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Ayla Smith One month ago

What % "Yiayia Next Door" Are You?

Everyone is at least 0.4%.

Ayla Smith 4 months ago

16 Struggles You Only Know If You Have Extremely Dry Hands

Spare a thought for my dry and thirsty hands.

Ayla Smith 5 months ago
Ayla Smith 5 months ago

19 Reasons Why Travelling For Work Is The Best But Also The Absolute Worst

You're being paid to see the world, and you're eating for free. Obviously everything is awful.

Ayla Smith 5 months ago
Nadine von Cohen 5 months ago
Nadine von Cohen 5 months ago

Plan A Sausage Sizzle And We'll Guess Which Election Topic You Actually Care About

Forget polls, this is the most accurate way to find out what Aussies care about.

Ayla Smith 5 months ago

Just A Whole Lot Of Thirsty Koalas

Get ready to never look at koalas the same way again.

Ayla Smith One year ago

This Website Lets You 3D-Print Yourself As A Samurai, So Of Course I Did It

Samurai yourself. And book your next trip with ANA, an airline dedicated to sharing the inspiration of Japan.

5 Signs He Is No Good For You

Can't ignore the signs.

Ayla Smith 3 years ago

Google Maps Sent Us On A Road Trip From LA To Las Vegas

For one weekend only, Google Maps invited the public to experience the classic LA-to-Vegas road trip...but with free burgers, coffee, and gas along the way. So we tried it out because we love surprises (and road trips).

13 Pets That Are, Surprisingly, In Debt

It can happen to the best of us. It can even happen to the pets of us.

This Dog With Credit Card Debt Is Basically All Of Us

If it happened to Max, it can happen to us. Use Interac® Debit instead of credit on your purchases and stay in the black.

14 Historic Paintings That Would Benefit From A Burrito

The purpose of the burrito is washing the dust of daily life off our souls. Go ahead, find your purpose at Chili's.

14 Reasons Chloë Grace Moretz Is The Hero We All Need

Praise Chloë Grace Moretz, life-giver and total badass heroine. Watch her here in the action-packed new trailer for The 5th Wave.

35 Puppies, Because Puppies

Can you make it through this post without needing a puppy?

14 Reasons Cats Are The Absolute Worst

Ugh, cats. Amirite? Definitely don't get a cat. A cat definitely won't make your life better. Pets in general are just the worst.

15 Reasons You Wish You Had Pharrell In Your Life

Team Pharrell forever. He's back for the new season of The Voice, Mondays 8/7c & Tuesdays 9/8c on NBC.