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December 18, 2018

Her report also recommends schools adding "highly trained armed personnel" if schools chose to do so.

„Ich habe es hinter mir und ich muss mir jetzt was von der Seele schreiben.“

Karsten Schmehl • just now

David Berry Jr. mató a cientos de ciervos y dejó sus cuerpos para que se pudrieran, contaron las autoridades.

Blake Montgomery • just now

Imelda Cortez was cleared of attempted murder, having been charged under El Salvador's brutal anti-abortion laws.

Em postagens que viralizaram após o evento, algumas mulheres reclamaram dos "viados com cara de homem".

Victor Nascimento • just now
tastyeditor • just now

Polly wanna shop!

Alicia Barrón • just now

The Duchess of Sussex spent the morning at a retirement home for fellow actors.

Laura Silver • just now

"Eu beijei e simplesmente SAÍ CORRENDO e tive que subir um barranco, até hoje não sei por que fiz isso".

Susana Cristalli • just now

You butter believe it!

Alexandra Napoli • just now

A policy to discourage asylum applicants, Russia's ongoing propaganda war, fighting fake news in Nigeria. Your BuzzFeed News newsletter, Dec. 18.

Exclusive: The woman was told that "no men are allowed" in the women's changing room after gym staff received a complaint from another member.

Laura Silver • just now

For the students who like to live life in the slow lane.

Hanifah Rahman • just now


Natsuko Abe • just now

"Are you looking for a significant other? Are you available?"

Ben Henry • just now

¡Ahora que POR FIN la versión All Stars de Drag Race llega a España a través de Netflix es hora de que sepas qué concursante de la cuarta edición serías!

Brian Galindo • just now

Levanta a cabeça e lê a lista, princesa!

Victor Nascimento • 12 minutes ago

A tongue scraper, butt mask, eye massager, and 43 other products that'll make 2019 the year you do some (random) wonderful stuff.

Mallory Mower • 12 minutes ago

Well well well.

Ellie Woodward • 2 hours ago


Shunsuke Mori • 4 hours ago

El asesinato de Laura Luelmo debería servir para pensar en cómo educar a los hombres, no en seguir culpabilizando a las mujeres.

Beatriz Serrano • 29 minutes ago

Porque ya ERES lo mejor de lo mejor, como si nadie lo hubiera sido jamás.

Allie Hayes • 3 hours ago


Misato Nagoya • 5 hours ago

[ANZEIGE] So einfach und doch so effektiv!

BuzzFeed Anzeige • 6 hours ago

ダサい? 意味不明? いいえ、センスの塊!! おもしろ邦題を集めてみました。

Kaworu Nakamichi • 4 hours ago

No te preocupes; no tienes que tomar nada prestado para atar el lazo en este test.

Audrey Worboys • 29 minutes ago

[ANZEIGE] Wieviel % der Lebensmittel werden schon vor der Ernte aussortiert, weil sie uns zu hässlich sind?

BuzzFeed Anzeige • 6 hours ago

[ANZEIGE] Damit du dieses Jahr keinen Schrott verschenkst.

BuzzFeed Anzeige • 6 hours ago


Catherine JiHye Go • 4 hours ago

The success has inspired victims to launch fundraisers of their own. These efforts reveal how much saying #MeToo can cost you.

Jessica Testa • 6 hours ago

Log on to Netflix today, and you’ll see a lot of stuff you’ve never heard of. Here's how the streaming service is convincing you to click on it anyway.

Nicole Nguyen • 6 hours ago


Tsunehiko Nishimaki • 6 hours ago

At least we still have our memes.

Jamie Jones • 29 minutes ago


Saki Yamada • 6 hours ago

Figures released to BuzzFeed News under the Freedom of Information Act show that Scotland Yard also spent thousands of pounds on forensic tests on the bodies of mutilated cats.

Patrick Smith • 1 hour ago


Blake Montgomery • 7 hours ago


Kota Hatachi • 8 hours ago

„Journalismus ist nicht dafür da, Leuten ein gutes Gefühl zu geben“ - sagt unser Gast Stefan Niggemeier, mit dem wir auf 2018 zurückblicken.

Marcus Engert • 8 hours ago

So, we are all kind of sheep, according to this new study.

Elfy Scott • 8 hours ago

Hope you've got a glass of water handy.

Jenna Guillaume • 29 minutes ago

Broad will sit on the backbench until the next federal election.

Alice Workman • 11 hours ago


Kota Hatachi • 29 minutes ago

Ranch > every other dressing.

Crystal Ro • 7 hours ago

[Extreme Kris Jenner voice]: "You're doing amazing, sweetie."

Isha Bassi • 4 hours ago

Good boys and good girls deserve it.

Hannah Mars • 11 hours ago

“Nothing politicians say will stop people from using drugs and they should not have to pay for that decision with their lives."

Brad Esposito • 12 hours ago

Is Santa going to bring you something good or some coal?

Kevin Smith • 3 hours ago

"He has not found it very easy to obtain affidavits from his Senate colleagues," his lawyer told the court.

Lane Sainty • 11 hours ago

Pacific Life, Indeed, Bowflex, Minted, and SmileDirectClub have all said they won't advertise on the show in light of Carlson's comments on immigration.

Salvador Hernandez • 24 minutes ago

"I love you so much. You're my dream girl." —Jake Peralta

So you think you know your English, eh?

Bibiñe Barud • 29 minutes ago

Water bottle cleaning tablets, a reading journal, sweats that are actually stylish, and more game-changing goodies to help this be your best year yet.

Let's pull back the veil on weddings.

Erin Chack • 12 hours ago

La Unidad de Inteligencia Financiera recibiría el monto más bajo en los últimos seis años si los diputados aprueban el presupuesto enviado por Hacienda.

Izmir Koch attacked a man outside of a restaurant, punching and kicking him after asking if he was Jewish, authorities said.

"I said, 'Bread, chips, or apple?' and the lady goes, 'Yes, French fries.'"

Farrah Penn • 3 hours ago
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