels of mouthiness. I say what I am feeling and thinking, I am NOT sensitive to anyone's attempts to hurt my feelings, and I don't really care if I hurt their feelings, either."

Women Are Sharing "Disgusting Habits" That People Secretly And Not-So-Secretly Do, And I Didn't See 70% Of These Coming

"Not washing their legs and just letting the water running down clean them. Soap doesn’t automatically get rid of bacteria. The whole reason we wash our hands is because the rubbing creates bubbles which pick up the bacteria, which then get rinsed away by the water. You gotta actually scrub your legs and feet!"

15 Sustainable Hacks That Are Actually Worth Your Time

"I do this, too! Also, for big fluffy socks that are not wearable anymore, I cut a thicker piece and use them on my wrists and arms when washing my face at night so water doesn't drip down to my elbows."

Ex-Best Friends Are Sharing The "The Real Reason" They're Not Friends Anymore

"When your 'best friend' of 15 years always acts like they’re the main character and you are only there to support the plot, like an extra in their play. It took some time to realize they needed to make me feel inferior in order for them to feel superior. And when you stop playing the part you are not useful for them anymore."

People Are Sharing Small Decisions That Permanently Changed Their Lives, And It's Pretty Inspiring TBH

"I broke my hand playing soccer in high school, so all I could do for gym class was walk a loop around the track the entire class period until my cast came off. A girl had a cast on her broken finger (hers got accidentally closed in a car door), so she walked with me every day, and we talked and hit it off. Twenty-plus years later, we’re married with a couple of kids."

16 Unexpected Stories About Why People Had To Dump Their Childhood BFF When They Were Adults

"I had my baby two months before her wedding. She was getting married on an island in Spain while I live in the UK. My baby couldn’t get her passport on time to be able to fly, and we were told about this pretty much straight when we applied for her passport. As soon as I told my friend, she told me that since I got pregnant she knew I wouldn’t be attending her wedding. She stopped talking to me pretty much straight away."

19 Infuriating Stories Of Times Doctors Didn't Take Women's Pain Seriously

"He sent me home and told me to sleep it off. Thankfully, I was concerned enough with the possibility of a concussion that I didn’t follow his advice. Fast-forward nearly a month later, I found a doctor that would take me seriously. Turns out, I had a severe concussion that was so bad, I couldn’t remember how to write my own name."

Sit Back And Dig In To People Sharing The Little Secrets That They've Kept From Other People Their Entire Lives

"My dad is a doctor. When my daughter was little, she was terrified of hurting her ankle. Any time she got the slightest twinge or rolled it slightly, she was convinced it was broken. My dad would take her to the office and run a fetal heart Doppler over her little ankle and tell her it was an X-ray machine and her ankle was fine. She’s 13 and still convinced that papa took actual X-rays of her ankle. I’m never going to tell her otherwise."

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