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Only A Cereal Expert Can Get More Than 6 Correct On This Quiz

Follow your eyes, because you can't follow your nose on this one.

Andy Golder • 2 hours ago

17 Posts About The English Language That Are Equally Funny And Fascinating

"TBH BAE IDGAF" = "Frankly my dear, I don't give a damn."

Andy Golder • 4 days ago

17 Photos That'll Blow Your Mind Either A Little Or A Lot

If your brain starts hurting, please stop reading this post.

Andy Golder • 4 days ago

Only A '90s Nickelodeon Kid Will Get 12/12 On This Quiz

If you don't pass, you might get slimed.

Andy Golder • 8 days ago
Andy Golder • 8 days ago
Alex Naidus • 4 days ago

Literally Just A Bunch Of Funny Memes About The Marvel Movies

"If Yondu were alive then that battle in Wakanda would've ended in five minutes tops while 'No Diggity' played in the background."

Andy Golder • 10 days ago

This Obscure "Princess Bride" Quote Quiz Is Only For True Fans

This quiz is easier than scaling the Cliffs of Insanity, but only slightly.

Andy Golder • 11 days ago
Andy Golder • 12 days ago

37 Little Details In Disney Movies That You Probably Never Noticed Before

These will show you a whole new world...of movie details.

Andy Golder • 12 days ago

17 Things That Are Probably Still At Your Grandma's House

Literally everybody's grandma had this stuff.

Andy Golder • 13 days ago

If You Stand In The Airplane Aisle As Soon As The Plane Lands, You Are Wrong


Andy Golder • 16 days ago

40 Incredible Little Details In Pixar Movies That Prove Their Animators Are Brilliant

I literally only noticed three of these when watching the movies.

Andy Golder • 18 days ago

Only Millennials Will Get More Than 6 Correct On This Commercial Quiz

Only take this quiz if you still hear a singing rat going, "WE LOVE DE SUBS!"

Andy Golder • 19 days ago

22 Sushi Fails That No Amount Of Wasabi Can Fix

Gordon Ramsay will be visiting each of these people individually to yell at them.

Andy Golder • 19 days ago

I Just Found Out Woody From "Toy Story" Has A Last Name And My Brain Exploded

It's been 14 years since the first Toy Story and I JUST FOUND THIS OUT.

Andy Golder • 21 days ago
Andy Golder • 21 days ago

14 Rom-Com Characters Who We Thought Were Great But Are Actually Awful

Hindsight always is, and always will be, 20/20.

Andy Golder • 25 days ago
Andy Golder • 26 days ago

Can You Guess The Fast Food Logo By A Reeeeeally Zoomed-In Pic?

This is what fast food logos would look like to ants.

Andy Golder • 29 days ago