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18 Instant Pot Pastas That Pretty Much Make Themselves

If you haven't cooked pasta in your Instant Pot yet, you're missing out.

40 Things From The '00s That Have Been Buried In The Deepest Recesses Of Your Brain For The Last 10 Years

A post for anyone who has forgotten that they once dialed Peter1 to get the Family Guy theme song as a ringtone.

Which McDonald’s mascot are you?

Are you more Hamburgler or Mayor McCheese?

60 Childhood Things You'll Only Know If You're Either A Gen X-Er Or An Old Millennial

"STFU, BuzzFeed, this was my childhood too and I was born in 2011." —Someone in the comments 🙄

21 Legitimately Interesting Food Facts You Should Know

Learn something new every day, right?

Pick Your Favorite Autumn Things And We'll Give You A Cozy Drink To Try

Greet ~spooky~ season with a ~BOO-zy~ drink. 👻

Eat Some Food To See Which Terrifying Horror Villain You're Most Like

Are you spicy like Freddy or salty like Leatherface?

This Coconut Turmeric Milk From Trader Joe's Is My Favorite New Morning Drink

It's a little creamy, a little spicy, and just the thing to start my morning.

Plan A Cozy Day In And We'll Reveal Your Perfect Fall Trip

It's the most beautiful season, so go see it.

Hannah Loewentheil • 7 hours ago

14 Slow Cooker Desserts That Are Perfect For Fall

It's officially slow cooker season!

29 Jokes About Trader Joe's That Are Too Darn Accurate

"If I ever did drugs, I'd definitely do Trader Joe's peppermint Joe-Joe's."

Your Pasta Choices Will Reveal Which Era You REALLY Belong In

Do you belong in the PAST(a), present or future?

18 Things You Can Do To Instantly Anger Any Barista

"But the other store always does it for me!" —Every customer about to make a barista scream into a pillow.

Choose A Bunch Of Horror Movies And We'll Tell You What Type Of Pizza You Should Have Tonight

Nothing goes together like pizza and a horror flick. Give it a shot.

14 Creative Ways To Cook Eggs You May Not Have Heard Of Yet

From microwaved "poached" eggs to waffled omelets.

Taylor Owens • 2 hours ago

Eat Some Food And We'll Tell You Which VSCO Girl Item You Are

Get ready to rrrrumble! — me to your stomach.

Pick Some Colorful Pictures And We'll Give You A Pasta Dish To Make

Tonight's dinner is about to be decided for you!

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