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Lavanya Narayanan • 1 hour ago

16 Queer-Friendly Spaces In The US That Aren't Just Bars Or Clubs

Whether you're sober, underage, or just want to try out something new!

Kirby Beaton • 10 hours ago

20 Hotel Employee Secrets That'll Truly Shock And Horrify You

"Never look at a hotel room with a black light. Just don't."

We Ticked Off Items On Our Movie Bucket List

"Basically, I'm becoming my own Barbie."

14 New York City Spots To Hit Up If You Love Queer Culture

Visit gay bars, galleries, shops, and more on a queer tour of NYC.


17 Shocking Cruise Ship Secrets I Learned After Going On Six Cruises

FYI: Most cruise ships have a morgue on board.

27 Things About Japan That Totally Blew Me Away When I Visited

So much thoughtful design! So many delicious bento boxes!

15 Desserts From Around The World Americans Are Missing Out On

Get ready to book the next available flight!

14 Of The Best Things To Eat From Instagram This Week

Take me to the doughnut bacon sandwich!!!

8 Emotional Stages Of Watching Your Friends In Europe While You're Stuck In A Wintery Hellhole

Who needs a summer by the Amalfi Coast when you’ve got sweet, unbridled resentment to keep you warm?

We Wanna Know Which Cities Flight Attendants Enjoyed Exploring Most

Tell us what parts of the world we reaaaally need to see!

Do Not Leave Bali Without Trying These 15 Street Foods

There's way more to Indonesian food than mie goreng.

Here’s What Eating In First Class Looks Like On 24 Airlines

As if you needed another reason to hate flying economy.

The Time I Went On A Lesbian Cruise And It Blew Up My Entire Life

I didn’t expect that spending a week with a couple thousand lesbians on a cruise ship would push me to radically reconsider the future I’d planned for myself.

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