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There's a lot of weird stuff going on in bags on chips...

Christopher Hudspeth • 11 hours ago

Cherry and vanilla, move aside!

Again, don't @ me with "I remember all of this and I am 8 years old," 'cause no, you don't!!!

Treat yr single self to something nice!

Victor Nascimento • 2 hours ago

Unlock the magic with all the accessories that veteran Instant Pot users swear by.

Peggy Wang • 10 hours ago

Everything you ever wanted to know about properly salting your food — from how much you should be adding, to what kind you should be using.

Jesse Szewczyk • 10 hours ago

Quick, text your parents to see if we got it right!

Davi Rocha • 21 minutes ago

You don't have to give up snacking to eat healthy.

Put your tastebuds to the test.

Sarah Aspler • 10 hours ago

Simple as that!

Chris Dierkes • 22 minutes ago

Who says you **have** to wait to celebrate that golden anniversary??

Victor Nascimento • 1 hour ago

Bake your way through these recipes and master the classic confection!

RIP Trix yogurt.

AKA how to make the best poached eggs ever.

I feel a strong connection to Breadstick Squirrel.

Matt Stopera • 8 hours ago

Everything you need to know about perfectly cooking pasta — from how much water to use to picking the perfect shape for your sauce.

These sweet treats have no dairy, eggs, gluten, soy, peanuts, tree nuts, fish, or shellfish.

Beef or beefcake?

Javier Moreno • 2 hours ago

"It's the grossest thing on the face of the Earth."

You'll rule the roost with these DIY treats and boredom busters.

Peggy Wang • 7 hours ago

Are you more of a Yoo-Hoo person or a nitro cold brew person?

I'd tell you to hear me out, but I said what I said.

Valentine's Day is nice, but you'd probably rather have dinner with THESE hotties.

It happened in a Home Depot restroom in Kansas.

You need to know!

I can only be pushed so far.

"If it is good for your heart it should be good for the car."

Lord help us.

Dave Stopera • 22 minutes ago

Eat, quiz, love!

Delia Cai • 5 hours ago

It's time to channel your inner Willy Wonka!

"Potatoes make french fries, chips and vodka. It's like the other vegetables aren't even trying."

You deserve some instant gratification.

Peggy Wang • 4 hours ago

"Just dropped my Roku remote. I was so lazy I just downloaded the phone app instead of picking it up."

Good for you, good for two.

Do you hear those wedding bells?!

Farrah Penn • 12 hours ago

Today I learned putting butter on popcorn is an American thing.

Are they Samoas or Caramel deLites?

These people really exist.

Everything you need to know to slice, dice, and chiffonade like a pro.

You are what you eat.

Sarah Aspler • 12 hours ago

*skates over to take your order*

Remember when Katie Holmes and Helen Mirren starred in a movie together?

"Ice cold beer is trash. Room or cellar temperature all the way."

Boozy bowling, board games, bocce, and more!

I usually trust Martha, but this is pretty weird.

Time to wine and dine.

It's more than jollof rice.

These Ideas 2020.

Dave Stopera • 22 minutes ago
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