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Save Your Relationship with This Quick and Easy Valentine Generator

Me, asking for a hockey-themed Valentine: "To Audrey, our love was once a power play, but now the penalty box is where I'll stay. Our love turned cold, just like the ice, and now I'm skating away in sacrifice. You used to be my goal, my shining star, but now I'm the goalie, guarding my heart from afar. I thought our love had the perfect score, but now all I feel is checked and sore. So here's my break-up slapshot, straight from the heart, goodbye Audrey, it's time for us to part."

17 Divorced People Who Remarried Their Ex Revealed What Actually Happened After

"My husband and I were childhood friends. At age 13, we felt a spark and started dating. At 18, I got pregnant with our son. We eloped, and we started our life over. Little did I know, he had a mistress. When I found out, I gave him a second chance until I found out she was my sister..."

19 Times People Realized They Got A "Shut Up" Ring And Their Partner Didn't Actually Want To Get Married

"I gave him an ultimatum after six years of dating, and after, he said he still didn’t know if he wanted to marry me. He finally proposed, and he asked me how I felt. 'Happy!' I exclaimed. 'You?' I asked. He replied, 'This is a big commitment...' Not the answer you’d want during a proposal."