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From the latest celebrity headlines to our favorite hilariously mundane happenings, we're here to keep you updated on what all your favorite celebs are up to.

Meghan Markle’s Biggest Troll Is Her Half-Sister Samantha

A BuzzFeed News investigation shows that Samantha’s Twitter account has posted conspiracy theories about Meghan. The duchess’s half sister denied all claims and threatened to sue BuzzFeed News.

Prince Harry Is Contradicting Himself

An examination of interviews that Harry has given over the years shows inconsistencies and omissions in the story he is now telling the world.

Prince Harry’s Savvy Media Pivot

His Apple TV+ show and recent media appearances are clear attempts to establish a new public image as a relatable dad in therapy.

Here’s How World Leaders Are Reacting To The Death Of Prince Philip

“At the Queen’s side or trailing the customary two steps behind,” wrote former US president Barack Obama and his wife Michelle, “Prince Philip showed the world what it meant to be a supportive husband to a powerful woman.”