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December 13, 2017

The Hilarious Backstory Of Simon Griffiths, Co-Founder Of "Who Gives A Crap"

I had the distinct pleasure to interview Simon Griffiths, co-founder of "Who Gives a Crap". Simon decided a few years ago that he wanted to figure out a new concept for a scalable social business with a product that everyone could buy. One day he walked into the bathroom, saw a 6 pack of toilet paper and had an a-ha moment... I should sell toilet paper, use the profits to build toilets and call it Who Gives A Crap. He immediately called three friends and the venture began. Through Simon’s university years, he spent time in Asia and Eastern and Southern Africa, looking at different developmental organizations to gain an understanding of what ‘good development’ looked like. He found that many organizations who were trying to have as much impact as possible, were spending 30% of their time competing for limited funding – so he thought about how you could create a new channel (i.e. selling toilet paper and donating 50% of profits) to expand the funding pool and help accelerate development. Simon and the other co-founders wanted a product that would make it easy for anyone to do good with their money. Between a background of starting social enterprises before, spending enough time in developing countries to understand the real need, and a love of design and humor that created a valuable point of difference from many other businesses, Who Gives a Crap has donated approximately $1M dollars to-date to developing countries to help build toilets. All products are made with 100% bamboo or recycled paper to be sustainable and not harm the environment. And packaging is meant to make people smile. Simon set out to give back through a common household product, and as a result has improved millions of lives, and will continue to do so.

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Top 5 Dead Sea Mud Masks On Amazon Canada

We been keeping our eye on all the great dead sea mud mask products that are available for you to buy on After careful testing, and comparing, we’ve developed a Top 5 List of what we believe are the best dead sea mud masks that you can buy off of Amazon Canada today. We compared these products with an outsider’s perspective since we have no affiliation with the companies listed below. After carefully applying and testing these black face masks, we’ve been able to order them based on rank. We looked at three main things, which were: - How did the mask feel and perform? - What are its credentials & specs? - How is it reviewed online? Here is how things have played out:

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