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    If You're Following These 13 Girl Code "Rules," You're Definitely A Girl's Girl

    "Never ditch a girlfriend for anyone. You're out with a friend, you meet someone or run into someone you'd rather be with, just don't."

    There's this "unspoken rule" about girlhood that we should all have each other's backs and look out for one another, whether it's your best friend or a complete stranger. Recently, the women of the BuzzFeed Community shared their girl code rules. Here is what some women had to say:

    1. "As a teacher who has had a hysterectomy, I always have pads and tampons. Girls know they can come to me whenever."


    2. "Me and one of my friends made a pact always to have each other's locations turned on. Just in case something happens."

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    3. "As an incredibly pale blonde whose eyebrows are invisible without makeup, and with dark circles, I have been asked several times if I am feeling sick when I am just not wearing makeup. It hurts your feelings and makes you self conscious the rest of the day. If you aren’t sure, just ask 'Hey! How are you doing?' Or 'Hey! How are you?' Simple greeting but also asks how they are."


    4. "I once ran a full block to let a girl know her flouncy shirt was hitched up by her bag, and everyone could see her butt. She was so grateful once I stopped panting."

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    5. "If you see a really drunk girl — I don’t care if she's your enemy — you’re on her team, and you keep an eye on her, and thank goodness I did because my niece’s biggest 'enemy' was drunk at a party and even after a minor scrap with my niece (verbal) my niece kept an eye on her. She let her do her own thing but kept an eye out for her. Just girls looking out for one another."


    6. "If your friend is in a toxic relationship and stays in it a lot longer than you think she should, continue to listen and support her, no matter how frustrated you might get."

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    7. "If they’re hosting, help out during the party so they can actually enjoy their own event. Women put a lot of pressure on themselves and never want to ask for help."


    8. "If their clothes are see-through, in that way, you can't tell if it's on purpose or not, you let them know in a discreet, nonjudgemental way. They might know their bra is showing and love it, or they might have shifty lighting in their room and have no idea. A quick 'Looks great, you know it's see-through?' can save some embarrassment!"


    9. "I was the person who told another woman that her man was cheating on her. And man, I was not anticipating the fallout. The whole friend group exploded. Friendships ended that weren't even related. It was so weird! But the woman believed me, investigated, dumped his ass, and has extensively expressed how grateful she is that I was brave enough to tell her. She was a part of that friend group for two years. I was a part of it for a few hangouts. She didn't deserve everyone knowing she was getting cheated on and just not telling her. And I most certainly wasn't going to keep up a lie for a man that sucked."

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    10. "Don't criticize her life choices. You love being a career woman, and she's a happy stay-at-home mom (or the other way around)? It's okay. You enjoy casual sex, and she's waiting for her wedding night (or the other way around)? It's okay. It just means you're different people."


    11. "Never ditch a girlfriend for anyone. You're out with a friend, you meet someone or run into someone you'd rather be with, just don't."


    12. "If you have an extra hair tie and someone asks, give it over. You will have a friend for life!"

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    13. "When someone is leaving to go home, you remind them to let you know when they get back safe."


    Is there anything else you could add to this list? If so, share it with me in the comments below!

    Note: Some responses have been edited for length and/or clarity.