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14 Celebrities Who Gave Their Voices To Nature And Environmental Documentaries

Let their soothing voices teach you all the ways the world is burning. JK, but only kinda!

24 Jokes For Anyone Who Loves The Planet

For anyone who loves nature, recycling, and Mother Earth.


There Are 195 Countries, But I’ll Be Impressed If You Can Find 25 On A Map

Don't worry, this quiz is only 50 questions long.

They Found The Dad And Girl In That Viral Photo Of Notre Dame Before The Fire

"He reached out to me here on Twitter. I knew y’all could do it."

People Are Searching For The Man And Girl In This Heartwarming Photo Of Notre Dame Before The Fire

"I took this photo as we were leaving Notre Dame... I almost went up to the dad and asked if he wanted it. Now I wish I had."


24 "Overheard" New York Conversations That Are As Hilarious As They Are Accurate

"Yeah man, my building had no water so I brushed my teeth with coconut LaCroix."

What's The Worst Thing Tourists Do When They Visit Los Angeles?

Don't be THAT Hollywood Walk of Fame photo-taker.


Paris Is Expensive, So I'll Be Impressed If You Can Plan A Trip There For Under $1,000

Can you fall in love with the city of love on a budget?


Spend A Day At The Beach And We'll Reveal Your Perfect Summer Vacation

Summer is on the horizon, so plan your vacation.


21 Genius Coffee Shops That Are Lightyears Ahead Of Everybody Else

Coffee served in cups made from recycled coffee — how meta is that?!


This "Five Senses" Test Will Tell You Which International City You Belong In

Which international city do you actually belong in? This test will tell.


15 Travelers Reveal Their Best Tip For Vacationing On A Budget

See the world without spending a fortune.


There Are 50 State Capitals, And I'll Be Impressed If You Know More Than Half

Remember, a state's biggest city isn't always the capital.

This Is What Small Businesses Look Like Around The World

Photographer Vladimir Antaki’s new book The Guardians explores the unique and curious spaces where passion becomes business.


16 Luxury Airbnbs Around The World That Are Actually In Your Budget

What are you waiting for? Book your next trip.

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