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"A Guy I Went To High School With Reached Out To Let Me Know His DNA Results Show That He’s My Half Brother": 18 People Who Took A DNA Test And Found Out Something Truly Unexpected From It

"I received a DNA kit for Christmas, found out that my first cousin is actually my half sister. My mom had an affair with the man I always thought was my uncle, but it turns out he’s my biological father. My mom doesn’t know I found out but it gave me a lot of insight into my childhood."

Woman holding "My body, my choice" protest sign; Pregnant woman crying in the hospital

Women Described What Actually Happens When Having An Abortion, And Their Stories Are Very Important

"I had two abortions when I was 24. If I stayed with my partner, he would've isolated me from my family and I'd be at the mercy of his horrible one. I'll be 38 soon, and now I have two beautiful daughters. Sometimes I wonder what my other children would've been like, and it makes me a bit sad — but we wouldn’t have had a good life."

Asian Americans Are Pointing Out The Stereotypes They're Sooo Tired Of Hearing, And I Can't Believe This Is Still Happening In 2023

"The number one stereotype that bothered me all my childhood was the 'smart nerd.' As an Indian teenager, I was expected to get into a prestigious college because I'm Asian. Substitute teachers would look at me when the smart board wasn't working. Kids would ask me what I got on the math test. I always had to be smart, or I didn't fit the 'Asian standard'. I think because of this expectation, I was hard on myself and made it my goal to fit that stereotype. It crushed my true identity."

pile of dirty clothes vs hilary duff talking

17 Working Women Opened Up About How They Manage Work Life And Home Life, And There's No Sugar-Coating Here

"I struggle with procrastinating when I’m not working on the weekends because, after a long week, all I wanna do is sit on the couch. So I’ve taken to setting a timer for 30 minutes, and doing as many tasks as I can in that time. Things like starting laundry, cleaning, making a grocery list, and things that are quick."

22 Easy Facts That People Learned Recently That They Wished They Knew Their Entire Lives

"If you’re suffering from depression, consider getting checked for a Vitamin D deficiency. This is obviously not the solution for everyone, but I struggled so badly for more than 10 years (medication, therapy, the works) for something that genuinely ended up being fixed in three months with some vitamin tablets."

Black Women Revealed The Moment They Decided To "Go Natural" After Years Of Relaxing Their Hair, And It Shows The Impact The Natural Hair Movement STILL Has To This Day

"I wasted so many years trying to live up to some standard that was impossible for my hair — all because I didn't know that my hair was special or that there were hair products just for me. I will not make that mistake again."

After Being Turned Away From A Club Because Of Their Size, These Women Are Calling For A Change In Nightclub Policies

Curve models Ella Halikas and Alexa McCoy were entering a club with about 12 other women when only they were stopped by the bouncer, who looked them up and down, closed off the rope, and denied them entry. "This type of discrimination is so damaging to people's self worth and confidence," Ella told BuzzFeed.

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