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September 1, 2011

What If Planets Orbited Earth?

When Jupiter comes up on the horizon, I'll admit to feeling claustrophobic. This great visual experiment helps put planetary size into perspective.

Man Plays Trumpet While Driving

Is this guy just a talented multitasker, late for his trumpet lesson? Or is he actually a very skilled Christopher Walken impersonator?

The Best Way To Remember 9/11: Sushi?

Apparently a Phoenix-area Sushi restaurant has rolled out the "9-11 Remembrance Roll" to pay tribute to the tragedy. So that's totally weird.

Meet Ron Swanson's First Ex-Wife: Tammy 1

Tammy 1, played by the amazing Patricia Clarkson, is back in Pawnee to neuter Ron Swanson. Check out this preview of the newest season of Parks And Recreation. (Also featuring Tammy 0, his mother!)

Kalbim Seni Seçti 11. Bölüm Izle

Handanın silah sesiyle birlikte Ömere koşması Onuru harekete geçirir. Handana olan aşkının önündeki engel Ömerdir. Ömerin hayatını mahvetmeye kararlıdır. Harekete geçer. Emir, annesinin kendisine söylediklerinin etkisiyle öfke içindedir. Okulda Meli…

Author Intent Is Irrelevant

And this is why I hate Shakespeare. Come on, the man just wanted to make enough money to eat. It's not rocket science!

Marc Maron Fact-Checks His Wikipedia Page

WBEZ has a recurring segment where they have stars break down their Wikipedia pages. This week brings Marc Maron out of the Cat Ranch, and again describes his awkward Lorne Michaels encounter. It's great.

Sub Pop Records Had The Greatest Rejection Letters Ever

If your band ever submitted a demo to Sub Pop Records and got rejected, then you've already had the pleasure of seeing this awesome letter. Anyone who opens a rejection form letter with "Dear Loser" is all kinds of great. (Also their stationary is hilarious: "Celebrating several years of record making.")

The Boardwalk Empire Subway Cars Are Awesome

If you've ever gone to the MTA museum, you know how cool old train cars are (and how cool I am for going to said museum). Well HBO has convinced the MTA to let them use a few legitimate 1917 subway cars to advertise the show. So if you ride the 2/3 line, get ready to go back in time to woven seats and ceiling fans. I'm pumped.

"Up" Sequel Fan Poster

Just rip my heart out and stomp on it, Pixar. Surely even they wouldn't resort to something this heartrending. Thank God this is just the brain-child of Q4Nobody

The 11 Most Unlikely Sexual Fetishes

Are you in the market for a new sexual fetish? Here are some real, actual sexual fetishes to choose from that mostly involve just regular stuff that you can find around the house. Have fun, be safe, etc.

5'er Beşer 1.Bölüm Izle

Kemal Sunalin Oğlu Ali Sunal,ın yönetği komedi dolu sikeclerle kah kahalara bogulacaksiniz. 5′er Beşer Son Bölüm izle, 5′er Beşer Yeni Bölüm izle, 5′er Beşer izle

Welcome Back To Hogwarts!

Even wizards have to go back to school. September 1st is the traditional start date for Hogwarts students. Please see the attached literature to familiarize yourself with the new term.

Attack Of The Mustache Monkeys

They've come for your bananas and your monocles. These are tamarins at the San Francisco Zoo, and they desperately need tiny top hats.

Manchester United Arsenal Maçı Izle

Manchester United Arsenal 8-2 maç sonucu. Manchester United Arsenal golleri izle. Bu sezona iyi başlayan kırmızı şeytanlar Londra temsilcisine gol olup yağıdı. Manchester United 8 Arsenal 2 golleri izle, Manchester United Arsenal maç özeti golleri i…

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