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People Are Revealing The Unforgivable Things Their Ex-Spouse Did That Led Them To Divorce After Less Than A Year Of Marriage

"He really went from being the perfect, attentive boyfriend to the world's laziest husband.... He was not the same person, and it seemed as if he'd lost motivation to work on our relationship with fun date nights and quality time as soon as he signed the dotted line."

24 Women Revealed The Red Flags They Look Out For On Dates, And They're All SPOT! ON!

"Flagrant arrogance. I was with a guy who told me, very confidently, that he surely was the biggest I've ever been with. I tried to change the subject to avoid responding, but he said it again. I had to tell him that he definitely wasn't the biggest, and I silently realized that he was actually the smallest — and I hadn't been comparing before!" 😒🍆

People Are Sharing The Moment They Knew They Had To Break Up With Their Significant Other, And My Heart Hurts

"I knew it was over with a live-in boyfriend because MY dog died, and he called into work the next day because he claimed he was too sad to go in because of the dog. This was the fourth job he'd had in a year, and he was always blaming everybody else for why he couldn't keep a job. I lost all respect for him after that."

"I Firmly Believed I'd Be Single Forever": 19 Heartwarming And Heart-Wrenching Stories From People Who Found Love Later In Life

"I’m 69, and my wife is 68. I was 41 when we met. We have five kids, two of mine and three of hers. I love her more each year it seems and can’t imagine life without her. We both screwed up big time in the first half of our lives, but we learned from our mistakes. When we met, we were ready for a real, committed relationship and went all in."

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These Women Revealed What It's Like Being Stuck In Toxic Marriages, And I Commend Them For Their Honesty

"If I woke up before him, I had to cuddle with him before getting out of bed (otherwise he'd get upset). Then I had to be VERY quiet walking around if he was still asleep (he'd also get upset at that). Leaving him was the best decision I ever made — I just wish I didn't waste 12 years with such a loser."

"I Overcame It By Getting A Divorce": People Are Sharing The Cultural Differences They Had To Work Through With Their Partners From A Different Country, And Sometimes It's Harder Than You Think

"I’m Australian, and my husband is Portuguese. When he’s speaking passionately about something, it’s generally at a level most chilled Australians would consider alarming. I hope he never changes."

People Are Sharing Things That Make Men Instantly Unattractive, And All The Men Out There Might Want To Start Taking Notes

"Excessive self-pity and a 'Woe is me' attitude. Especially when they make their issues everyone else's issues. We all have our issues, and it's perfectly fine to ask for help or vent about issues you have. Men should talk about their emotions. But constantly complaining about everything, never accepting help, and never working on self-improvement just annoys me."

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"I Have Never Felt So Grossed Out Or Embarrassed For Someone In My Life": People Are Sharing The Very Specific Things That Instantly Make Them No Longer Attracted To Someone

"During the first week of college, my roommate’s boyfriend showed up with HIS roommate, Tate. Tate and I were left alone for a couple of minutes. We were chatting and he was going to show me something in his wallet. Then he said, 'Oops! I almost dropped my GUCCI wallet!' while smirking at me."

People Online Are Split Over This Woman's Decision To Live "Together-Apart" With Her Partner In A Duplex With Their Own Apartments, But The Perks Seem Pretty Sweet

"Since we were both previously divorced and we each have a child from our previous marriages, we knew we didn't want to live together in the traditional sense. However, two separate buildings and a bridge were out of our means, so we began talking about a duplex."

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People Are Sharing The Weirdest "What Did They Just Do?" Moment In Their Relationship, And Some Of These Are Wild

"A guy I met online sent me a small care package including a 'painting' that was just an impression of his hand. I thought it was cute and sweet, and I sent him a picture of me putting my own hand over it. He got REALLY upset that my hand was bigger than his and stopped talking to me."