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January 1, 2014

After Rough Year, Obama Looks For 2014 Comeback, Amid Some Unsolicited New Year's Resolutions

President Obama indeed had a rough 2013 that will no doubt have him searching for a comeback -- amid no shortage of unsolicited advice and New Year’s resolutions for a better 2014 and overall second term.

New Year's Resolution: How To Lose Weight

If you resolved to be healthier this year in any way, you're going to want to save this handy cheat sheet. Here, our top 10 healthy New Year's resolutions, from losing weight to quitting smoking to making more nutritious food choices—plus, a tip to…

13 Episodes Of "Community" To Watch Before The End Of The Day

Community is back! The fifth season of the low-rated but cult-followed sitcom debuts Thursday at 8:00pm. For those looking to join the fun, here are 13 of the show's best and most fitting episodes to watch before diving into the new season.

Jenny McCarthy & Donnie Wahlberg Kiss On New Year’s Eve!

Jenny McCarthy and her boyfriend Donnie Wahlberg pose for some photos while she hosts the live Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve 2014 event on Tuesday evening (December 31) in the heart of Times Square in New York City.

Obagi® ReGenica™ Skincare Cream Giveaway

Obagi® ReGenica™ Skincare Cream Giveaway

AP Photographer Dies Of Heart Attack After Taking Photos At Chick-Fil-A Bowl

Longtime Associated Press photographer Dave Martin collapsed on the field shortly after taking celebration shots of Texas A&M's win over Duke at Atlanta's football college game.

12 Important Lessons We've Learned From Uncle Phil

The toughest lawyer in Bel Air taught us all valuable lessons that we will cherish forever. RIP James Avery.

Box-Office Milestone: 'Frozen' Crosses $500 Million Worldwide

Disney's Thanksgiving entry Frozen has warmed its way to $500 million at the worldwide box office following a spectacular showing at the Christmas box office, where it nearly upset The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug over the weekend. PHOTOS: Brrrrrrr!: Disney's 'Frozen' and 19 Other Wintry Movies

11 Natural Geological Formations That Are Absolutely Too Weird To Be Real

Nature does some weird stuff. Like stack rocks. And make islands look like napping giants.

18 Gorgeous Time Lapse Videos From Across The Globe

Ditch that New Year’s resolution to lose 10 pounds. These stunning time lapse videos from around the globe will leave you with one ambition for 2014: travel everywhere.

James Avery - Unscripted

You are only an actor if you absolutely love it and can not do anything else. Starving for your art is great in your 20s, but it's not so great at 35. It has to be absolute love. You can't worry about being a movie star or anything else. Just love. That's it. - James Avery

7 Types Of Hangovers You WiIl Have On New Years Day

You wake up in jail or the hospital. You look at your shirt and there is blood. You're not sure if it's yours or someone else's. This is not good. The move here is to relax. You can't go anywhere. Chill out and try to piece things together. Are your…

Nostalgia List From The Future

These are all things popular today that kids will be nostalgic about in 15 years.

The Syrian Electronic Army Hacks Skype's Social Media Accounts And Blog

The SEA's first digital attack of 2014 targeted the international communication company Skype.

WH Says Birth Control Mandate Doesn't Apply To Plaintiff In Sotomayor's Decision

The White House responded Wednesday to Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor halting a birth control mandate in ObamaCare for a Catholic organization, saying the group isn’t subject to the requirement because it doesn’t apply to self-funded church…

'Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air' Star James Avery Dies

Fresh Prince of Bel-Air star James Avery has died from complications from open heart surgery in Glendale, his manager and publicist confirm to The Hollywood Reporter. Avery was 68.

Vanderpump Rules Star Scheana Marie Talks Wedding Plans—Find Out If SUR Will Cater Her Big Day!

Is Scheana Marie getting ready to head down the aisle with her boyfriend Shay? We got the Vanderpump Rules star to open up about marriage talks and how involved her SUR co-workers would be in the big day.

Yes, That Picture Of The Moon And The Andromeda Galaxy Is About Right

In my line of business — trying to spread the word about science and trying to grind anti-science under my heel — I post a lot of articles with the word “no” in the title. “No, There’s No Proof of a Giant Planet in the Outer Solar System”, “No, Mars…

James Avery Dead At 65: Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air's Uncle Phil Dies In L.A. Hospital

James Avery has died at the age of 65. The actor -- best known for playing Uncle Philip Banks on the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air -- died at an L.A. hospital on Tuesday, Dec. 31.

These People Might Live On Mars For The Rest Of Their Lives, If They're Lucky

These nine people were chosen to move onto the second round of the Mars One mission to be part of the first human settlement on Mars.

The Top 10 Reasons Why January 1st Is Actually The Worst Day Of The Year

It’s supposed to my fresh new start…so why do I feel a little dizzy?

The 15 Greatest Uncle Phil Moments On "The Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air"

James Avery, who played Uncle Phil on The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, was a phenomenal actor and a quintessential part of one of the most memorable sitcoms of the '90s. Here are a few of his greatest moments.

30 Songs That Will Pick You Up In 2014, And The Year After, And After, And Forever More...

2013 is history. 2014 is a new beginning. Ups and downs, let these songs empower and give you a lift to move on whenever, wherever, and whatever possible. Shine on!

A Same-Sex Couple Got Married Atop A Giant Wedding Cake Float At The Rose Parade

This is the first Rose Parade since the Supreme Court brought marriage equality to California.

James Avery Uncle Phil From Fresh Prince Of Bel Air Passes Away

Most people are celebrating the New Year today…although the cast and crew of The Fresh Prince Of Bel Air is not. It’s been confirmed that James Avery, who played Uncle Phil on the 90′s sitcom, has passed away at the age of 65.

12 Surprising Facts About Netflix

You'd be surprised just what you can Watch Instantly.

15 Times Olivia Pope's Season 3 Wardrobe Made Your Wardrobe Feel Inadequate

The best way to feed your Scandal addiction while the show is on break? Gaze in envy and admiration at the wardrobe of your fav gladiator in [pant]suit.

Stereotypical Things Hipsters Like

Here's a list of stereotypical things that hipsters like...

The Best Sriracha Products On The Internet

Are you a real Sriracha addict? Show and prove.

The Papers Are Trying To Make Kate Middleton Pregnant Again

Lest this seem completely fucking ridiculous, one must realize that Kate Middleton has already completed one celebrity pregnancy cycle. She got pregnant, had a baby and showed it to us, then lost the baby weight and showed us her stomach. Now there…

College Sports: It’s Time To Evict Big-time Sports From American Higher Education.

James Madison University, my current employer, recently commissioned an “overall strategic plan” for its athletics program. Revealed to the public in an admirable gesture of institutional transparency, the plan claims that JMU is “well-positioned”…

Ariana Grande Covers ‘Cosmopolitan’ February 2014

Ariana Grande rocks a sexy cut-out dress on the cover of Cosmopolitan's February 2014 issue, on newsstands January 7. Here is what the 20-year-old singer had…

10 Twitter Gems From Neil Gaiman Before His Sabbatical

The nerd king of social media is taking a break. It's going to be ok, though.

23 Things Only People From Sheffield Will Understand

Reyt good things that make us proud to be from the Steel City.

Pastor At De Blasio Inauguration Refers To “Plantation Called New York City”

Rev. Fred Lucas Jr., a Brooklyn-based pastor who serves as a chaplain for the Department of Sanitation referred to New York City as a plantation during the inauguration ceremonies for Mayor Bill de Blasio. Lucas was thanked by de Blasio by name during his speech.

Mayor Bill De Blasio Chooses His Path With Uncompromising Inauguration

A mayor unafraid to make enemies, and eager to keep his friends.

Facebook Cleansing: How To Delete All Of Your Account Activity.

If I had my way, Facebook would have a hard and fast expiration date for posts. I generally don’t want most of what I say hanging around longer than I’d keep eggs in the fridge. Sure, some links and videos are worth revisiting—but does anyone really…

BEST OF 2013: Courtney Stodden’s Giant Cartoon Breasts Were Topless

Welcome to the time of year where we repackage old posts you guys clicked the shit out of in hopes that you’ll do that all over again so we don’t have to step away from our loot. I’m not even going to sugar coat what’s happening here. Unlike this…

James Avery, "Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air's" Uncle Phil, Has Died

Alfonso Ribeiro, who played Carlton Banks on the '90s hit series, tweeted about his TV dad's passing.

8 Soup And Stew Recipes To Keep You Warm All Winter Long

Baby, it's cold outside. Warm up with something hot and delicious.

In Colorado, Celebrating The First Day Of Legal Pot Sales

Recreational weed became legal at 8 a.m. this morning in Colorado.

'Sherlock' Boss On 'Moving' Holmes/Watson Reunion And 'Funnier' Season 3 (Q&A)

Sherlock Holmes lives. British series Sherlock returns to the small screen two years after the titular genius detective (Benedict Cumberbatch) faked his own death to save the lives of those closest to him -- namely partner-in-crime Dr. John Watson (Martin Freeman). But… PHOTOS: 'Sherlock' Stills From Season 3 Earlier this year, The Hollywood Reporter caught up with Sherlock co-creator Steven Moffat, also an executive producer on Doctor Who, to chat about the popularity of BBC/PBS' Sherlock, reflecting on the first two seasons, the show's female fans and offering a glimpse of the upcoming batch of episodes.

What Do People Do Naked?

Can you guess what it is?

Woman Crushed To Death In Freak Drawbridge Accident

(Newser) – A horrific accident in Boston, where a woman was crushed to death in a freak drawbridge accident yesterday. The woman was walking over the Meridian Street bridge when it was raised…

You Could Win! - Woman's Day

If you like what you see, you'll get 11 more issues (12 in all) for just $7.99 — that's 76% less than others pay on the newsstand. If not, return the bill marked "cancel" and keep the first issue with no obligation. You'll still be eligible to win the sweepstakes.

Palestinian Ambassador Killed In Strange Safe Explosion

Jamel al-Jamal, Palestinian ambassador to the Czech Republic, died Wednesday after he moved a safe in his apartment that had been sealed for 30 years, according to reports.

Police Investigating Georgia Man Who Announced On Twitter He Was Going To Rape Passed-Out Girl

Detectives in Cobb County, Georgia, are investigating the man who tweeted a picture of a passed-out girl and said he was going to sexually assault her. The police have not yet confirmed a crime occurred, nor have they identified the men who tweeted the pictures.

Your HOLIDAY SOR-BAY: Barney Miller - Happy New Year

Here is a "HOLIDAY SOR-BAY" that we could use to recuperate from last night.

This Horror Film Created By 8 Year Olds Is Priceless

"The Ghost Baby" is a short film created by 8 year olds. I smell a sequel and possible Hollywood movie coming soon!

25 Things Nobody Tells You About Your First Apartment

Unfortunately, the Toilet Paper Fairy won't be paying any visits.

Paula Salischiker Photographs Hoarders In Britain In Her Series, “The Art Of Keeping.”

When photographer Paula Salischiker saw an American TV series about extreme hoarders, she felt instinctively that the way they were being portrayed wasn’t fair. “They are usually shown under a very obscure light, like objects themselves,”…

Kaley Cuoco Marries Ryan Sweeting In New Year's Eve Wedding!

Kaley Cuoco is starting 2014 as a married woman! The Big Bang Theory star tied the knot with Ryan Sweeting on Tuesday, Dec. 31, in a romantic New Year's Eve wedding in Southern California, she confirmed via Instagram.

23 Animals Who Understand Exactly How You Feel Today

2014 more like two thousand barfs.

Iraq War Veteran With PTSD Becomes The First Person To Buy Weed Legally In Colorado

Sean Azzariti is America's first retail marijuana customer.

‘Rate Shock’? ObamaCare Launch Brings Renewed Concern Over Insurance Tax

New Year's Day marks the start of coverage under ObamaCare for millions of people -- but it also marks the start of a massive tax increase which could further inflate premiums.

5 Reasons Why New Year’s Eve Is The Absolute Worst, In GIFs

This isn’t a new sentiment by any means, but New Year’s Eve is kind of the worst. The forced social situations, the feeling-left-out-because-you-weren’t-invited-to-the-forced-social-situations, the frozen sauerkraut balls… I’m pretty much over it.…

Babies Vary And Knitting Stretches

It was easy to forget that life can come into the world just as it leaves it. Making the baby sweater was a tangible reminder.

Miley Cyrus’ New Year’s Eve 2014 Outfit — See Her Sexy Performance Look

Miley can't stop -- and she won't stop in 2014! The songstress helped ring in the New Year with a show-stopping performance, all while clad in a sexy golden get-up. Did you like her look? VOTE. Whi...

PICS] Miley Cyrus’ New Year’s Eve Show Look — Gorgeous Hair & Makeup

Miley entered 2014 with a bang as she performed on 'Dick Clark's New Year's Rockin' Eve With Ryan Seacrest' in NYC on Dec 31. She looked stunning as the ball dropped -- read more about her hair and...

This Amazing Dog With A Mustache Deserves Your Complete Attention


Judge Nixes Florida's Welfare Drug Testing

A federal judge on Tuesday struck down a Florida law requiring applicants for welfare benefits to undergo mandatory drug testing, ruling it was unconstitutional and shouldn't be enforced.

Kaley Cuoco Marries Ryan Sweeting In Pink Wedding Dress!

Kaley Cuoco and her fiance Ryan Sweeting tied the knot in a New Year’s Eve Wedding on Tuesday (December 31) at the Hummingbird Nest Ranch in Santa Susana, Calif.

31 Delicious Things To Cook In January

Guys, I'm kind of glad the holidays are over. January will be all about eating healthy... ish.

Dear Lord There Are Demons In These Pancakes

I'd be happy to exorcise them with my stomach.

Phil Robertson’s ‘Duck Dynasty’ Suspension Is Lifted, Praise Capitalist Jesus!

To the surprise of absolutely no one who understands how money works, Phil Robertson‘s suspension from Duck Dynasty has been lifted after a grueling eight days where he was forced to endure such hardships as still making millions of dollars and…

PHOTOS] Celebrity Deaths 2013 — In Memoriam Of Paul Walker & More

The world lost a fair share of legends in 2013, in the entertainment industry and outside of it. But with every star, like Nelson Mandela and Paul Walker, the amazing outpouring of support and love that followed their deaths proved how much they…

A Pessimistic View Of Cosmopolitan's Male Body Language Decoder

Understanding what a guy is thinking may not be as easy as one may think but maybe you're just getting your hopes up.

Twitter Reacts To Influx Of Romanians And Bulgarians

As employment restrictions are lifted on millions of Bulgarian and Romanian nationals, Twitter responds the only way it knows how: by taking the piss.

Catfish Season 1 Triumphs And Tragedies

Is it, could it be? Yes it is, it's, it's.... Erm no it's not. #AWKWARD

Miley Cyrus: New Year’s Eve 2014 Performance

Miley Cyrus hits the stage with her backup dancers and Ryan Seacrest to perform at Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve 2014 on Tuesday evening (December 31) in the heart of Times Square in New York City.

Meet The Landmine-Hunting Giant Rats Of Mozambique

This year Mozambique is set to be declared landmine-free for the first time in nearly fifty years. The twist? APOPO use three feet-long giant rats to sniff out the mines buried deep underground.

VIDEO] Miley Cyrus’ Performance On New Year’s Eve — Sexy On Stage

2013 was without a doubt Miley's year, so it only makes sense that she got to close it out. And in a super sexy sequined outfit, the singer really rang in the new year with a bang by taking on two ...

Dwyane Wade Conceived Son While Dating Gabrielle Union — Report

Gabrielle Union must have been shocked to learn that her fiancé Dwyane Wade fathered a son with a mystery ex while they were on a break, and now news has gotten worse — on Dec. 31, reports surfaced...

37 Celebrities That Made You Desperately Wish You Were British

I don't know what is in the water over there, but clearly I need some.

Disney Releases First 'Guardians Of The Galaxy' Photo

On the final day of 2013, Disney released the first official photo from upcoming Marvel pic Guardians of the Galaxy. The pic -- showing the characters standing in a lineup -- is a familiar image to those who attended Comic-Con earlier this year. The film stars Chris Pratt as adventurer Peter Quill who teams up with a group of misfits after he discovers a mysterious orb that villain Ronan very much wants in his possession.

Bill de Blasio Sworn In As New York City Mayor

The first Democrat to occupy City Hall in more than two decades was sworn in Wednesday as the 109th mayor of New York City, replacing Michael Bloomberg.

Winter Is Coming: Government Uses 'Game Of Thrones' To Warn Americans About Snow

The U.S. government is using a popular slogan from HBO's Game of Thrones to prepare Americans for winter weather. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has created an e-card with the slogan encouraging concerned Americans to share tips with their friends on how to deal with snow. Share our 'Game Of Thrones' eCards to help protect the realm from winter weather, noted the CDC on its emergency Twitter account. The card features the popular slogan Winter is coming from the HBO show. The card advises recipients to store food, water, blankets and snow shovels in advance of winter weather and to make a Family Communications Plan.

OK! Exclusive: The Hosts Of MTV's NYE Special Reveal Their (Hilarious) 2014 Predictions For Miley Cyrus And Kimye

While there will certainly be many different TV networks counting down to the ball dropping tomorrow for New Year’s Eve, clearly the show you’ll want to be watching is MTV’s. Girl Code‘s Carly Aquilino and Guy Code‘s Charlamagne the God are hosting…

All The TV Marathons Airing On New Year’s Eve

For some people, New Year’s Eve means champagne, sequins, and staying out all night. For others, it’s a day off from work to hibernate on the couch and greet the new year from your pillow. Whatever your flavor, you might want to tune your TV to one…

Watch A Livestream Of The Ball Dropping In Times Square

Welcome to the final night of 2013! The countdown is on to greet the new year, and all over the world people are celebrating the start of 2014. If you’re staying in this New Year’s Eve, hang here with We have a livestream of the most…

How The New Year's Eve Ball Drop Became A New York Tradition

This post originally appeared in Business Insider. The New Yorker released a fantastic video tour of the building that houses the New Year's Eve Ball in New York City. While it's located at the so-called "center of the universe," the…

Watch Times Square Ball Drop Live Stream

It’s time to ring in 2014! Watch the ball drop in the stream below and join to ring in the new year!!!!! Ryan Seacrest is set to host Dick…

Your Basic Snapchat Info Just Got Leaked

Last week, researchers warned that Snapchat's username and phone numbers were vulnerable to hacking. On New Year's Eve, someone made millions of them public.

Wolf Of Wall Street: True Story? Jordan Belfort And Other Real People In DiCaprio, Scorsese Movie.

For The Wolf of Wall Street, his latest collaboration with Leonardo DiCaprio, Martin Scorsese forewent his signature voiceover in favor of direct address: Throughout the movie, DiCaprio, playing the lupine financial huckster Jordan Belfort, looks…

WATCH] New Year’s Rockin’ Eve Live Stream — Watch The Ball Drop Online

Haven’t you heard that how you spend New Year’s Eve determines how your entire year is going to be? Well don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Miley Cyrus, Ariana Grande, Florida Georgia Line and many more are all coming together for Dick Clark’s New…

Katie Holmes Flaunts Tiny Bikini Body In Miami

Katie Holmes is spending her holiday poolside in Miami -- see the A-Lister's tiny bikini body!

Supreme Court Justice Blocks Obamacare Birth Control Mandate

Sotomayor temporarily halted the contraceptive requirement in the Affordable Care Act just hours before the provision of the law was set to take effect.

Former First Lady Barbara Bush Hospitalized, George H.W. Bush's Office Says

Former first lady Barbara Bush was hospitalized Monday for treatment on a “respiratory-related issue,” former President George H.W. Bush’s office said in a statement released late Tuesday night.

Keeping Up With The Kardashians Season 9 Promo Pic

It seems as if the Kardashian/Jenner family kept to the theme of their all girls Christmas card when shooting the season 9 promo pictures for Keeping Up With the Kardashians. All dressed in matching shades of black, white, gray and red, the ladies…

Elin Nordegren Turns 34 Tomorrow (Without Tiger Woods) [PHOTOS]

Elin Nordegren has two reasons to celebrate January 1st tomorrow. It’s her 34th birthday, and it’s the start of yet another year without her cheating ex-husband Tiger Woods. We usually tend to side with guys in this kind of thing, of course, but…

Beyoncé’s “XO” Samples Challenger Explosion, Draws Misguided Criticism.

Beyoncé is getting “slammed” this week for one of the samples she used on her blockbuster new album. (No, not the French version of The Big Lebowski.) Lead single “XO,” which has been rightly praised as one of the album’s best anthems, opens with a…

Why 2013 Was The Year Of The Crapocalypse

My name is Robert Brockway, and I have a problem: I'm addicted to the apocalypse. I'm not kidding -- I quite literally wrote the book on the end times. I just can't get enough of the idea that society as we know it will collapse, most of my fellow…

You Will Never Rock As Hard As This Korean Drummer

He did it his way and stole the show.

Here's To The New Year. May She Be A Damn Sight Better Than The Old One.

Words of Wisdom from Colonel Sherman T. Potter

What Does Sherlock Entering The Public Domain Really Mean?

In late December, a federal judge ruled that the character of Sherlock Holmes was in the public domain. The determination came because the editors of an anthology of new Sherlock Holmes stories — ones written recently by fans, not Conan Doyle —…

2013 Times Square Live Stream: Watch The Ball Drop On New Year's Eve (Video)

As 2013 comes to a close, all of the broadcast networks will be reporting from New York City's Times Square as the ball drops to ring in the new year. PHOTOS: The 13 Biggest Moments in Hollywood of 2013 For those uninterested (or unable) to catch the festivities on the tube, the below live stream will have a six-hour webcast from Times Square without any commercials, beginning at 5:55 p.m. EST.

Simon Cowell & Lauren Silverman: Kissing & Cuddling Pair!

Simon Cowell and his pregnant girlfriend Lauren Silverman share a passionate kiss while enjoying some alone time on the hotel balcony on Sunday (December 29) in Bridgetown, Barbados.

Get Strong And Sexy In Six Weeks

Strong is the new sexy. Follow this workout plan for six weeks straight to get the body you want

Kevin Lanflisi: 5 Things To Know About Aaron Rodgers’ Alleged Lover

Even though Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers helped take his team to the NFL playoffs, it's his off-field activities that are currently garnering headlines. Here are five things to know ...

Ill-Advised Plan: Kidnap Girlfriend, Try To Marry Her

(Newser) – A Washington man apparently looking for a lifetime of wedded bliss could end up with five years in prison instead. Thomas Martin Pfeiffer, 22, was arrested early Friday and hit with…

Former First Lady Barbara Bush Hospitalized In Houston

The 88-year-old wife of President George H. W. Bush has been receiving treatment for a "respiratory related issue" at Houston Methodist Hospital.

Bugs, Butt, And Other Weird Food Additives You've Probably Eaten Today

People are willing to eat all kinds of weird stuff, but often we're eating all kinds of weird stuff when we think we're eating something totally normal. Like gum. Or Jell-O. But hey, if it tastes delicious, what's the harm in a little secretion from…

Drones, Placentas And Transgender Students

They cover everything from the minimum wage to tanning beds to drones, some a bit more unusual than others. But residents might want to brush up on the changes -- state lawmakers approved nearly 40,000 bills and resolutions this year, according to…

NYT Editor Defiant On Benghazi Report Amid Lawmaker Criticism

A New York Times editor on Monday staunchly defended a controversial report on the Benghazi attack which largely backed the State Department's narrative, amid withering criticism from congressional Republicans and others.

Late Surge In ObamaCare Sign-ups Not Enough To Quiet Critics Now Concerned About Costs, Coverage

The Obama administration said Sunday a late surge in sign-ups resulted in 1.1 million Americans enrolling in ObamaCare before last week’s deadline to get insurance coverage starting Jan. 1.  -- a sign the federal website is getting fixed but not…

Congress Letting 55 Tax Breaks Expire At Year's End

In an almost annual ritual, Congress is letting a package of 55 popular tax breaks expire at the end of the year, creating uncertainty -- once again -- for millions of individuals and businesses.

4 Perfect Makeup Tutorials For An Ultra Glittery New Year’s Eve

Not sure how to do your eyeshadow for New Year's Eve? These awesome tutorial videos will teach you everything you need to know.

Box Office (Specialty): 'Lone Survivor' Scores Needed Win For Peter Berg

Peter Berg's Navy SEALs drama Lone Survivor enjoyed a strong launch in its awards qualifying run, posting the best theater average of any film over the post-Christmas weekend. Opening in New York and Los Angeles on Christmas day, the movie -- starring Mark Wahlberg, Taylor Kitsch, Emile Hirsch and Ben Foster -- took in $155,435 in its first five days. For the weekend itself, Lone Survivor earned $92,468 for a location…

Actor Joseph Ruskin Dies At 89

Joseph Ruskin, a character actor and long-serving SAG board member, died Dec. 28 from natural causes at UCLA Medical Center, Santa Monica. He was 89. As an actor, he appeared in 25 films and 124 television shows. His notable film appearances included The Magnificent Seven and Prizzi's Honor. His television credits include appearances on The Twilight Zone, Star Trek and Alias.

BBC's 'Ripper Street' Tops U.K. Poll Of Best TV Shows Of 2013

Recently canceled BBC period crime-drama Ripper Street has been voted the best TV show of 2013 in a survey by the website of British magazine Radio Times.

Zac Efron Wears Six Month Sobriety Chip At Lakers Game

2014 is going to be pretty great for Zac Efron. If you remember correctly, the end of 2013 wasn’t too kind to Zac—he did a one-month stint in rehab that the public didn’t find out about in September, and then he broke his jaw—but all’s well for Zac…

Kim Kardashian, Kanye West And Kourtney Kardashian Ski Park City, Utah

At first glance you might not recognize the bundled up celebs who hit the slopes in Park City, Utah Monday. So which reality stars channeled their inner snow bunnies? Kim Kardashian and Kourtney Kardashian! Kanye West was even spotted hiding under a…

Cara Delevingne Shows Off New Chest Tattoos In A Bikini In Barbados

Cara Delevingne showed off her model-body in a pair of bikinis while vacationing in Barbados over the weekend, revealing that she's added some fresh ink to her body. The British supermodel appears to have the words "Don't Worry Be Happy" -- the…

‘The Hobbit’ Holds Off ‘Frozen’ To Top Box Office, ‘47 Ronin’ Tumbles

The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug held off a resurgent Frozen to keep its top spot at this weekend’s box office, and The Wolf of Wall Street was the only new film to crack the top 5.

How To Get Rid Of Visible Pores

No, it's not your imagination. Here's what to do.

Are Hobbits Human? We Don’t Necessarily Need To Mate To Find Out.

Are hobbits human and just really short? Or are they some entirely other species, like a gold-hoarding dragon? In high-school biology class they teach you to define species in terms of interbreeding. A horse is something that can make nonsterile…

Hottest TV Girls Of 2013 — Nina Dobrev, Kerry Washington & More

If you’re looking for a bunch of pretty pushovers, look elsewhere!‘s list of the year’s top TV ladies includes only the fiercest females of the bunch. From Washington D.C.’s hottest handler to Louisiana’s finest fairy, we rounded…

Dwyane Wade Fathers Child With Mystery Ex Before Gabrielle Union Engagement

Dwyane Wade reportedly fathered a child with another woman he has known “for years” while he was on a break from his now-fiancée, Gabrielle Union. The pair just announced their engagement on Dec. 20, and Gabrielle is reportedly not letting the baby…

Aaron Rodgers Gay — Is Green Bay’s Quarterback Dating Kevin Lanflisi?

Aaron Rodgers may have led the Green Bay Packers to the playoffs, but he's making headlines for what he's allegedly doing off the field -- with his roommate and longtime assistant, Kevin Lanflisi. ...

FLOR® $500 Gift Card Giveaway - Woman's Day

FLOR® $500 Gift Card Giveaway

Angelina Jolie, Brad Pitt Take Kids For Movie Date In Australia

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt took all six children to the movies in Sydney, Australia on Dec. 27 -- see pics of the happy family!

Resolving To Slow Down And Care More In 2014

This year I want to feel more connected. Because it's too easy to forget why we're here.

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