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Dave Stopera • 3 hours ago

15 Things That'll Make You Say, "Damn, That Sucks"

Alternatively titled, "A Series of Unfortunate Events." Just not by Lemony Snicket.

21 “Rumors” About The US That Non-Americans Were Shocked To Find Out Are Actually True

"I always thought that the Olive Garden in The Simpsons was just code for 'generic restaurant.'"

Andrew Ziegler • 10 hours ago

21 People You're Gonna Feel REAL Bad For Laughing At

A little schadenfreude to brighten your day.

"Jeopardy!" Champ James Holzhauer Got These 6 Questions Wrong — Can You Get Them Right?

He didn't have a clue who sang "didn't have a dime" — but he did win almost $2.5 million.

13 Hysterical Fails From This Week

Don't take selfies with someone's Lambo, FYI.

19 People Who Have Most Definitely Been Fired By Now

Their bosses: "Can I see you in my office please?"

21 Times Millennials Clapped The Hell Back At Baby Boomers

"If I had a dollar for every time a Baby Boomer complained about my generation, I'd have enough money to buy a house in the market they ruined."

17 Teachers Share The Craziest Things That Happened On School Trips, And You Will Go, "OMG, Seriously?!"

"One of the kids tried to buy weed from a guy in an alley. He was an undercover cop."

23 "Overheard" Uber Conversations That Are Guaranteed To Make You Laugh Uncontrollably

"Do either of you know how to send someone a computer virus?"

I'm Laughing At What The World Says Americans Are OBSESSED With

"Americans are obsessed with saying 'bless you' to someone who sneezed, it’s so funny."

24 Of The Best Tweets About The Met Gala

“Shawn Mendes is only 20 so I kept tequila in here just for him.” —Miley Cyrus

The "Gamora Putting On Makeup" Meme Is The Funniest Thing I've Seen In Ages

"Pickles right before getting removed from a hamburger."

17 Tweets From This Week That Are Unimaginably Hilarious

I think this is my favorite tweet roundup.

These Pictures Show The Huuuuge Difference Between JoJo Siwa's And Kim Kardashian & Kanye West's Houses

WOULD YOU RATHER: Scary abandoned $60 million museum OR a shrine to candy and Club Libby Lu?

These Childhood Sexual Awakenings Are The Cringiest Things You'll Read Today

"I remember telling my friends, 'It feels like I'm about to pee!' I even showed my neighbors and we had a lot of fun with it until my mom found out."

We Know What Percent Picky Eater You Are Based On The Dinner You Order

"I'll have the chicken tenders." —you at every restaurant

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