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    30 Office Products So Cute, Their Usefulness Is Just A Perk

    "Another day, another breakdown avoided thanks to my caterpillar cord organizer." — future you

    1. A mini ladybug vacuum ready to suck up eraser shavings and chip crumbs, because despite the fact that you're at home and they're no longer free, the snacks are still flowing.

    A reviewer's photo of the ladybug vacuum which is roughly the size of a computer mouse

    2. A colorful mechanical keyboard with a matching wireless mouse you've most definitely seen on TikTok. Sure, you're still clacking away on a keyboard for eight hours a day but now it's a bright and cheery one.

    3. A pack of pastel highlighters you can use to color code your to-do list. Something *I* find very gratifying.

    4. A rose gold document organizer where you can store important paperwork and your latest CVS receipt 'cause you got ExtraBucks, baby!

    The rose gold organizer which has two acrylic dividers

    5. A terrazzo Command hook that sure beats hammering a naked nail into your wall and dangling your coat or backpack from it.

    6. A memory foam baguette wrist rest to keep your arms stress-free from the time you log on to Slack to the time you close your computer for the night (4:59:59 pm).

    A reviewer's photo of the baguette wrist rest in front of their keyboard

    7. A clear monitor riser that gives your computer a lil' lift and brings it right to eye level so you won't sit hunched over all day.

    8. A portable facial humidifier you can use right before a Zoom meeting (or during — it's that quiet) to give your skin a nice lil' glow.

    9. A glass table lamp that will softly illuminate your desk and help keep your spirits up when the sun sets before the work day ends.

    The lavender lamp which has a glass shade

    10. A concrete trinket tray where you can artfully store your pens, pencils, and that candle that is just so pretty you're never going to burn it.

    Seven of the concrete oval trays in green, red, orange, blue, beige, white, and yellow

    11. A memory foam foot rest with a teardrop design that keeps your feet and legs in a comfy ergonomic position. If you switch things up and work between a desk and your couch or bed, you can also use it as a knee cushion or back rest.

    The foot rest in the triangle pattern

    12. A Noted by Post-it acrylic tray because if you're the kind of person who enjoys color-coordinated Post-it Notes, I'm going to assume you also like organizing said Post-it Notes.

    A variety of acrylic Post-it trays and organizers

    13. A faux fur seat cushion that will level up your hard plastic office chair not only in looks, but comfort.

    14. A mini meditation garden so once you hand in the project you've been working on for weeks, you can reward yourself with a serene sand garden session.

    The meditation garden which comes with sand, rocks, figurines, and a rake

    15. A no-nonsense mug that will probably get you some laughs when it makes a cameo in your next Zoom call. Of course, it'll also hold your office lifeline: a big ol' cup of joe.

    The white mug which says "I don't know I just work here"

    16. A pack of colorful gel pens sure to make your to-do lists (or absent-minded doodles) more interesting.

    A reviewer's photo of the multi-colored pens

    17. An aesthetic desk mat to hide the scratches that have accumulated after years of using the same Ikea desk. Cosmetic imperfections be damned! Ikea furniture is forever.

    18. A primary color stapler that looks like something a Wes Anderson character would have lying around and who doesn't want that?

    The red, yellow, blue, and green stapler

    19. A desktop storage organizer with room for all of your desk essentials including that pen you always chew on, the iPhone cord your cats always chew on, and your Tide To Go pen because stains can strike at a moment's notice.

    The pink and white organizer which has four compartments

    20. A motivational candle that will keep you in check and help you clear your head after receiving an annoying email.

    21. An adjustable phone stand because despite the fact that you have a laptop and monitor right in front of you, sometimes the soul just craves the convenience of a handheld operating system.

    22. A daily productivity pad with sections for things you seriously need to do, things that would be nice to do, and things you'll only get done if a miracle somehow occurs.

    The daily planner which has three cat-themed sections

    23. A rotating timer so you can test out the Pomodoro technique — work for 25 minutes, take a small break, repeat.

    24. A caterpillar cord organizer that will save you from having to crawl under your desk to retrieve a rogue charger.

    The green caterpillar cord organizer which can hold six cables

    25. A set of handmade macrame coasters with an extremely appealing boho design and the ability to prevent coffee rings.

    Two of the cream macrame coasters

    26. A pet-friendly plant duo you can prop up in your workstation without worry since they're nontoxic. They're mostly just cute but they're also useful in the sense that they cleansing the air by removing toxins.

    A calathea rattlesnake and peperomia obtusifolia in hand-painted terracotta pots with saucers

    27. A three-tier floating shelf on which you can store books, awards, business cards or your collection of random trinkets.

    28. A spacious mini fridge with room for your LaCroix, coffee creamer, and leftover Wingstop you plan to eat for lunch.

    29. A set of wooden push pins way cuter than those primary colored plastic ones in the office supply closet.

    The 60-pack of push pins which come in a clear storage container

    30. And a coordinated desk set in your choice of vivid Powerpuff Girl-esque hue, be it neon coral, citron green, or powder blue.

    The five-piece set in citron

    Me amping myself up to have a productive day now that my "office" (read: tiny corner of my bedroom) is organized: