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13 Style Tips Every Desi Bride Should Keep In Mind Before Her Wedding

As told by Vogue's Anaita Shroff Adajania.

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We met with super stylist and fashion director for Vogue India, Anaita Shroff Adajania, at the Vogue Bridal Studio.

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She gave us a list of things every bride should keep in mind while dressing for her wedding, so she can focus on her happy day instead.

1. Be yourself.

"It's very important that brides don't look like clones of each other. For her wedding to be memorable for her, it should show her personal style and tastes," she told us. If you like soft and pretty pastels IRL, there's no need to suddenly become a glamazon, but if that's who you are, go forth!

2. Don't let the clothes overpower the bride.

"Luckily, the days of brides wearing lehengas that weigh 40 kg, don't allow them to walk and bruise their hips are gone. The bride is the star and the clothes are secondary. They should enhance her beauty, not take away from it."


3. Go easy on the make-up.

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"Very often you see brides that look almost like mannequins with their hair slapped back, bright red lipstick and too much foundation. Let the cheeks show. When you're blushing, let your cheeks turn pink," says Anaita.

6. Think about your shoes.

"Luckily for us, in Indian clothes, most of the outfits cover our feet. So wear comfortable shoes." Save your killer heels for the cocktail party. Also, ALWAYS have a change. "Whenever I go out at night, I have three pairs of shoes in my car. Most uncomfortable, one in the middle and one pair of chappals."


7. Use your best friend.

Have a little touch-up kit with her. Keep a lip gloss, compact, perfume, mouth freshener – whatever will give you that little pick-up when you're feeling tired. "My key is to always keep a bar of chocolate handy," says Anaita.

8. Don't look like you've come out of a jewellery ad.

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"It's not about showing how much jewellery you have. It's about being tasteful. You don't have to wear necklace, earrings, bangles, maang tikka all together." Pick your accessories according to your outfits.

9. Don't be afraid to be quirky.

Having so many functions gives you so much more scope to show your personality. "People are wearing shirts with lehengas, long embroidered shirt-dresses, crop tops and long skirts." You do you.

10. It's your wedding, you make the rules.

Other than setting the tone for the times ahead, it's important for your personality to show in all aspects of your wedding. It's also YOUR special day. The people getting married should be the ones calling the shots.


11. Have a good balance between your choice and your family's.

Yeah, we have a lot of family pressure in India but you can get your point across by being polite and communicating. If they're too interfering have one separate function that's all for you.

12. Relax.

Be as comfortable as you can between events. Let your body relax so you can build up energy for the functions. Go to the spa. Eat comfort food. Try not to stress because it will show on your face.

13. If you're unsure, hire a good stylist.

Weddings are expensive but it's one of the most important days in your life and it should be memorable. If you're a bride that already knows exactly what she wants, go ahead. If you're unsure and confused, hire a stylist to sort you out.

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