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Andy Golder • 1 hour ago

These results aren't just accurate, they're ~written in the stars~.

Isha Bassi • 2 hours ago

It's always good to triple-check, no?

Guillermo del Palacio • 2 hours ago

Let's play!

hallistew • 5 hours ago

This is impossible.

lilajanelong • 8 hours ago

It's true.

Andrew Ziegler • 4 hours ago

"Gotta catch 'em all!"

Those poor unfortunate souls.

DianaPrince23 • 6 hours ago

It's super fun and easy!

Are we right?

foodiekat • 5 hours ago

Nugs are better than hugs.

raechilling • 5 hours ago

Baby it's cold outside!

Are we correct?

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He wasn't born Childish Gambino, after all!


Did "The Suite Life" first premiere before or after "Hannah Montana"??

Flora Paul • 5 hours ago

"All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others."

Find a new spot for you and your friends to check out.


We're all 100, let's be real.

Are you more of a Summer or a Clementine??

Juliana Kataoka • 6 hours ago

"I want them to fear how much they love me."

Experience is overrated.

Casey Rackham • 7 hours ago

We all love cartoons!

Ever wonder what your future will look like?

There definitely won't be a second date!

laral011 • 9 hours ago

Splash, drip, drip, splash.

Kevin Smith • 7 hours ago

Mix it up!

No, Birdbox isn't an option.

The movies you're excited for most tell all.

"Water, Earth, Fire, Air..."

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