Reporting To You X


I have vaginismus, vulvodynia, and endometriosis which makes sex painful. But I've found things that help.

Your other fave $16 salad could never.

Instead of simply sending ~good vibes~ from afar, here’s a quick list of dos and don’ts for supporting your pals who’ve had a shitty year.

Be less of a garbage person...quite literally.

Giving a homemade dish is thoughtful *and* sustainable.

"I don't trust kids. Why would I ever trust somebody who doesn't want socks for Christmas?"

We don’t live in Hallmark movies; we live in the real world, where shitty families, breakups, divorces, miscarriages, death, unemployment, depression, anxiety, addiction, violence, and good ol'-fashioned bad times exist — yes, even at Christmas.

For everyone whose favorite gift is just some good vibes.

If they can't always be in nature, bring nature to them.

Books for the lonely, downtrodden, pissed, lost, or just anyone who's not OK.

Don't forget to schedule in some time for yourself after the party.

*doing a tarot card reading* uh oh… this guy has a sword… better watch out for that…

"i don’t trust anyone who doesn’t feel like screaming"

Because the best gifts often are memories, not things.

Think macro this holiday season.

"I don't live in an apartment, I live in a candle storage unit."

They might be better than potato latkes (don't @ me).

Because this stuff is in everything now.

For adults navigating the holidays with divorced parents, ‘tis the season of managing complicated relationships, expectations, and logistics — all without pissing someone off or running yourself ragged.

A small gift goes a long way when you're having a hard time.

It's OK not to go home for the holidays — in fact, spending the holidays alone or with friends can be great.

I literally can't wait to play Cookie Pocket.

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