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O.J. Simpson Dies At 76

O.J. Simpson's family announced his death in a statement issued on X (formerly Twitter).

Emma Roberts's mom revealed her pregnancy on Instagram, and Sarah McDaniel's dad alleged she's lying about her eye color

11 Times Celebs' Families Spilled Their Secrets Or Aired Their Dirty Laundry Out In Public

Matthew McConaughey said, "As soon as I got 'famous' after [1996's] A Time to Kill, I started to have my weekly Sunday call home to call my mother. Mother wasn't answering the phone. A fan of my fame was answering the phone. I was trying to find my own balance with fame and stuff. And I would share things with her...some of those things I would share might show up in the 6 o'clock news three days later."

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Zendaya Shared Her "Complicated Feelings" On Child Stardom As She Recalled Being "Thrust" Into A "Very Adult Position" At A Young Age When She Became The Family "Breadwinner"

"I'm almost going through my angsty teenager phase now because I didn't really have the time to do it before. I felt like I was thrust into a very adult position: I was becoming the breadwinner of my family very early, and there was a lot of role reversal happening."