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20 Unwritten Rules That Latine People Follow Every Day

"Making sure our kids are always clean, have nice clothes, and neat hair. Obviously, parents of all ethnicities want their children to look presentable, but it’s something we consciously think about because we don’t want anyone thinking of our kids as 'dirty Mexicans.'"

People Who Went To Strict, Religious Colleges Are Revealing What It Was Really Like, And I'm Speechless At Some Of These Stories

"I attended a Catholic University in New York City. There was such a huge divide between the students and the theology faculty. At our commencement, the guest speaker blamed homelessness on women divorcing their husbands. That did not get a warm response from the graduating class."

"Remember That You Can Only Control Two Things...": 18 Pieces Of Life Advice From People In Their 30s That Everyone Should Pay Attention To

"People are temporary. You'll be shocked at how many of them just come and go. It doesn't matter how much you try to work for that connection. Once you have nothing left to give (or they've taken all that they can), they will move on. This applies to both romantic partners and friends."

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