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Under $50

"How did I cook without these?!" —You, after reading this post.

Yi Yang • 10 hours ago

Small-ish price tags, big difference in the overall appearance of your home!

Yi Yang • 11 hours ago

Between collapsible hampers and organic wool dryer balls, here's a list of products that will make laundry day just a *smidge* less torturous.

AnaMaria Glavan • 12 hours ago

Unfortunately, snow is a (horrible) part of winter. These things can make it less of a nuisance.

✨Marie Kondo would definitely say these products spark joy.✨


All the basics and more.

You know that feeling you get when you see one of the display beds at Bed Bath & Beyond? It'll be like that except it'll be in your house and no one will chase you out of the store when you lie down on it!

When there aren't enough cupboards, try these tips.

Everything is under $25!

I'd like to personally thank whoever created each and every one of these things.

Bathroom = the most underrated room in the house, so let's change that.

"I brought boxes!" —Marie Kondo, to literally everyone she visits.

Dear bathrooms everywhere — don't let anyone tell you you're not beautiful!!!!!

Organizing your entire home might seem like a daunting task, but trust me, you ~Kondo~ it!

The weather outside is frightful, but these products are so delightful.

"Oooh, where'd you get that spiralizer?" — probably Remy from Ratatouille after seeing all your new affordable kitchen products.

Game-changing products that might be even better at their job than you are at yours.

Stay safe, comfortable, and smart!

Wheel ly Wheel ly cool stuff.

Everything is under $10!

Hello, 911? My home is engulfed in a joyfire.

Preventions AND solutions for some of those issues that go drip in the night.

Moisturizing beauts that are worth your coin rn.

Decluttering inspiration awaits!

They're all under $30!

What do we want? Dishes that will clean themselves! When do we want 'em? IMMEDIATELY.

HGTV's got nothin' on you.

Who knew that Amazon (decor) could make a house a home?

If your bedroom isn't the most wonderful room in your home yet, this one's for you.