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September 1, 2011

The Worst Thing About ‘Deus Ex: Human Revolution’

Based on critical reception alone, the newest Deus Ex will likely be a hit. And that's with good cause. Human Revolution is a great game, designed to support a variety of approaches and chock full of the kinds of nuts-and-bolts customizations that m…

Fitness Tips - Exercise Advice For Beginners

Exercise tips and fitness safety tips for beginners at

Harry Potter Fans Celebrate September 1st By Hopping On The Hogwarts Express (VIDEO)

The Hogwarts Express has the Twitterverse chattering with delight as Potterheads collectively celebrate the 20th anniversary of Harry Potter's first train ride to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. The Hogwarts Express travels from Londo…

Hurricane Irene Drunk From TubularGoldmine

Nothing will stop this woman's buzz, not even a hurricane on the East Coast.

Jessica Callaway, Arizona Mother, Blew Marijuana Smoke In Her Baby's Mouth To Calm Her Down, Police Say

A 21-year-old mother was arrested by Gilbert, Az., Police on Saturday after she allegedly tried to calm her infant daughter by blowing marijuana smoke in the girl's mouth. Witness footage allegedly shows Jessica Callaway on Friday telling her 10-mon…

Jada Pinkett Smith And Marc Anthony: What Really Happened?

Amidst whisperings that Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith are on the outs, rumors of Jada's potentially more than platonic involvement with Jennifer Lopez's soon-to-be ex-husband, Marc Anthony, have begun to fly -- how's that for a star-studded tang…

Kim Kardashian On Starting A Family: "Hopefully Soon"

So when might a little baby Humphries-Kardashian be on the way? "Hopefully soon," Kardashian, 30, told People on Wednesday. "Being a mom is something I've always wanted, so I would love to be one someday." Kim has always been open about her desir…

Seriously, Fuck You George Lucas

In what may be the best argument ever for illegally downloading movies, George Lucas is finally releasing all 6 Star Wars titles on blu-ray, because there’s still a few dollars for him to steal from his fans. And of course because he has no idea wh…

Fact: Jack White Is The James Franco Of Music

Jack White has teamed up with Insane Clown Posse for a song called “Leck Mich Im Arsch”, which supposedly translates to “Lick Me In the Ass,” and uses a melody written by Mozart in 1782. Which all goes to support my thesis: Jack White is the James F…

Dealbreaker: He's Anti-Abortion Rights

In theory, a guy like Jack would never go for a girl like me. “You think I’m a baby killer, I think you’re a misogynist” isn’t exactly a strong foundation for a relationship. But hot anti-choice guys exist, and they have hit on me. And somehow, whil…

What If Planets Orbited Earth?

When Jupiter comes up on the horizon, I'll admit to feeling claustrophobic. This great visual experiment helps put planetary size into perspective.

Man Plays Trumpet While Driving

Is this guy just a talented multitasker, late for his trumpet lesson? Or is he actually a very skilled Christopher Walken impersonator?

4-Year-Old With Breast And Butt Padding On "Toddlers And Tiaras"

Excuse me...I'm going to go vomit. A lot. Why would you dress a child up as Dolly Parton and strut her around...wait...sorry...more vomit.

The Best Way To Remember 9/11: Sushi?

Apparently a Phoenix-area Sushi restaurant has rolled out the "9-11 Remembrance Roll" to pay tribute to the tragedy. So that's totally weird.

Meet Ron Swanson's First Ex-Wife: Tammy 1

Tammy 1, played by the amazing Patricia Clarkson, is back in Pawnee to neuter Ron Swanson. Check out this preview of the newest season of Parks And Recreation. (Also featuring Tammy 0, his mother!)

Grandma Has A Pagina

This video is PAINFULLY cute. Just watch.

Kalbim Seni Seçti 11. Bölüm Izle

Handanın silah sesiyle birlikte Ömere koşması Onuru harekete geçirir. Handana olan aşkının önündeki engel Ömerdir. Ömerin hayatını mahvetmeye kararlıdır. Harekete geçer. Emir, annesinin kendisine söylediklerinin etkisiyle öfke içindedir. Okulda Meli…

‘Dancing With The Stars’ Season 13 Pro Pairings Revealed!

Good Morning America revealed the pro pairings for Dancing With the Stars this morning and it looks like Season 13 will be a good one! OK! GALLERY: THE NEW

Jada Pinkett Smith And Marc Anthony: What Really Happened

Last week, Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith shot down a tabloid report that they were ending their 14-year marriage -- and that Pinkett Smith had an affair with Marc Anthony, her love interest on TV's HawthoRNe.

Author Intent Is Irrelevant

And this is why I hate Shakespeare. Come on, the man just wanted to make enough money to eat. It's not rocket science!

Marc Maron Fact-Checks His Wikipedia Page

WBEZ has a recurring segment where they have stars break down their Wikipedia pages. This week brings Marc Maron out of the Cat Ranch, and again describes his awkward Lorne Michaels encounter. It's great.

Sub Pop Records Had The Greatest Rejection Letters Ever

If your band ever submitted a demo to Sub Pop Records and got rejected, then you've already had the pleasure of seeing this awesome letter. Anyone who opens a rejection form letter with "Dear Loser" is all kinds of great. (Also their stationary is hilarious: "Celebrating several years of record making.")

The Boardwalk Empire Subway Cars Are Awesome

If you've ever gone to the MTA museum, you know how cool old train cars are (and how cool I am for going to said museum). Well HBO has convinced the MTA to let them use a few legitimate 1917 subway cars to advertise the show. So if you ride the 2/3 line, get ready to go back in time to woven seats and ceiling fans. I'm pumped.

"Up" Sequel Fan Poster

Just rip my heart out and stomp on it, Pixar. Surely even they wouldn't resort to something this heartrending. Thank God this is just the brain-child of Q4Nobody

Jennifer Aniston Pregnant Rumors Start Again (PHOTO)

Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux went to the doctor in Beverly Hills on Wednesday, setting off a new round of pregnancy rumors. has photos and reports that Aniston was sucking on a lollipop as she left. All sorts of doctor's offices…

Golden Boy Oscar De La Hoya Comes Clean About Lingerie And Chemical Addiction

The lingerie was no lie, and his fishnets weren't fake!

Dear Prudence: My Father-in-law Might Be A Pedophile.

Get Dear Prudence delivered to your inbox each week; click here to sign up. Please send your questions for publication to (Questions may be edited.)

30DaysofGOOD Challenge: 1. Send Someone A Postcard

Welcome to The GOOD 30-Day Challenge (#30DaysofGOOD). Each month, we challenge our community members to do something that will improve the world around us—and our own lives. The challenge for September? To connect with other people. In an effort to …

19 Insulting Instructional Signs

Ever gotten lost and needed a little help? Probably. But I wouldn't take most of the advice these signs have to give too personally.

Celebrity Couple Age Differences Illustrated

These couples all have pretty substantial age gaps. To illustrate just how wide the generation gap is between them, we've looked at what the cultural touchstones in America were when they were born.

The 11 Most Unlikely Sexual Fetishes

Are you in the market for a new sexual fetish? Here are some real, actual sexual fetishes to choose from that mostly involve just regular stuff that you can find around the house. Have fun, be safe, etc.

Ask E. Jean: She’s Probably Too Good-Looking To Read This Answer

Is beauty an asset or a weapon in the workplace? Read E. Jean's advice to one drop-dead gorgeous woman on

Scientology-The New Yorker: Church Volunteers Protest Lawrence Wright Story On Paul Haggis

Church volunteers demonstrate at magazine’s offices, hand out pamphlet mocking critical story.

5'er Beşer 1.Bölüm Izle

Kemal Sunalin Oğlu Ali Sunal,ın yönetği komedi dolu sikeclerle kah kahalara bogulacaksiniz. 5′er Beşer Son Bölüm izle, 5′er Beşer Yeni Bölüm izle, 5′er Beşer izle

Kevin Bacon Was Mr. Cool Disguise For A Day, Hated It

You know how celebrities are always saying that the thing that they want the most is a blowjob from a real life mermaid to just be able to go out in public for once in their lives without being recognized, enjoying that beautiful sense of privacy th…

Every Teaser Trailer Ever

Not bad. However, I'd much rather studios used random close-ups of actors than deciding to show the whole plot in the trailer.

Maya Angelou: MLK Memorial Quote ‘Makes Him Seem Like An Egotist’

Poet and author Maya Angelou is irked by an inscription on the Martin Luther King, Jr. National Memorial that she believes "minimizes the man." (via Washington Post) A quotation from one of King's speeches was paraphrased in order to fit on the side…

Katia Reaches Hurricane Strength As Tropical Cyclone Looms In Gulf

Don't look now, but Katia—that's pronounced KA-tee-uh—just tipped from intensely simmering over to boiling in the middle of the Atlantic, becoming the second named hurricane of the season.

Ear Facts - Ear Pain

Our ears are easy to take for granted: When you’re free of pain and your hearing is fine, you barely pay them any attention. But that doesn't mean there aren't best practices you should follow when it comes to your ears. In order to avoid any kind o…

'Da Brick': Spike Lee, Mike Tyson, Doug Ellin's New HBO Show

With his scene-stealing performance in both "The Hangover" films and a reality show about pigeons, Mike Tyson has found new life in the entertainment business. Now, he's making the leap from on-screen to major TV player.

Tennis Stars Maria Sharapova And Jelena Jankovic In Bitter Rivalry That Goes Back Years

Tennis stars Maria Sharapova and Jelena Jankovic have been locked in a bitter rivalry as fierce off-court as it is on.

Kris Humphries And Ray J, Famed For His Sex Tape With Kim Kardashian, Exchange Few Words On A Delta Flight On Sunday

Nothing is worse than sitting next to someone on a plane who has a sex tape with your wife. Kris Humphries was stone-faced seated next to Kim Kardashian’s ex, Ray J, on a Delta flight Sunday from LA to New Orleans. Humphries, who boarded in Minneap…

A 1979 First Grade Readiness Checklist Asks If Your Child Can Travel Alone In The Neighborhood, But Not If She Can Read.

Photo by Christopher Furlong/Getty Images Is your child ready for first grade? Earlier this month, Chicago Now blogger Christine Whitley reprinted a checklist from a 1979 child-rearing series designed to help a parent figure that one out. Te…

Candice Huffine On Her W Editorial, Padding And ‘Being Called Just A Model’ (Not Plus)

First it was Crystal Renn, then Marquita Pring, and now Candice Huffine is the latest plus model poised to break the mold. She recently landed the cover of Vogue Italia, a milestone considering the cover featured three plus-size models without desig…

Binh Danh’s Amazing “Chlorophyll Prints”

Just in time for the impending fall weather, PetalPixel tipped us off to the work of Vietnamese-born Stanford University graduate student Binh Danh, an unconventional young artist who begins each of his pieces by picking a leaf — usually from his mo…

Romancing The Stone To Become An NBC Show Now

Having reached the point where it openly considered turning 1984’s Romancing The Stone into an Ugly Truth reunion—and still everyone just averted their eyes and said nothing—Fox has decided it may as well make it into an NBC series, if that’s the wa…

Lightning Strikes Eiffel Tower

You can't plan a shot like this. Breathtaking.

Gears Of War 3 Official Trailer

Giant bug aliens set to depressing music in a dystopian setting? Yep, it's a Gear of War trailer.

Welcome Back To Hogwarts!

Even wizards have to go back to school. September 1st is the traditional start date for Hogwarts students. Please see the attached literature to familiarize yourself with the new term.

Claire Darrow Mosier's Second Home In Costa Rica

Andre Balazs' Creative Director Claire Darrow Mosier takes us to her home away from home in Costa Rica's Osa Peninsula. Read more travel stories at

18 Things You Didn't Know About Firefly

I kinda think this story should be titled "18 Things you MAY NOT know about Firefly" because any respectable Browncoat was unsurprised by most of these. I didn't know the actual body count. That's a good nerdstat for my intersect.

Ned Kelly Remains Found In Mass Prison Grave In Australia

While Ned Kelly's body has been found, the head of Australia's most famous outlaw has not been found Read more by Michelle Castillo on CBS News' What's Trending.

Sandra Bullock & Louis Leave A Friend’s House

Sandra Bullock and her adorable son Louis head back to her car after dropping by a friend’s house on Monday (August 29) in Los Angeles.

Attack Of The Mustache Monkeys

They've come for your bananas and your monocles. These are tamarins at the San Francisco Zoo, and they desperately need tiny top hats.

Former NYC Deputy Mayor Stephen Goldsmith Was Busted For Domestic Violence In Washington, DC, Days Before Quitting Big Apple Post

Former Deputy Mayor Stephen Goldsmith -- who drew sharp criticism for bungling the Christmas storm that shut down the city -- actually resigned in disgrace after his wife, fearing for her life, had him arrested during an argument turned violent, The…

Steven Seagal -- Legal Threats Over Tank Raid

The blood of a dead puppy is on Steven Seagal's hands ... this according to an Arizona man who claims the actor participated in a deadly police raid on his home back in March that was taped for a reality show. Seagal, along with Maricopa County Sh…

Flavorwire » Tracy Morgan And Tyler, The Creator

Flavorwire: Cultural news and critique from Flavorpill

World's Shortest Train

"I have never got on such a short train."

How To Make Homemade Ecto Cooler

This. Changes. EVERYTHING!

Dwight Howard Dunks On A 12-Foot Giraffe In A Tokyo Mall

Did you see that headline? Why have you not clicked on the link yet? This is what the Internet is for.

Art Markman, Ph.D.: Why Time Flies When You're Having Fun

There is some nice research by Dinah Avni-Babad and Ilana Ritov in the Journal of Experimental Psychology: General from 2003 that addresses this question. They found that people judge the duration of a period of time from memory differently than the…

Custom 'Calvin And Hobbes' Sneakers By Aaron Nason

Who wouldn’t want “Calvin & Hobbes” walking around with them wherever they go? Etsy artist Aaron Nason has designed some sneakers that will remind you of everyone’s favorite comic strip. Custom painted sneakers sounds like they would be out of the t…

Cher Slams "Bigots" For Dissing Chaz Bono's 'Dancing With The Stars' Stint

Cher doesn't joke around when it comes to people picking on her kid. The international superstar, 65, had some choice words for "stupid bigots" criticizing her transgender son Chaz Bono's decision to join Dancing with the Stars.

Wade Belak Death Mourned By Nashville Predators And Other Hockey Fans

Wade Belak death is an apparent suicide, according to unofficial police reports Read more by Daisy Barringer on CBS News' What's Trending.

Lindsay Lohan Goes To Extremes -- Gets Billy Joel Tat

They're both from Long Island ... they're both terrible drivers ... and now Lindsay Lohan and Billy Joel have something else in common ... his lyrics tattooed on her body -- and TMZ has the photo. LiLo rolled over to her favorite L.A. tattoo shop …

Building Bigger: World’s Largest Indoor Arena Set For The Philippines

Bigger may or may not be better, but it sure does get you some attention, especially in the world of buildings. Populous, a Kansas City-based global mega-architecture firm, has announced that construction already has kicked off on their design (comp…

10-Year-Old Rene Serrano Will Make You Feel Bad About Yourself

He's only 10, but he's already better at skateboarding than I am at just about anything. Well except maybe the glockenspiel, but that's a dying art man.

Documents Show That Americans Were Trying To Help Gaddafi Beat The Rebellion

This does not look good. Evidence has emerged that a former assistant Secretary of State (David Welch) and a current Congressman (Dennis Kucinich) were secretly advising the Gaddafi administration on how to beat the rebellion.

President Obama Schedules Speech To Congress That Conflicts With GOP Debate -- EDITORIAL

Leave it to the White House to transform a critical policy opportunity into yet another partisan squabble -- and to cheapen a time-honored presidential privilege in the process.

Chaz Bono News - Chaz Bono Excited Despite 'Dancing With The Stars' Controversy (PHOTOS)

Almost immediately after Chaz Bono was named the first ever transgender person to perform on Dancing with the Stars, on online debate popped up on the show’s message boards.

Elizabeth Abbott's Mistresses: Ten "Other Women" That Changed History. (PHOTOS)

Several millenniums later, the mistress remains a tenuous position, as historian Elizabeth Abbott explores in her new book, Mistresses: A History of the Other Woman, out this week. Since Hagar's era, however, a handful of women have learned to parla…

Allan Lichtman: Never-Wrong Pundit Predicts 2012 Win For Obama

Lichtman says that based on the 13 criteria he has used to correctly forecast every presidential election since Ronald Reagan’s re-election victory in 1984, Team Obama can rest easy. "Even if I am being conservative, I don’t see how Obama can lose,"…

Hollywood Leaks Hacks Celebrity Accounts

Hollywood Leaks has already posted a slew of phone numbers including those of Miley Cyrus and Ashley Green and the script of new Tom Cruise musical Rock Of Ages.

Today's Lipstick Obsession: Ali Larter's Slightly Pinkish Red Shade (It's Such An Unusual Color!)

You know what I love about this lipstick color on Ali Larter? It's juuuuuuuuust on the border between pink and red—a really hard shade to hit.

Is The Modeling World's Next Big Thing...A Justin Bieber Lookalike!?

Still not a Bielieber, ladies? There’s hope yet. Because even if you can’t get down to “One Less Lonely Girl” without triggering your upchuck reflex, there’s new evidence that Justin Bieber’s cultural influence is everywhere...including on the runwa…

David Hasselhoff Fired Yet Again

David Hasselhoff is a confused old drunk who has no business being in front of a camera, but he has a kind of kitschy charm, so he still gets TV jobs even though he was fired from “America’s Got Talent,” canceled by A&E, and booted off of “Dancing w…

Cheney Memoir: Just Because He Believes In Torture, We Don't Have To.

Dick CheneyThis week Dick Cheney invites us all to join him again in a game he likes to play against the rest of us called Tedious Torture Standoff. He continues to assert—this time in his memoir, In My Time—that he has "no regrets" about developing…

Lady Gaga, Kanye & Lil Wayne Play With Gender & Fashion (PHOTOS)

Between Katy Perry's four outfit changes, Nicki Minaj's Japanese steez and Beyonce's pregnancy confirmation, folks who care had plenty to talk about at the bus stop on the way to work the day after the VMAs.

Watch Adele's Heartbreaking VMA Performance Of "Someone Like You"

Adele might not have won a Moon Man Sunday night, but her soulful performance of "Someone Like You" was one of the VMAs' most unforgettable moments.

'Man Of Steel' Set Photos Reveal Henry Cavill's Superman Costume Changes (Photos)

Set photos from Superman has a brand-new costume and thanks to newly released images from the set of Man of Steel, fans are getting their first chance to study it in detail.

Jesus Montero Getting New York Yankees’ Call

The Yankees were still working through some issues involving which players to call up Thursday when rosters expand. But there were three players not in dispute: Jesus Montero is going to be promoted, and Manuel Banuelos and Dellin Betances will not …

Kendall Jenner News - On Set Of Kendall Jenner's Latest Photo Shoot! (PHOTOS)

Kendall Jenner just posted pics on her blog from her prom style photo shoot and we just have one thing to say: stunning! 'Hey guys!! I have a ton of pics

Duh Aficionado Magazine: Some Asshole Is Mad That Chaz Bono Is Going To Be On Dancing With The Stars

Yesterday, the new cast of Dancing with the Stars was announced. NANCY GRACE! Hahaha. Good cast. You know what they used to call Nancy Grace in college don’t you? Old Silver Feet. Another cast member of the new season is going to be Chaz Bono, the p…

Gwyneth Paltrow Goes To A Book Signing Sans Makeup, World Manages To Continue Turning

When Twitter went all abuzz yesterday about Gwyneth Paltrow going to a recent cookbook signing with—gasp!—no makeup, I figured she probably just did one of those I-used-20-products-to-look-like-I'm-not-wearing-products looks. Then I actually checked…

Human Sling Shot Slip And Slide

The latest viral buzz from

"Off-Campus Brochure" By Kevin Corrigan

by Kevin Corrigan on August 31, 2011

Jay-Z And Beyonce's VMA Baby Announcement

The latest viral buzz from

Ladies, Be Prepared To Fall In Love If You Have Sex

This is an issue because guys don’t experience the same post-coital confusion we do. Men’s bodies primarily release dopamine after orgasm, the pleasure hormone. So biologically speaking, we got screwed. After sex, men are feeling satiated, perhaps t…

Transgender 10-Year-Old, Jackie, Born A Boy, Happier As A Girl

Turns out there are parents in the news who do the right thing. Jennifer and John of Ohio have a transgender 10-year-old child, and they support Jackie's decision to live life as a girl.

The Ultimate Guide To Labor Day Sales

Do you plan to use the long weekend to do a little shopping? Here are the stores running sales for Labor Day.

I Don't Even Know Who You Are Anymore

A couple of years ago I came home from a hockey game completely hammered, fired up the ol' eBay and bid on a dozen outdated globes. I didn’t even remember that I'd done this until days later when my email dinged with a notice that I'd been outbid on…

'Dancing With The Stars' EP Addresses Chaz Bono Backlash

The inclusion of Chaz Bono in the Season 13 cast of Dancing With the Stars has set off a flurry of negative reactions on ABC message boards.

The GOOD 30-Day Challenge: Connect With People

For September, our GOOD Challenge theme is "Connect with People." Unlike past challenges, in which we implored you to do one thing for a whole month, this one will involve one new task per day. We'll as you to say hi to strangers, call a relative, r…

Intermission: An Aerial View Of Vermont's Devastation

In case you still believe that Hurricane Irene was "overhyped," this video should convince you once and for all that you're wrong. Burlington news station WCAX took to the skies to film aerial footage of the destruction Irene left across Vermont, an…

You Have One New Death

But I have been in a situation where I did not want people to find out on Facebook. One of my dearest, closest friends died in a tragic accident on her way to work one evening. The police notified her parents, who lived in another state, late into t…

Tupac's Ashes Smoked By Young Outlawz (VIDEO)

While it's long been suspected that Tupac isn't really dead -- there's even a new comic book about it -- his former rap outfit, Young Outlawz, insist otherwise. The catch: they don't have the proof... because they smoked it.

Unemployed Illinois Man Finds $150,000 In His Backyard (VIDEO)

A man in northern Illinois found a valuable surprise in his backyard Tuesday afternoon: A duffle bag filled with stacks of $20 bills. As Wayne Sabaj, a 49-year-old unemployed carpenter living in Johnsburg, explained to WGN, he had been looking for b…

Robin Koerner: Ron Paul Can Win

If it is true that the studied neglect of data to hold tight to a paradigm is the best evidence that the paradigm is about to collapse, then the massive and highly subjective neglect of all things Paulian is specific evidence that the country is mov…

'Batman Begins' Chinese Interpretation Missing Something In The Translation (PHOTO)

Sure, when you translate something from one language to another and back again, key elements are bound to be lost. But this one really loses the mythology. Via BuzzFeed Speaking of bad translations:

Kim Kardashian's Music Video Leaked (VIDEO)

Once upon a time, before Kim Kardashian got hitched to Kris Humphries and the media wrote all about it, the reality star produced a single and a video to go along with it that was meant to further expand her looming pop culture empire. Unfortunately…

Alec Baldwin Girlfriend Hilaria Thomas Revealed, New York City Mayor Run Discussed On Letterman (VIDEO)

Alec Baldwin let it all hang loose on "The Late Show" Tuesday night, opening up both about his love life and a potential political run. The "30 Rock" star was asked about some statements he gave to the New York Times earlier in the month, in which h…

Angelina Jolie: Vanity Fair October Cover, Talking 'In The Land Of Blood And Honey'

Already an Oscar-winner and one of the highest paid, most bankable actresses alive, Angelina Jolie is branching out into writing and directing. And she couldn't be more scared.

Batgirl Returns To Star In Her Own Comic

Over 20 years since she was forced to hang up her cape and cowl, the original Batgirl will soon be back kicking bad guy butt as part of DC Comics’ massive overhaul of its iconic characters starting this week.

How To Win The Lottery

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Taiwanese Beyonce Baby Video

The latest viral buzz from

How I Feel When Shopping At Target

I chuckle at this card by Fomato about shopping at Target because it's so true! Link - via bb-blog

JC Penney Too Pretty T-shirt: Retailer Stops Sale Of Controversial Shirt After Internet Uproar.

Retailer stops sale of "Too Pretty" shirt after Internet uproar.

American Apparel’s In Serious Trouble Again

American Apparel has hovered perilously close to bankruptcy for the past few years but they’ve always managed to hang on by a thread. Things looked up for the company when it received a much needed $15 million injection from a group of Canadian inve…

Manchester United Arsenal Maçı Izle

Manchester United Arsenal 8-2 maç sonucu. Manchester United Arsenal golleri izle. Bu sezona iyi başlayan kırmızı şeytanlar Londra temsilcisine gol olup yağıdı. Manchester United 8 Arsenal 2 golleri izle, Manchester United Arsenal maç özeti golleri i…

Demi Lovato - MTV VMAs 2011 Red Carpet

Demi Lovato snaps a shot with BFF Selena Gomez backstage at the 2011 MTV VMAs on Sunday (August 28) at Nokia Theatre L.A. Live in Los Angeles.

Tom Felton Covers ‘The HF’ Magazine

Tom Felton get muddy on the cover of The HF Magazine!

The Trend Story, Mastered: HuffPo Does Gay College Hookers!

THIS IS THE PERFECT TREND STORY! This is IT. It is about how young gay men are "increasingly" (!!!) becoming "sugar babies" to pay for college! Let us break down how it works! • "Kirk is hardly alone in his decision to sell sex in order to pay for …

Laura Dern Is Our Only Hope For Bringing David Lynch Back

The first in a series on collaborations that we now take for granted but initially made little sense. Fans of David Lynch are accustomed, by now, to the half-decade wait. It took five years after Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me unjustly bombed out of…

5 Important Childhood Archetypes The Movies Overlooked

Hollywood loves the "close childhood friends" movie genre - Stand By Me, The Goonies, Super 8 - and they all seem to think that, with little variation, the five basic types of kids in the world are: The Fat One, the Tough One, the Normal One, the Fu…

Lady Gaga's VMA Shtick Was 'Embarrassing,' Says Branding Expert

"The night was embarrassing for Lady Gaga," she said. "If I were her image and branding 
consultant, I would definitely have my work cut out for me. It only takes one appearance to make people question everything."

Robert Downey Jr., Wife Expecting First Child

"Robert and Susan could not be more excited over this news. They can't wait to welcome this new baby into their wonderful family," Downey Jr.'s spokesperson told People. The baby is due early next year.

Check Out These New Windows 8 Features And Screenshots

As we wait for Windows 8 to amble its way into the market, we'll be fed teaser posts and screenshots for what seems like an eternity. That's all part of the fun, though. On that note, Microsoft's Building Windows 8 blog recently took the wraps off o…

Sony’s New 3D Head-Mounted Display Probably Hipper Than Viewmaster

So Sony's launching a new 3D head-mounted display, which looks like a pair of goggles you could sit a couple action figures in and take for a pretend Jetson-style spin. Ugly? Check. Cumbersome? Check. Potentially deadly if worn while ambling across …

Iran Sues Russia Over Missing Missiles

TEHRAN, Aug. 30 (UPI) -- Iran has filed a lawsuit at the International Court of Justice in a bid to force Russia to sell it the powerful S-300PMU air-defense system under an $800 million contract Moscow abrogated in 2010, citing U.N. sanctions again…

Let's Buy This J.C. Penney Shirt So The Boys Will Like Us

Immediately reminding tons of people on the Internet of The Simpsons’ “Malibu Stacy” doll (which was itself inspired by the real-life Teen Talk Barbie line), J.C. Penney served up a big bowl of strawberry sexism earlier today by debuting a shirt tar…

Winning Sketches: Share Your Best Dog Photo!

Beginners director Mike Mills illustrates the top 3 dog winners in our Best in Show Dog Photo contest. Check out the drawings here.

Intermission: Awkward Robot Conversation

We've seen the future, and it looks just as fraught with social awkwardness as the present. Artificial intelligence has made huge strides: computers are gaining the ability to learn like humans, and Jeopardy! master Ken Jennings got spanked at his o…

8 Gorgeous Engagement Rings--ALL Less Than $850! Which Would You Wear?

Lots of you said you’d rather wear an inexpensive ring than wait to get engaged....

Breakfast At Your Desk: Romantic Hardboiled Eggs

I found instructions on how to make heart-shaped hardboiled eggs here and am totally smitten with this idea. (Yes, I like to play with my food.) How cute are these eggs?

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