20 Naughty Sex Acts Folks Totally Swear By (And Will Mostttttt Likely Make You Sweat All Over)

    Time to get dirty.

    Reddit user TheAlexaLondon asked the community, "What's an underrated sexual experience that you think more people should try?"

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    Welp, fortunately for the internet, people didn't hold anything back. They revealed some pretty dirtyyyyy and kinky sex moves that'll probably change the way you view your love life.

    So, here are some underrated sex acts that'll get you all hot and bothered:

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    1. "When giving a woman cunnilingus, it's hard to continually (and properly) spread the labia to stimulate the clit. You end up doing a peace sign on her pussy ✌️. You want to wrap your arm around her leg and spread it apart from the top with your thumb and pointer. This leaves your other hand to have easy access to stimulate the rest of the vagina — it's so much more comfortable. Because most guys don't spend long enough eating pussy, they rarely focus all at once on the big three: Clit, G-spot, and steady repetitive hymen stimulation. This is how you get those mind-bender orgasms."


    2. "I like possessive neck-holding (not choking). I found that out with a FWB who did it so gently until I rolled over and then he grabbed me and held me tighter. He was a nice weighted blanket, and I realized I wanted more of that feeling."


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    3. "When they squirted, the smell would linger in my room. At first I thought, 'Shit, it smells like pee,' and then it eventually became, 'It smells like that time I fucked so and so.' Now, I enjoy being watered like a plant. 🪴"


    4. "I get a massive rush from making a woman orgasm, preferably with my hands and fingers (or my mouth or both, and with my dick). I'm absolutely in heaven if she squirts, too. I've been this way since I was around 20. My girlfriend at the time (eventually ex-wife) was crying after I had made her cum for the first time (in her life it turned out!). I was a little freaked out with the tears and asked what was wrong. 'I have never done that before...' Well, she spent the next 16 years screaming the house down, and I'd feel 10 feet tall and hard as a rock afterward."


    5. "I recently discovered the joy of impact play. Nothing makes me drip more than having my vagina slapped hard. I found I don't like being slapped on my butt, but while I was on my knees, I was accidentally hit lower and it was amazing. So I asked for it harder and harder. The indirect pressure feels like it goes straight to my clitoris — there are other objects people use, but I personally don't find it necessary. A hard, open hand has the best aim and feeling for me. I thought it was only a book fantasy that I could be dripping down my leg."


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    6. "Pussy jobs, tribbing, frotting — whatever you'd call some combination of dick(s) and/or clit(s) rubbing together. My ex would rub the head of his dick on my clit thinking he was teasing me, but I liked it more than penis in vagina."


    "Doing that is so hot. The last woman I was with would get so turned on by that. I'd lightly slap her clit with my tip and then rub her opening with it to get it nice and lubed up. Then I'd rub her clit with it and she would go wild with anticipation."


    7. "Missionary anal. We had trouble trying anal because of my girl's size and my size. My wife is petite, so trying different angles was never comfortable for her. Until I watched a video where the guy puts a big pillow under the girl's hips and fucks her on the corner of the bed...that's our favorite pose now."


    8. "A vibrator on a woman's clit while a man is inside her. This turns her into a vibrator for the man. Win-win."


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    9. "I actually tried this for the first time two nights ago and it worked much better than expected. For background, my boyfriend and I are both trans men. Last time I slept at his place we got the strap-on out for the first time in a while, and I asked him to try out this position I’d seen in porn a few times. Usually, with a straight couple, the woman would be flat on her stomach with her head slightly elevated by propping up her arms. The guy is on top of her with his forearm holding up her upper body, so he has a grip as he fucks her from behind. I imagine it feels quite good for someone with a penis, legs locked so it's nice and tight and all. But even with no dicks involved, it felt really good to me. And while we were kind of doing this position for me, I noticed his movement getting more intense, and he actually ended up cumming for the first time ever while penetrating me."

    "Usually we'd take care of each other desperately, but in this position, we could even cum together at some point. I didn't cum until a little later (same position) only until my ass was slightly elevated so he could rub me from the front.

    The elation of having him cum like that was really even more exciting than cumming would be. And just psychologically being held like that felt incredibly hot to me — I highly recommend this position!


    10. "Pegging. In my twenties, I had a girlfriend who was into anal play (this was the '90s, so it was kind of unheard of for me). But I've always been up for trying things. I eventually graduated to plugs and then years later, I had a partner who wanted to try pegging. I still remember going into the adult toy shop together to buy a pegging kit — I was slightly embarrassed and nervous, but very excited. The sales assistant was great."


    11. "Tip teasing for a bit before going all the way in very suddenly. Obviously don't do it at the beginning, but if you do it at the right time, it's guaranteed to make them make the same face as when you use the head-scratcher thing."


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    12. "I LOVE loud, shameless male moaning. Like when they get so into it and they feel so good and they just can't help it. I also love male whimpering, especially when it's really intimate and they hold you close and whimper in your ear. That kind of stuff just makes me MELT. I discovered I'm an audiophile by coming across a REALLY GOOD audio porn account on Pornhub."


    "Omg, this. I recently started sleeping with this guy and he just sounds hot AF when we're going at it — it literally makes everything 100x better."


    13. "I did copy the [porn] idea of having her on her stomach, legs together, me sitting across her back thighs, and arching a little while I enter her from behind. God, I love the feeling and the view."


    14. "When she claws my butt cheeks with her long nails. We were doing 69 for the first time, and I just couldn't get off (considering I already came three times earlier in the night). After about six or seven minutes of going at it, she started to orgasm, and she squeezed my ass with her nails as a reaction. I came almost immediately. So now she knows how to make me finish quicker if she wants."


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    15. "A guy showed me a collar and leash. I got curious and let him put them on me. With one tug, I realized how much I love wearing a collar and leash. The domination, the feeling of being 'owned,' calling people master, etc., came from a simple collar and leash."


    16. "Keeping each other's clothes on until you absolutely cannot resist undressing the other person yourself. Basically, it's just extended foreplay...and teasing? I once had a girl climb on top of me in my bed and press my hands above my head. We had our clothes on, but she was rubbing on me and described what she wanted me to do to her. She told me how wet I was already making her, all while whispering in my ear and kissing my neck. I guess that's my weakness because I fucking busted with my pants still on. I had only ever read porn where that happened, but never thought I could do it. We didn't stop — she's my long-term girlfriend now. I've never been more sexually and emotionally satisfied."


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    17. "Cuckquean. I recently discovered that as I discover more about my sexuality. Watching my man with another woman would be so 🔥🥵."


    18. "Maintain rhythm to help get women off. Many guys seem to think that they should speed up when women are 'getting close'. I was among them, but not anymore. Whatever rhythm you're using is working if your woman is getting close. Keep it up."


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    19. "A lot of women are turned on by verbal expression. Dirty talk can be awkward, but sexy, sincere talk is very energizing. Things like, 'Damn, I'll never get enough of your body,' or 'Fuck, you make me happy,' or 'God, I'll never let you go now.' Things like that — awkward sex talk is laughable. Things like, 'Imma bang you so hard,' or 'I'm gonna f your brains out.' It’s not that hot, ya know (at least not to me)."


    20. And finally, "Sensory deprivation. One partner is tied up wearing a blindfold and noise-cancelling headphones while the other partner is 'in charge' of pleasuring the deprived. For the deprived, it is very intense (as you are giving yourself fully to your partner) and trusting them to please you. You can't see, you can't hear, and you are tied up so you can only move as far as your bindings allow. The anticipation alone has brought me to orgasm (side note: make sure the music in the headphones is conducive to the situation)."


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    Note: Some submissions have been edited for length and/or clarity.