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April 1, 2008

Kitty Corner Shot

It's a cat; it's a rifle; it's bang, you're dead.

What Claudia Wore

A blog dedicated to thoughtful analysis of the fashion choices of a fictional babysitter.

Cleavage Covers

A new trend towards masking cleavage.

Woody Allen vs American Apparel

Woody Allen sued American Apparel for the unauthorized usage of his image.

Kate Moss' Biography

The unauthorized biography of Kate Moss hits shelves this week.

Fat Envelope Frenzy

A new book about our obsession with getting into college.

Mustang Skinline Jeans

Men in Scandinavia are videotaping themselves wearing an insanely tight brand of jeans called Mustang Skinlines and putting them up on YouTube.

Stupid April Fools' Pranks

It's April 1st, don't believe it.

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