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    21 Vague And Unscientific Fears I Have About Outer Space

    It's just too big.

    Agsandrew / Getty Images

    1. That the next time Venus and Jupiter (or any other two planets, for that matter) align, they will get TOO close

    2. That the planets will just sort of grind to a stop

    3. That Earth will fall out of orbit, from our part of space into a worse part of space

    4. That Earth will tilt a little too sharply too quickly one day, and we'll all slide off the surface of it like in that snow globe Coca-Cola commercial, and fall into space

    5. That Mercury will go retrograde and get stuck that way

    6. That there is a point at which space stops

    7. That it's sort of ... squeezing us

    8. That aliens are real, and making fun of us

    9. That aliens are real, and don't even care about us enough to have an opinion

    10. That there's a mineral floating around out there that would allow us to become immortal, but we'll never find it

    11. That one of the planets is secretly, like, 100 times bigger than we think it is

    12. That we'll have to Armageddon a meteor and some sort of government mix-up will make it so that I have to be one of the people who goes

    13. That it is not actually silent, but very, VERY loud—only at a frequency we cannot hear

    14. That there IS life on Mars and it's really sad we can't see it

    15. That a once-beloved actor or musician will finally actually be allowed go to space

    16. ... and won't make it back

    17. That we'll have to move to a space station, like Zenon

    18. That all the other galaxies are way better than ours

    19. That we'll go through a black hole that irreversibly changes the course of humankind forever, but nobody will know that's why things are bad

    20. That this has already happened

    21. Space-tornadoes

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