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Kayla Yandoli 2 hours ago

Tell Us The Most Hilarious "Glee" Tweet You've Seen On The Internet

"Wait Ohio is real??? I thought they made it up for Glee."

Kayla Yandoli 9 hours ago

The 17 Most Unrealistic Things Women Have Done In Rom-Com Movies

Sorry to break it to ya, but not all women want to have kids!

Kayla Yandoli One day ago

Choose 9 Popular Movies And We'll Tell You Which Decade You Belong In

Are you more of a '70s child or a '90s babe?

Kayla Yandoli 2 days ago

50 Ridiculously Funny Tweets By Women From The 2010s

"Y'all remember in elementary school when we sent the boys to Jupiter to get more stupider? Well they're back and it worked."

Kayla Yandoli 3 days ago
Kayla Yandoli 6 days ago

17 Iconic Teen Movies That Literally Defined Your Childhood

"I said brrr, it's cold in here! There must be some Clovers in the atmosphere."

Kayla Yandoli 6 days ago

16 Times Men In Rom-Coms Were Literally The Worst People In The World

Don't EVEN get me started on Daniel Cleaver from Bridget Jones's Diary.

Kayla Yandoli 8 days ago

Sorry, Only Millennial Girls Will Recognize 35/42 Of These Popular Songs

♫ I don't think you're ready for this jelly ♫

Kayla Yandoli 8 days ago

What's A Teen Movie Everybody Should See At Least Once?

Pretty in Pink will forever be a classic.

Kayla Yandoli 9 days ago

What's The Dirtiest Song From The Past 10 Years?

♫ Boy got me walkin' side to side ♫

Kayla Yandoli 9 days ago

21 Times "Glee" Was Actually Really Problematic

Remember when April Rhodes gave an underage Kurt wine? In the middle of the SCHOOL DAY?

Kayla Yandoli 10 days ago

27 Opening Lines From Songs That Make Everyone Go Absolutely WILD

"A scrub is a guy that thinks he's fly and is also known as a busta."

Kayla Yandoli 10 days ago

16 Times "The Golden Girls" Cancelled Rose's Entire Existence

"Must you always be so cheerful, you empty-headed Mary Poppins knock-off?"

Kayla Yandoli 13 days ago

Who Do You Think Is The Worst Leading Man In Rom-Com History?

Do you think Peter Kavinsky is overrated? How about Noah Calhoun?

Kayla Yandoli 13 days ago

What's The Most Problematic Moment From "Glee"?

Everything Sue Sylvester said was problematic tbh.

Kayla Yandoli 15 days ago

What's The Most Iconic Opening Line From A Song?

♫ Do you remember, the 21st night of September? ♫

Kayla Yandoli 16 days ago
Kayla Yandoli 16 days ago

Sorry, If You're Under 22, There's Absolutely No Way You've Heard Of These Emo Songs

♫ Because one day I'll leave you, a phantom to lead you in the summer, to join the black parade ♫

Kayla Yandoli 16 days ago

18 Rom-Com Movie Moments That Are 100% Problematic And 200% Disturbing

"Have you ever fallen in love with somebody you haven't even talked to?" —While You Were Sleeping

Kayla Yandoli 16 days ago