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July 1, 2015

An assembly of U.S. church leaders voted overwhelmingly to adopt gender-neutral language for their marriage canon. Clergy members, however, will still be allowed to recuse themselves from performing same-sex ceremonies.

"Nobody wants side dick..."

On June 16, Donald Trump announced his candidacy for the 2016 Presidential race in a meandering speech filled with bragging, half-truths, and a giant glob of spit nestled in the corner of his mouth.

Diversity in the fashion industry is always a hot topic and this Teen Vogue cover proves things are on the way to being better

"We push the boundaries of quizzes here."

Despídete del "french" de toda la vida.

Joshua Wright, a commissioner at the Federal Trade Commission, promised to recuse himself from Google-related matters when he joined the agency in early 2013.

Your partner-in-chisme.

This bread! It's in the swirl, baby, the cinnamon swirl.

NYPD Deputy Commissioner of Counterterrorism John Miller added on Wednesday that despite the precautions, there is no credible threat against Fourth of July celebrations.

"One fish, two fish, red fish, I THINK that's a blue fish?"

Jaws IRL.

Are you as big of a fan as you think?

Stop spamming the inbox!

Todos los colores son asombrosos.

The gender imbalance in tech financing was center stage as 12 female entrepreneurs competed for a $50,000 grand prize.

Style goals galore.

A Pinellas County judge barred the public and press from viewing the sex tape at the center of the lawsuit between the famed wrestler and Gawker.

A bad week for the Donald.

The Sheriff of Cook County, Illinois, asked Visa and MasterCard to cut ties with the site, alleging its service contributes to "increasing the enslavement of prostituted individuals, including children."

And yet, I have no idea how to handle any of the things I actually needed preparing for.

But don't worry, the beverage company apparently just thinks human slavery is hilarious.

What's a vulture?


They wowed us and the judges.


Créenos, no te atreverías a limpiar tu trasero con estos.

Beacon Hills is killing me already. *SPOILER ALERT*

Não é necessário nenhum dom artístico

Get in, loser.

Eles estão em todo lugar!

Not all fast foods are created equal.

If you're horny let's do it. NUDITY AHEAD.

Branden Brooks on Wednesday tweeted out a letter that Vice President Joe Biden sent him years ago when he was a senator. Brooks told BuzzFeed News about how the vice president's advice helped change his life.

They don't make 'em like they used to. In the '80s, it seemed like movies targeted at kids had WAY more leeway -- and they were better for it.

Wherever you belong, the stars at night are always big and bright.

Jumping for joy.

Suena como un buen mes para probar algo nuevo.

While we all love Disney, not every animated film comes from them so why not celebrate those films as well?

Hair goals.

About 1,200 students from one university in China pack themselves into one gymnasium to help beat the heat.

Save them for a rainy day, or any day.

Ya no hay excusas para andar despeinada por la vida.

Did the Titanic weigh more than Warren Buffett's net worth in pennies? Find out today!

Because your world does not need to be flat.

Augusta Falletta • 5 hours ago

Well, aren't you the cat's pajamas!

This is a legally binding contract.

Get in my belly now.

"OMG, I'm so old!"'re not.

Las ~pollitas~ nuuuunca se cansan de escuchar estas joyas.

Ooh baby, you like it when I eat mozzarella sticks in bed with you?

"You don't have to be a religious person, but you still have to, in my opinion, acknowledge that the words in the Bible are God's words, and God's direction for America ... "

Season 1 would be very, very different.

Chile wouldn’t let me terminate my pregnancy, even though it wasn't viable and my life was at risk.


No one thought Donald Trump's comments about Mexicans being rapists were OK. But the swiftness with which he was repudiated by Univision, NBC, and Macy's is new, and many believe a turning point for oft-mentioned Latino influence in the U.S.

Difunde el amor al estilo geek.

Bringing new meaning to the term hardcover.

♪ Story of my life ♪

"Nothing makes me happier than meddling in someone else's love life."

Define TOO close.

Also, actress Freida Pinto was there. WHAT IS HAPPENING RIGHT NOW.

"You are no longer just you."

Pop quiz time!

Para la vida detrás de las barras (del manubrio).

The anti–social justice warrior brigade loves Blume for her skepticism about trigger warnings. Will she take the bait?

"And in the morning, I'm making waffles."

This quiz is SO the drama.

It's all fun and games until grandma has a heart attack from seeing you twerk.

Alternativa ao táxi já foi proibida em SP e no DF e encontra dificuldades em vários outros países.

"We need more wigs!"

Brb, going to have an utepils and experience hygge.

The show's car, which was at the center of most plot points, features the controversial flag on its roof.

Welcome to the struggle of being pregnant and employed.

Too. Many. Options.

"All my life I had to..."

These mostly harmless stones can be quite annoying, and the images are pretty gross!

Para você que gosta de sombra e um vinhozinho fresco.

There are many Christmas Poems out there, but here's some of the best ones . These are great as Christmas poems for kids as well as adults.

The Department of Justice is investigating multiple airlines for "unlawful coordination." Major airlines told BuzzFeed News they plan to fully cooperate.

Still using Sincerely? You definitely need to take this.


Because we tried them for you in June!

"Enjoy your hot dogs, America."

Abróchense los cinturones.

¿Te urgen unos Air Jordans? Sólo tienes que abrir la puerta del refri.

The woman in the photo "rainbow-fied" her Facebook profile picture to show she supported the Supreme Court's ruling on same-sex marriage.

You "ship" us? Are we taking a trip?

♫ All the women who are independent, throw your hands up at me.♫

I'd still pick my friends over you.

Free 3 month trial but what happens after its over?

But are you really surprised?

And it did not go as planned. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Keeping Up With the Kultural Kommentary.

The sequel to Magic Mike is almost wholly devoid of plot. But it understands the narrative structure of female desire in the way few films do.

Todo el conocimiento del mundo del maquillaje en un sólo lugar.

¿Por qué Sergio Santibáñez no tenía más dinero para comprarse un guardarropa más variado?

Children and grandparents get a pass. The rest of you are on notice.

Sweet & savory dreams are made of these.

You know you wanna.

These rotties are as playful as they come.

E você achando que seus parentes eram difíceis.

Because the 8th book is still coming...right?

"Because if there is a threat, if there is gonna be something happening, it's gonna come from the Muslim community."

From everyone.

"Cês tão ligado q vcs vão tudo pro inferno né?"

That's Madam President HBIC to y'all!

Una mueca vale más que mil palabras.

Pretty in pink.

Following a similar announcement by Instacart last week, Shyp has decided to shell out for insurance benefits and other protections for all of its workers.

Winter has already come. :(

When your nation has a big decision to make, turn to Photoshop.

This movie makes zero sense.

Olvida todos tus problemas, disfruta el verano.

How well-versed are you in the wisdom of the two greatest TV mentors of the last decade?

Who said bow ties have to be tied?

To chai or not to chai, that is the question.

Glen Perkins wasn't given the opportunity to collect his child's ashes after cremation. He tells BuzzFeed News how his case may be the tip of the iceberg.

Todos son menos de 400 calorías.

It's a tale as old as time but how much do you know about the classic fairytale. (Not just Disney)

The wedding redo is happening on Jeremy and Justice Stamper's first anniversary in August.

No oven? No problem.

"Artists lead. Hacks ask for a show of hands."

They may be related, but each member of R5 has his/her own rockin' personality.Take this quiz to find out which R5 Member is your spirit animal!


How deep dish is your love?

Averigua qué tanto te echaron a perder tus papás.

Dubbed the "British Schindler," Winton helped 669 Jewish children avoid a grim fate by smuggling them out of Nazi-occupied Czechoslovakia.

What's your ideal date?

Why does this bring me so much joy.


This is the latest in a string of legal victories for LGBT people in East and Southern Africa.

The combination of buttery, sugary, savory treats has become too much.

Do we know what you know?

Montagem posiciona presidente em cima da entrada do tanque de gasolina. Anúncio diz que adesivo foi feito para "protestar e se divertir".

This woman is a lesson in chill to us all.

Willkommen in Deinem Leben.

Fasting during Ramadan can be hard, but fasting during Ramadan in the summer...well.

Let's hope Martin Skrtel has a short memory.

Better than a stuffed animal.

It's just too big.

"What an insult to African-Americans, who were hosed in the street, who were beaten, who were truly discriminated against."

Hope you didn't fall asleep during double potions!

Sun, sea, sand, and dolphins.

Ein Graffiti im Hafen von Calais sagt: "France is dog life" – "Frankreich ist ein Hundeleben".

Your brain just works BETTER after noon, OK??

Bagel Bites are basically a time machine.

Pimp your water.

¿Siempre listo para los PDO? (Problemas de otros).

Your job's a joke, you're broke, your love life's DOA.

Walter = Ron Swanson on four legs.

The department store is the latest to dump Trump over his comments about Mexican immigrants.

WARNING: The post is NSFW because people are disgusting and terrible.

The internet is bleeding red, white, and blue.

"I laughed when they said they were going to be generous and bestow me this wonderful privilege."

WARNING: Severe Childhood Nostalgia Ahead

There's still plenty of time for pavement pints and complaining about the weather.

Your sweet tooth can thank us later.

So long, partner.

The promotion to celebrate "100 million customers already this year" has been shared more than 60,000 times, which would be impressive if it wasn't a hoax.

I'll be there for the new spin-off with Vanessa as Rachel.

"It's like eating an aquarium."

La pequeña cuna de los dioses, de Latinoamérica para el mundo.


Un tema importante, que vemos todos los días, pero a veces preferimos olvidar.

Three generations of the same Luton family are thought to have travelled to Syria some weeks ago, police said.

Dogs barking at thin air and cats fleeing from disaster just before it strikes...

Auf jeden Fall viel besser, das ist klar.

Adam Nimoy, director of the documentary For the Love of Spock and son of Leonard Nimoy, shares exclusive personal photos and a candid look at growing up with an untouchable icon and fallible father.

Em coletiva com os dois presidentes, Sandra Coutinho disse para Dilma que "Os EUA nos veem como uma potência regional" e logo foi rebatida por Obama, que falou que o Brasil "é uma potência global".

Your morning routine just got so much easier.

Are you a fearless, bold, go-get-'em, innovative, cool, and charming person, or are you British?

This ain't no regular crib.

We recommend adding these to your roster.

*before shipping and handling*

Una y otra vez.

Warning: Spoilers ahead

Considerada por muitos obsoletas, algumas revistas mostram fôlego além da crise do mercado ao tentar propostas mais ousadas para suas capas.

Cela fait des semaines que vous entendez parler de la date butoir du 30 juin, elle est dépassée et vous n'y comprenez toujours rien? On vous explique tout ça simplement. Promis ❤️.

No, mami, no.

Short and proud of it.


"We need to have a debate about what's best for us, what's going to build a great future for our kids and grandkids, and it shouldn't matter what political pundits or leaders in Washington or Iowa or New Hampshire think."

Sunday’s SpaceX rocket explosion shows that every launch is still an experiment, even after half a century of spaceflight.

Brb, renting a pedalo.

The embassies will reportedly open on July 20, the Cuban government said on Wednesday.

"I call myself a born-again feminist,” she tells BuzzFeed News.

Öhm ... Keine Ahnung!

Because "taking a deep breath" doesn't fix all.

Love you, Kat, but Imma have to snatch this one.

L'actrice oscarisée est l'ambassadrice de l'organisation WildAid et lutte pour la protection des éléphants.


Life's a peach.

Unlike music scene giants like Nashville or NYC, the Philly scene is more of a community than a competition. Still, bands have to make their way inside that community, which floods prime spots like Johnny Brenda's or Kung Fu Necktie and local airwaves like WXPN to get hyped. So here's your list of 5 underrated bands not getting the attention they deserve in the Philly area for 2015.

Aka hell on earth.

Welp, looks like I'm never sleeping again.

Bow down before the world's most badass and beautiful cop.

So antipasti isn't some sort of not-pasta?

People who live in glass houses shouldn't throw stones.

Mark your calendars.

A prova das aves exibida ontem no MasterChefBR revelou um personagem muito expressivo.

Grant? Matt? Ashlyn? Bredia? Which one of these awesome KIDZ BOP kids is your kindred spirit?!

Are you April, Leo, or Dominic?

Square Payroll could allow employees to get paid more frequently — but it could also highlight the high cost of labor for their employers.

Scheitert dieses Quiz, scheitert Europa.

Ya sea que estés pensando en volverte vegetariano o simplemente estás tratando de encontrar la manera de comer menos carne, estas recomendaciones te pueden ayudar a hacerlo de una forma saludable y adecuada.

The customer is always, apparently, right.

Gute Nachrichten.

So a bump in your nose means...?

“France is dog life,” one piece of graffiti in the port city of Calais says.

Are you feeling hot and bothered?

Qui a dit que le mariage était ringard?

First Lady Michelle Obama lifted the ban on camera and social media use during public tours of the White House.

Das beste Grillen aller Zeiten.

Want to find out if your local river is polluted with people's old bathwater? Grab yourself a tampon and a UV lamp, and make like a scientist.

#LoveWins. Liebe siegt. Immer.

Quand les photographes perdent la boule.

The ultimate question of summer.

Solamente los supera el regalo de tiempo a solas sin interrupciones.

A proposal to establish stricter identity requirements may strip website owners of the ability to mask their personal information.

Zu schön, um wahr zu sein.

That's not a heatwave. This is a heatwave.

Why are British sufferers of Morquio syndrome – an inherited disease that limits life expectancy – unable to obtain a drug that's available around the world?

It's business time.

Greece missed its debt payment to the International Monetary Fund. Black churches are burning in southern U.S. states. And a photographer envisions Disney princes falling in love (they actually do).

*Logs out and burns computer.*

Just a reminder that no one was safe from their literal smackdowns.

Die Leute in den Straßen von Athen haben keine Lust mehr auf die Reden der Politiker. Sie wollen einfach nur, dass das Referendum am Sonntag eine Lösung bringt, sagen sie BuzzFeed News.

England is hot, let us fix that.

Es hora de agarrar tus maletas y conocer el mundo.

How is it this hot? How?

Militants affiliated to ISIS launched a wave of simultaneous attacks on military positions in the restive peninsula on Wednesday morning.

It's over. The idiots won.

The controversial adverts remain banned in the UK over claims of promoting unrealistic weight loss, but an investigation has ruled they're not offensive.

The quest for the Chipotle of salad continues.

Costa Cordalis und Peter Zwegat.

Vous en reconnaîtrez au moins forcément un!

Habituellement interdite de manifester, l'association islamophobe Riposte Laïque a obtenu l'accord de la préfecture pour se rassembler mardi soir à Paris. «Au bagne Taubira», «islam hors de France», ont scandé les participants.

We can keep it on for however long we want, thank you very much.

"Not sure if I'm wet from the shower or if I'm already sweating."

Plusieurs twittos n'avaient que cette question à la bouche.

Can you tell if London is hotter or colder than other world cities right now?

L'Intercités est sombre et plein de terreurs.

Eine Amerikanerin machte Fotos von einem Paar, das sich verlobte. Jetzt versucht sie, die beiden zu finden.

We can all do better than this.

It's real is that.

The documents released by the State Department show Clinton received email sent to an AT&T account. A spokesman said Clinton had used the account as a senator, but it remained active for most of 2009 only as a forwarding address.

The encounter was captured by amateur photographer Phoo Chan.

Alors que deux dirigeants de la société ont été renvoyés en correctionnelle mardi, on fait le point sur la défense par Uber de son service de chauffeurs non-professionnels.

The missing-out-on-the-sun guilt is so real.

Stay cool in the heat.

Inspirierende Tipps, die Dir helfen können, gesünder zu werden (ohne Dir ein schlechtes Gewissen zu machen).


TOP 20 Homemade Play Dough Recipes!

Watch this precious tot channel Shirley Temple as she sings and tap dances along to "In Summer" from Frozen.

Hellooooooo Kitty!

Thom White a tout compris à Snapchat.

Murder House? Asylum? Coven? Or Freak Show? Find out!

Incredible beauty. Undeniable tranquility.

Aria is a tennis ball.

Has it really been 22 years?

As told by Vogue's Anaita Shroff Adajania.

Prepare yourself for ALL of the feels.

There ain't no party like a '00s party.

Catholics are "not afraid and not alone."

The longtime Clinton confidant appears to have been informally offering information about more than just Libya while she was secretary of state.

Adelaide Zoo successful in a world first for conservation.

Which of the Princess of Pop's jams speaks to your soul?

New laws came into effect today which mean whistleblowers could be jailed for up to two years.

Liberal party MPs announce cross-party marriage equality bill.

There is an animal for every job in a heist and these animals have them covered.

The fast food chain will have the all-day breakfast menu in restaurants across the Illawarra as of today.

Who Are You Really?

"So much for Sunday meal prep."

How hard do you journalism?

Take this quiz for your wildest fantasies to be realized.

"Life is a high way, and we're gonna ride it, all night long..."

The U.S. played its best game of the tournament, dominating top-ranked Germany.

In 2009, an American aid worker seeking to provide internet service for Cubans was thrown in jail for more than five years. Now, as relations with Cuba finally thaw, the imprisonment of Alan Gross remains a prime example of how promoting American values in countries that don't want them is a policy that is as well-intentioned as it is poorly executed.

A hell of a lot better, that's for sure.

Are you a Nickelodeon fan or are you just a poser?

*insert Kaitlyn's crying face here*

Recreational marijuana use will be legal in Oregon starting on Wednesday, but with nowhere to buy it until October, advocates say they will give it away for free.

Do you think you are the prettiest in pink?

The younger members of the movement want to take revenge and are shifting the group’s ideology in a more radical direction.

The fire at the black church in Greeleyville on Tuesday was not intentionally set, a law enforcement source told the Associated Press. This fire comes after there has been a rash of arsons at black churches across the South.

Congratulations bibliophiles - Two Buck Books is launching in Melbourne tonight and it's the charity of your dreams. Two Buck Books collect your unwanted books, sell them for two bucks and give all the money to a different charity every month - and they're starting off with some signed copies from author Bret Easton Ellis.

The report, commissioned by Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson, recommended that hundreds of internal affairs investigators be hired to stem the high rate of corruption-related arrests among border patrol employees.

A few years ago, when I was broke and faced with a big hospital bill, I got $8,000 for donating my eggs. If I'd known then what I know now, I wouldn't have done it.

Do you crave fantasy or adventure?

The founder of Gawker Media told BuzzFeed News that three years ago his iPhone — which contained suggestive photos of him — was stolen. Considering his company is in a legal battle with Hulk Hogan over publication of the wrestler's sex tape, he said his photos should be fair game for publication.

This Canadian pop-star has been cranking out hits since 1999; how well do you remember her music videos?

Apparently the demons who created these products ignored the age old saying of, "If it ain't broke, don't fix it".

Are you more of the vigilante or metahuman type?

The thirst is too damn real.

Can they make one for humans?

In May, the state abolished the death penalty. Now, the fundraising race is on between groups trying to put the death penalty up for a statewide vote — or keep it off the ballot.