19 Wildly Inappropriate Things People's Mother-In-Laws Did At Their Wedding

    Imagine your mother-in-law wearing the dress YOU wanted to wear for your wedding...TO YOUR WEDDING.

    In-laws can be tricky, ESPECIALLY around wedding season. For some reason, it seems like mother-in-laws, in particular, have fun ruining their child's special day. There's even a term for it: "monster-in-law." And after reading these examples...I think it's a fair name.

    Screenshots from "Monster-in-Law"

    Here are 21 awful monster-in-laws who should've been uninvited from the wedding.

    1. This mother-in-law decided to do a ceremony to renew her vows on the same day as her son's wedding at the same location.

    The bride says her future mother-in-law scheduled a vow renewal ceremony two hours before their wedding at the same venue because "she wants the day to be special for her also"

    2. This mother-in-law hired someone to cover the bride's dress in paint — and that's just the tip of the iceberg.

    Text on image summarizing a story where a mother-in-law allegedly hired someone to throw red paint on the bride's dress

    3. This awful mother-in-law stole the bride's hairstylist.

    The mother of the groom demanded that the bride's hairstylist help her first, and it took so long that the bride couldn't get her hair done in time for the wedding and had to wear a ponytail

    4. This MIL changed a ton of stuff in the wedding by letting vendors think they were talking to the bride.

    Image contains extensive text describing someone changing wedding plans. Summary: Person's mother-in-law drastically alters wedding arrangements, causing conflict

    5. This woman sounds like she'd make the WORST in-law.

    The image is a screenshot of a social media post with a text expressing gratitude for friends who threw a wedding-themed party after the author's wedding was canceled

    6. This groom sent a sweet message to his MIL after the wedding, which he thought went well — only for the MIL to decide the wedding wasn't up to her standards and refuse to wish him a happy birthday.

    Chat screen with texts discussing a surprise birthday plan and one person unsure of the date

    7. This monster-in-law tried to wear this.

    A future mother-in-law texts a photo of the dress she's wearing to the wedding, and it's a white wedding dress; the mother-in-law says the color is called champagne, not white

    8. This MIL somehow managed to be even worse in her outfit choice.

    A screenshot of a text post narrating an individual's humorous story about their mother-in-law wearing a wedding dress to their wedding

    9. And this MIL tried to wear her wedding dress to her kid's wedding.

    Image contains extensive text where a person expresses frustration about their wedding planning and their mother's interference

    10. This MIL literally canceled her child's wedding without telling them.

    Summarized text: An article explaining a situation where a person's mother-in-law rescheduled their wedding without consulting them

    11. This MIL was just a nightmare.

    Summarization of text: A story of a wedding where the mother-in-law wore a bridal dress, causing distress to the family and leading to estrangement

    12. This MIL wanted to pull an awful "prank."

    This image contains a lengthy text message seeking assistance for a situation, reflecting urgency and appreciation for any help provided

    13. This mother-in-law completely ignored COVID restrictions, along with her child's wishes.

    The image contains extensive text, likely a personal story or article titled "Never in my wildest dreams did I think I would lose my mother-in-law to COVID-19 just before my wedding." It discusses the impact of COVID-19 on personal events

    14. This mother-in-law tried to overshadow the mother of the bride's cake.

    The couple asked the bride's mother to make a cake for their wedding because she's a baker, and the groom's mother responded by buying a giant cake to overshadow the homemade one

    15. This MIL was THE drama.

    The image contains a large amount of text detailing an individual's story about their mother-in-law wearing white to their wedding

    16. This MIL tried to change the wedding venue after literally everything was booked.

    The image contains a long text message expressing someone's distress over their wedding venue's policies during a personal health crisis

    17. This MIL was a control freak.

    Bride upset that mother-in-law wore white to her wedding; text describes the conflict and the tradition of not wearing white to avoid overshadowing the bride

    18. This future mother-in-law was straight-up racist.

    The mother of the groom says they hate weddings and feel that her son having a wedding with a Black woman is him choosing "them" over "us," with them and us in quotes

    19. And finally, this MIL embarrassed the bride at her own wedding.

    Text summary: An article describes conflict at a wedding caused by the mother-in-law's dress code expectations, illustrating cultural differences