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March 1, 2018

Flash Briefing For March 2, 2018

The impending White House staff exodus, Russia’s newest nuclear weapons, EU’s new rules for illegal internet content, and an Oscars preview.

Which Sad Stock Trader Are You? Find Out By Building A Text, Obviously.

This quiz is highly scientific, and also very sad.

Here Are Some "Simpsons" GIFs To Explain Trump's Announcement About New Tariffs

The news that the US will slap tariffs on steel and aluminum imports has a lot of countries and companies rattled.

Be The First In Your Friend Group To Take Any Of These 10 Quizzes From Around The World

Beat 'em to the punch AND get a dose of ~international culture~ along the way.

This Super Helpful Smart Plug Is Having A Major Prime Day Sale, So Hurry And Stock Up!

It can monitor energy, connect to Alexa, turn on and off the lights using just your voice, and I'm convinced it's the best invention of the 21st century.

Um prêmio oferece 200 mil euros a escritores brasileiros, mas ninguém sabe se ele existe

Golpe? Ação publicitária? A bizarra história que está causando no meio literário brasileiro.

19 Outfits Bella And Gigi Wore That Would've Ruined My Social Life In High School

They obviously look incredible in every single one. Meanwhile, I tried to wear a tie as a belt one time and I still haven't heard the end of it.

This Group Changed A Shooting Range Billboard To Say "Shoot A School Kid" After The Florida School Shooting

A guerrilla art group took credit for the vandalism, saying it was in response to "our government’s inability to honor the victims of mass shootings by distancing themselves from the homicidal policies of the NRA."

Republicans Have No Immediate Plans To Vote On Gun Control, After Trump Slammed Their Bill

The Senate left Thursday with no plan to move forward on any gun control measure, after President Trump said Republicans’ ideas were insufficient.

5 Little Life Hacks To Try This Month

A ridiculously simple pasta recipe, a little trick for remembering to do important tasks, and more!

Could You Handle Dating A Pisces?

Not all of us can be so lucky.

45 schräge Momente vom Umstyling bei Germany's Next Topmodel

GNTM hat beim UMSTYLING mal wieder richtig geliefert.

The Trump Administration Is Fighting In Court Over Whether Another Pregnant Undocumented Teenager Wants An Abortion

A federal court has ordered the Trump administration to bring the undocumented 14-year-old before a judge so she can say for herself whether or not she wants an abortion.

23 Facts About The Oscars That'll Make You Say "Whaaaaat, Are You Serious?!"

Only one woman has ever won an Oscar for Best Director.

Publishers Are Switching Domain Names To Try And Stay Ahead Of Facebook’s Algorithm Changes

Domain hopping is one way publishers are combatting declining traffic from Facebook while also staying one step ahead of advertising blacklists. How much longer will it work?

Georgia Lawmakers Just Passed A Bill That Punishes Delta Airlines For Ditching The NRA

Delta Airlines said Friday that it is "not taking sides" but trying to "remove Delta from this debate." The bill removes a sales tax exemption on jet fuel, worth about $40 million to the airline.

Here's Everything You Should Know Before Running A Disney Race

Spoiler alert: Running through Magic Kingdom is literally MAGICAL.





30 Cleaning Products That'll Give You Immediate Results

Responsibilities are hard: these stain removers, carpet cleaners, and powerful sponges make cleaning go by FAST.

Uno de los supuestos cómplices de Anaya en el lavado de dinero podría ser llevado ante un juez

La gente está pidiendo que la PGR se desista de las acusaciones contra Anaya.

The Canadian Air Force Dropped A Raft Through A Miami Woman's Roof

Don't worry, it's not an invasion. (Or is it?)

28 fatos que mostram que o Oscar também está a anos-luz da igualdade entre homens e mulheres

Greta Gerwig é a quinta mulher em 90 anos de prêmio a ser indicada por Melhor Direção.

Entenda com mapas o que a prefeitura quer fazer com os ônibus de São Paulo

Gestão João Doria afirma que passageiros passarão a fazer mais baldeações, em média, mas que tempos de espera e de viagem irão cair.

The Equifax Breach Is Even Worse Than We Thought

The company said an additional 2.4 million people were affected by last year's data breach.

¿Has escuchado estas teorías de la conspiración de Hollywood?

Una pequeña investigación que nada tiene que ver con ciencia.

Break Out Your Flip Phones, Y'all, Because Dior Is Bringing Back Saddle Bags

*Opens up flip phone and dials BFF* Did you hear saddle bags are back?

16 pais e mães que na verdade são TIOZÕES

É pavê ou pa' mandar no zap?

Este teste dirá, afinal, quem é você

A gente pensa que se conhece.

Many Trump Staffers Are Trying To Leave His Out-Of-Control White House

The White House has had an exceptionally tough month. “Not a fun time to say the least."

All The Best Deals On Amazon Today

Deals on wireless charging pads, genuine leather belts, pressure cookers, pet car-seat covers, and more!

Pessoas trans poderão mudar nome e gênero diretamente no cartório, decide STF

Supremo encerrou hoje (1º) julgamento sobre a alteração de nome e gênero de pessoas trans que não passaram por cirurgias de redesignação sexual.

28 Ways To Make Doing Laundry So Much Easier

Even stuff that'll replace your iron and help you neatly fold clothes! What a dream.

These Pictures Are Actually An Elaborate And Painstakingly Created Illusion

Fabian Oefner's "Explosion Collages" are an elaborate and painstaking illusion that is all the more astonishing when you realize what's really going on.

Qual clichê feminino da ficção é você?

Na maioria dos filmes os personagens femininos parecem sempre os mesmos. Qual seria o seu?

Superhero Movies Will Have To Work Harder After “Black Panther”

By making it clear that a massively successful superhero blockbuster can engage with complex political and ethical questions, Ryan Coogler’s film has raised the bar for everyone else in the cinematic universe.

12 teorias sobre filmes da Disney que vão desgraçar sua cabeça

Teria a mãe de Ariel sido morta pelo Capitão Gancho?

28 cosas que los veganos estamos HARTOS de escuchar

"¿Qué comen, pasto?" - ¡Pff!

"Girl With No Job" Had Her Show On Oath Canceled After Reports That Her Mom Is An Anti-Muslim Activist. Oath Employees Say They Knew Already.

"They could do no wrong ... because they had a lot of power and it was all because of their social media," a former Oath employee told BuzzFeed News.

21 Photos Of The Kardashians Before Fame That Are Actually Gold

Let's dive into their family photo album.

Estas 10 imagens desenharam como funciona um relacionamento abusivo

E quem comentou ainda deu detalhes vívidos de como é passar por isso.

A Powerful Italian Mob You May Not Have Heard Of Is Blamed In Murder Of Journalist And His Girlfriend

‘Ndrangheta is less well known than other Italian crime organizations, such as the Sicilian La Cosa Nostra or the Naples-based Camorra. But it controls the cocaine traffic in Europe.

Todo mundo tem um signo lunar – qual é o seu?

O signo lunar representa os aspectos íntimos e profundos da sua personalidade – geralmente algo que só você pode ver.

24 Tweets You'll Laugh At Because They're Just Too Damn Real

"My walk of shame is going back for a shopping cart after realizing I can't carry 23 items in my arms through the store."

Guadalajara amaneció con un paro camionero y los tapatíos están ofreciendo aventones con #raiteGdl

Más de 50 rutas de camión frenaron sus actividades, así que la gente salió a las calles a ayudar.

Arma un outfit para la alfombra roja y te diremos qué tan inventada eres

Tu elección de accesorios te dirá qué nivel marcas en el Inventadómetro.

16 fatos históricos (e bizarros) sobre o parto que chegam a dar arrepio

Antes de meados dos anos 1800, acreditava-se que, se você não conseguisse suportar a dor do parto, não conseguiria lidar com os desafios da vida materna.

19 Jokes Only Die-Hard Coffee Drinkers Will Truly Understand

"I’d drink more tea if it tasted like coffee."

People Are Sharing Their Most Embarrassing Celeb Encounters And They're Relatable AF

"I met Prince William ... and said 'Your grandma is on my money!'"

Jacob Hoggard Admits To Objectifying Women As Hedley Announces An Indefinite Hiatus

"We clearly have some soul-searching to do," the band said in a statement.

Die FDP will Algerien, Marokko und Tunesien zu sicheren Herkunftsstaaten machen - bringen würde das nichts

Die Änderung soll Behörden entlasten, die Asylanträge bearbeiten. Die Zahlen zeigen: Mehr als Augenwischerei wäre das nicht.

There's One Reason Trump Would Avoid Talking To Mueller. Just Ask Bill Clinton.

When you know you're innocent, it's easy to speak with investigators. But when you know you're guilty, it's a different matter.

She “Provoked” Him: Columbia’s Old Policies Let A Professor Off The Hook For Serial Sexual Harassment

An Ivy League school found a professor responsible for sexually harassing his student, then kept him employed for two more decades. The school has changed its policies since then, but what happens to the still-employed professors who were let off the hook by old rules?

El mundo despide a una de las villanas más icónicas de la TV mexicana

La actriz María Rubio, que dio vida a Catalina Creel en Cuna de Lobos, murió a los 83 años.

Order A Pizza And Build A Perfect Boyfriend And We'll Reveal A Deep Truth About You

You don't have to share the pizza with the perfect boyfriend in this imaginary scenario.

Twitter Is Sorry Again And Promises To Do Better Again

Jack Dorsey tweeted a long thread acknowledging Twitter's failures in dealing with harassment on the platform, and is asking for proposals to help fix it.

Responde a estas preguntas sobre tele y adivinaremos de qué provincia española eres

Y si no acierta a lo mejor deberías pensar en mudarte allí.

What's The Funniest Thing You Randomly Overheard A Stranger Say?

"I truly believe God can make this diarrhea into a blessing."

18 Cats Who Think Your Rules Are Dumb And So Are You

FYI: You don't own cats. They own you.

How Many Vegetables Have You Tried?

Okay, this is not an exhaustive list but it's close.

12 Tiny Adorable Animals Being Weighed On Tiny Adorable Scales

I'm not sure what profession requires weighing small animals, but it's definitely what I want to do for a living.

Mecânico recebia mesada de R$ 2.000 para deixar Ferrari de R$ 3 milhões em seu nome

Carro foi comprado com dinheiro de esquema de lavagem de dinheiro revelado nesta quinta (1º) em operação da Polícia Federal e da Receita. Segundo a investigação, empresas do setor de lixo lavaram ao menos R$ 200 milhões.

Só uma criança dos anos 90 vai marcar mais da metade neste teste

A sua infância não seria a mesma sem eles.

The EU Wants Facebook And Twitter To Remove Flagged Terror Content Faster

The European Commission issued recommendations for the world's largest internet companies on removing illegal content.

18 YA Authors Recommend Their Favorite Feminist Books

"It's all about a woman fighting against the roles society has created."

21 Fragen über deine Periode, die dir nur eine Frauenärztin erklären kann

Wir haben mit einer Frauenärztin über Menstruation gesprochen.

16 Embarrassing Things That Have Happened To Actual People At The Dentist

"I was drugged and asleep and I let out the loudest possible fart. It was so loud it woke me up."

31 Low-Stress Dinners To Make Every Night In March

Make cooking this month a breeze.

26 Kitchen Products You Need If You Love Pastel-Colored Everything

All kitchenware should only be in mint green, blush pink, baby blue, and lavender — there, I said it.

Which Female Philosophers Should More People Know About?

Tell us who we should have heard of and why.

12 graphiques utiles sur les fruits et les légumes

Comment les conserver, comment faire de bons smoothies ou encore quels sont ceux qui contiennent le moins de pesticides.

Soupçonné d'appartenir à Daesh, cet homme a été arrêté dix fois. Pourtant, il est innocent.

Soupçonné d’être un membre de Daesh, un jeune père de famille a été arrêté à plusieurs reprises en Tunisie, malgré son innocence. Un cas typique au Moyen-Orient et en Afrique du Nord, où des milliers d'hommes sont victimes de ces coups de filet douteux.

Meu Deus, o Groot na verdade está morto, e o bebê Groot é filho dele

:-O e descobrimos isso da pior forma possível.

This Is What Women Who've Accused MPs Of Sexual Harassment Think About The New Complaints Procedure

Westminster will for the first time have a fully independent system for reporting complaints that is not linked to any political party.

12 Situationen, die dünne Menschen niemals erleben werden

Danke, dass ihr euch alle Gedanken für mich macht.

27 Costumes That Won World Book Day 2018

Who knew mandrakes could be so cute?

If You're In College And You're Lazy, You Need These 35 Things

Your favorite sentence: "Ugh, that's a lot of work."

Ministro de Temer gastou R$ 318.000 com aluguel de carros de ex-funcionário de sua campanha

"Nada me obriga a locar veículos de propriedade de adversários políticos", diz o ministro Carlos Marun.

Morning Update: Hicks, Dick's, And Nude Pics

Your BuzzFeed News newsletter, March 1.

Die Top 10 der nervigsten Besucher nach einer Entbindung

"Oh, gut, du bist gerade aus dem Krankenhaus nach Hause gekommen. Wir kommen später mal vorbei!"

Putin Claims Russia Is Testing A New Range Of Unstoppable Nuclear Weapons

The new nuclear weapons include a cruise missile with unlimited range and an underwater drone that cannot be intercepted by antimissile systems, the Russian president said. He then said that the build-up is designed to bring about global peace.

What We Really Learned From Mueller’s Indictment Of Russian Trolls Is That Internet Providers Know Everything

Normally, details like those disclosed in the 37-page indictment would be classified, not released to the public.

Diese 15 Tweets von Jens Spahn zeigen, wofür der neue Gesundheitsminister steht

Seit Jahren twittert Jens Spahn – auch darüber, was er im Gesundheitssystem anders machen würde. Jetzt hat er die Chance dazu. Ein Blick ins Twitter-Archiv des künftigen Gesundheitsministers.

Khloé Kardashian Revealed The Real Reason She Waited To Announce Her Pregnancy And It’s Brutal

She revealed on KUWTK that her failure to produce enough progesterone left her with an increased risk of miscarriage.

22 Awesome Products From Amazon To Put On Your Wish List

A Disney coloring book, velvet lingerie set, giant bean bag, and 19 other items you'll want to add to your wishlist ASAP!

18 Words That Mean Something Completely Different When You're On Your Period

You only appreciate how much toilet paper you actually use when you're on your period.


カッコよくてどこか色っぽい…超美脚スカートです。大人気「Uniqlo U」のアイテムなので、売り切れ前に要チェック!今から履けて、春夏もヘビロテ間違いなしです。

【ランキング】Tasty Japan 2月に最も見られた動画は…


17 animales cuidando a otros animales

Estos animales son el ejemplo de un adorable altruismo al cuidar de otras especies.

「左翼を意識し、炎上による拡散を狙う」 青年会議所キャラ「憲法改正の草の根議論」を目指していたが…




These Are The YA Books Teens Are Actually Reading And Loving

*Adds everything to my to-read list.*

どういうこと!? 男性ファッション誌の付録が「本格将棋セット」な理由、編集部に聞いてみた


タトゥー裁判のクラウドファンディング始まる 亀石倫子弁護士「司法を身近に」





自撮りが「盛れる」アプリでかわいく・かっこよくなってみたい! 話題の加工アプリを使ってみたら、予想の斜め上を行く結果に......。


今月川越にオープンするスタバの新店舗。 景観や地域の文化を意識した「ローカルっぽさ」が素敵なんです!

“A Better Place”: Death And Dark Rumour On A Tiny Channel Island

A man who smuggled military equipment for Ukrainian fighters disappeared on a tiny Channel island, prompting fevered speculation of a Kremlin hit. BuzzFeed News found a more complicated tale.

The Man Who Allegedly Stabbed His Pregnant Partner 49 Times Talked About Cutting Her Throat, Witnesses Say

"It came out of left field, for no reason, and I was just gobsmacked."

HPVワクチンと接種後に報告されている症状は関係ない 名古屋市7万人調査が論文として世界に発信


See How Popular Your 2018 Oscars Predictions Are

It's not about what should win, but what will win.

A Gun Rights Group Says Trump Has Gone From Supporter "To The Gun-Grabber In Chief"

"As soon as he becomes president, he adopts Michael Bloomberg's agenda."

This Right-Wing Politician Wants You To Pay Less For Tampons And Love Your Labia

He once tweeted at a women's rights activist telling her to "shut the fuck up".

Jeff Sessions Huddles With His Top Lawyers In The Wake Of Trump's Tweet Attacking The Attorney General

On Wednesday morning, Trump attacked the Justice Department's decision to refer FISA abuse claims to the inspector general. The tweet was "multidimensionally reprehensible," a conservative lawyer who had considered taking a job in the administration told BuzzFeed News.

This Is The Absolute Craziest Russian Scandal That You've Probably Never Heard Of

This Russian woman was revealed to be at the heart of a scandal involving a billionaire and a politician. Now she wants to get out of a Thai prison to get asylum in the US.

「中国と韓国をミサイル爆撃したほうがいい」 憲法改正に向け青年会議所が企画したTwitterが炎上、謝罪


Australia's Border Force Has Been Ordered To Reveal Whether Roman Quaedvlieg Disclosed His Relationship

Quaedvlieg has collected close to $500,000 in salary since being placed on leave while an investigation into his conduct continues.

Flash Briefing For March 1, 2018

Shooting survivor’s dad admits to editing emails from CNN, online mattress company Casper opens its first store IRL, and Oprah blesses Mindy Kaling’s baby in the best way.



Could You Outcook A Kid Chef?

Think you could out-cook a kid?

Which Taylor Swift Album Matches Your Personality Best?

Ooh you and me we got big reputations.

18 Tumblr Posts That Are Basically Better Than Sex Ed

"Outer space is my kink, it cosmanut."

16 Deep Cut Albums From Black Artists You Need To Get Your Hands On

Featuring the best slept-on albums from some of the greatest artists to ever do it.

Turns Out One Of The Best Quotes From "The Last Jedi" Was Actually A Super Subtle Nod To "The Empire Strikes Back"

"That's how we're gonna win. Not fighting what we hate, saving what we love."

If You're Not Gen X Or A Millennial, You Might Be A Xennial

If you're not quite Gen X and not quite a Millennial, then you're a Xennial.

The Trump Official Who Blocked Undocumented Teens From Getting Abortions Said He Doesn’t Believe They Have The Constitutional Right To The Procedure

Scott Lloyd, the head of the Office of Refugee Resettlement, is a central figure in several lawsuits over the Trump administration blocking undocumented teenagers from obtaining abortions.

US Olympic Committee Chief Steps Down Following Larry Nassar Sexual Abuse Scandal

Scott Blackmun, who has led the US Olympic Committee since 2010, is the latest official to step down over the organization's handling of abuse allegations against the US gymnastics team doctor.

A Scientist Who Worked Closely With Brian Wansink Is No Longer At His Job

Collin Payne has come under fire for his studies with Brian Wansink, a renowned food marketing scientist at Cornell University. As of January, Payne is no longer a professor at New Mexico State University.

24 Documentaries To Watch If You Want To Be ~Changed~

"Are you still there?" — Netflix, this weekend

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