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    13 Style Tips Every Desi Bride Should Keep In Mind Before Her Wedding

    As told by Vogue's Anaita Shroff Adajania.

    We met with super stylist and fashion director for Vogue India, Anaita Shroff Adajania, at the Vogue Bridal Studio.

    Vogue India

    She gave us a list of things every bride should keep in mind while dressing for her wedding, so she can focus on her happy day instead.

    And she styles Deepika Padukone, so she legit knows what she's doing.

    Eros International

    1. Be yourself.

    2. Don't let the clothes overpower the bride.

    3. Go easy on the make-up.

    4. Don't forget about good underwear.


    You need to feel comfortable under those clothes.

    5. Smell good.

    Dharma Productions

    "You should have your signature perfume on because that says so much about you plus makes you feel good," she says.

    6. Think about your shoes.

    7. Use your best friend.

    8. Don't look like you've come out of a jewellery ad.

    Imaan Sheikh

    "It's not about showing how much jewellery you have. It's about being tasteful. You don't have to wear necklace, earrings, bangles, maang tikka all together." Pick your accessories according to your outfits.

    9. Don't be afraid to be quirky.

    10. It's your wedding, you make the rules.

    11. Have a good balance between your choice and your family's.

    12. Relax.

    13. If you're unsure, hire a good stylist.

    To meet more wedding experts, visit the Vogue Wedding Show at The Taj Palace, New Delhi, from 7th to 9th August 2015.

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