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Kayla Yandoli • One day ago

What's Your Favorite Moment From The Ladies Of "Friends"?

Let's face it: the women ruled this TV show!

Kayla Yandoli • 4 days ago

25 Times "Mamma Mia!" Was Literally A Cinematic Masterpiece

Colin Firth singing "Dancing Queen" will always remain in our hearts.

Kayla Yandoli • 6 days ago

25 Times We Literally Couldn't Stand Rory Gilmore

From stealing yachts to having affairs with married men.

Kayla Yandoli • 9 days ago
Kayla Yandoli • 17 days ago
Kayla Yandoli • One month ago
Kayla Yandoli • 3 months ago

Lana Condor Answered Questions While Playing With Puppies And It Was Amazing

"I wanted to show younger girls someone who looks like themselves on camera so that they believe they can do it too."

Nora Dominick • 3 months ago
Jen Abidor • 5 months ago

We Interviewed Poppy And It Was About As Poppy As It Gets

"I didn't think I was famous before, but I like famous people."

Whitney Jefferson • 6 months ago

All Of Our "The Haunting Of Hill House" Questions Answered By Carla Gugino

"The horror genre is a beautiful kind of way to allow us to talk about a lot of very real things in a heightened way."

Nora Dominick • 6 months ago
Jen Abidor • 6 months ago

Noah Cyrus Read Her Haters' Tweets And It's Entertaining AF

Noah fence, but she dragged these haters.

Ryan Schocket • 7 months ago
Jen Abidor • 7 months ago

Noah Centineo Shared His First Times With Us And It Was Peter Kavinsky AF

"I love being sentimental and remembering things."

Jen Abidor • 9 months ago

17 Quizzes For Anyone Who Feels Like A Grandma, But Isn't A Grandma

For all the young grannies who would rather stay in on a Friday night than go partying.

Tara Derington • One year ago

16 Times "The Golden Girls" Were Progressive As Fuck

From menopause to homelessness, The Golden Girls always kept it real.

Kayla Yandoli • One year ago

17 Things That Are Too Damn Real If You Have Anxiety

"Me: What could possibly go wrong today? Anxiety: I'm so glad you asked."

Kirsten King • One year ago

28 Songs '00s Girls Still Know By Heart

"This shit is bananas, B-A-N-A-N-A-S!"

Kayla Yandoli • One year ago

22 One-Liners From “The Golden Girls” That’ll Make You Laugh Every Time

"Like I'm the only person who ever mixed a margarita in a sailor's mouth."

Tara Derington • 2 years ago