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Will You Get Married In 2019, 2021, 2024, 2035, Or 2043?

Let the words spell out your future.

Hilarie Burton And Jeffrey Dean Morgan Are Now Husband And Wife And Have Restored My Faith In Love

I love that Denny from Grey's Anatomy and Peyton from One Tree Hill are married!

We Know Which Artist Should Perform At Your Wedding From The Flowers You Pick

And suddenly 'Wonderful Tonight' makes perfect sense.

What Kind Of Location Should Your Wedding Be Held In?

Imagine walking barefoot down the aisle on a tropical beach.

23 Wedding Details That Are A Little Bit Extra And A Lot Brilliant

In case you didn't know, a "budtender" is now a thing.

20 Of The Best Airbnb Experiences In Latin America

Warning: You might be inspired to book a trip immediately!

Eat Nothing But Cake And We'll Reveal When You'll Get Engaged

Are you ready for your fairytale to begin?

Plan A Wedding And We'll Reveal What Age You'll Get Married At

Are you going for a traditional wedding or something a little more modern?

19 Times Men Did Something Dumb Or Weird And Their Wives Looked The Other Way

"He locked my hand on his butt and loudly farted. We’ve been married for 13 years now."

Plan A Wedding And We'll Recommend A Song For Your First Dance

"I can't help falling in love with you."

16 Weddings That Just Really, Really Went For It

I now pronounce extra.

21 Brutally Real Wedding Tweets That Are Also Really, Really Funny

"On my wedding day, I'll probably look so pretty that I get cocky and suggest we see other people."

Jonah Hill Is Getting Married And No One Will Have Better Wedding Vows

Imagine how good these wedding vows will be.

26 Super Smart Ways People Actually Saved Money At Their Weddings

Getting married doesn't have to cost you an arm and a leg!

This Story About Dwayne Johnson's Daughter Being A Flower Girl At His Wedding Is Hilariously Adorable

"Wedding day flower girl is a big responsibility and one that Jazzy took very serious."

This Color Quiz Will Accurately Predict Your Dream Engagement Ring

Will your ring be as pretty as these colors?

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