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Taylor Owens • 1 hour ago

16 Weddings That Just Really, Really Went For It

I now pronounce extra.

21 Brutally Real Wedding Tweets That Are Also Really, Really Funny

"On my wedding day, I'll probably look so pretty that I get cocky and suggest we see other people."

Jonah Hill Is Getting Married And No One Will Have Better Wedding Vows

Imagine how good these wedding vows will be.

26 Super Smart Ways People Actually Saved Money At Their Weddings

Getting married doesn't have to cost you an arm and a leg!

This Story About Dwayne Johnson's Daughter Being A Flower Girl At His Wedding Is Hilariously Adorable

"Wedding day flower girl is a big responsibility and one that Jazzy took very serious."

This Color Quiz Will Accurately Predict Your Dream Engagement Ring

Will your ring be as pretty as these colors?

We Know When You'll Get Married Based On The Karaoke Songs You Pick

Ready to settle down with your duet partner?

Eat Your Way Through The Day And We'll Tell You When You'll Get Married

Single or married? Only the plate will decide.

Design Your Dream Wedding And We'll Tell You Where You'll Be In 10 Years

The way you plan your wedding will reveal your future!

Dwayne Johnson Just Casually Announced That He Got Married Over The Weekend

Johnson tied the knot with longtime partner Lauren Hashian in an oceanside ceremony in Hawaii on Sunday.

Design Your Dream Home And We'll Tell You The Exact Year You'll Get Married

Pretend you have an unlimited budget, just for a minute.

Are These Classic Wedding Traditions Still Necessary?

One woman's perfect day is another woman's sexist pageant from hell.

See How Long You'll Stay Married To A Celebrity With This Simulation

In sickness and in health, 'til we part in, like, 20 minutes.

Eat Your Way Around The World And We'll Tell You Which Season You're Going To Get Married In

Do you want a summer soirée or a winter wonderland wedding?

17 Tweets That'll Make Single People Laugh Hysterically, But Confuse People In Relationships

"Imagine you fall in love with someone and they love you back. LOL."

21 Moments When People Realized They Were Ready To Get Married

"He told me he knew it was time because I’d gone through so much that night to take care of him and ensure he was safe."

This Woman Got A Text From Her Ex Right Before His Wedding Day, And Twitter Had Mixed Emotions About It

"Regardless of everything, you were meant to be a part of that person's life, and them, yours."

People Shared The Cringiest Thing They Witnessed At A Wedding And I'm Embarrassed FOR Them

"The groom’s mom got so drunk she peed herself and yelled, 'OH MY GOD! I’m peeing, guys!' as she was peeing in her chair."

This Pinterest Honeymoon Simulation Will Accurately Reveal Your Relationship Status

This quiz will have you craving romance and a vacation.

This Wedding Party Got Photobombed By "Scooter Girl" And They Loved Every Second Of It

After the shoot, the photographer went on a hunt to find the amazing photobomber.

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