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Andy Golder • 13 hours ago

17 Posts That Are 100% Hilarious And 200% Relatable

You know a book is good when you stop reading and forget where the hell you are.

Andy Golder • 2 days ago

"Game Of Thrones" Released Photos Of The Final Episode, But There's Only Two Of Them

We're starving for details and this is what we get? I NEED MORE PHOTOS.

Andy Golder • 3 days ago

Here's All The Anime Coming To Crunchyroll This Spring

Including more of Attack On Titan Season 3!

Andy Golder • 4 days ago
Andy Golder • 5 days ago
Andy Golder • 6 days ago
Andy Golder • 10 days ago
Andy Golder • 12 days ago

66 Thoughts I Had Watching This Week's "Game Of Thrones"

Apparently we still can't have nice things.

Andy Golder • 13 days ago

17 Jokes That Really Went Above And Beyond

Warning: These puns may cause you to throw your phone out the window.

Andy Golder • 15 days ago
Andy Golder • 17 days ago

The 12 Most Badass "Game Of Thrones" Moments From This Week's Episode, Ranked

Petition to rename the Battle of Winterfell the "Battle of the Badasses."

Andy Golder • 19 days ago

There Was A Hidden Pun In Last Night's "Game Of Thrones"

A very serious episode, with a ridiculous hidden joke.

Andy Golder • 19 days ago
Andy Golder • 20 days ago
Andy Golder • 20 days ago

This Accidental Video Of Chrissy Teigen Is The Most Relatable Thing A Celeb Has Ever Done

"I have one million videos exactly like this and zero photos of us."

Andy Golder • 20 days ago

I Just Realized Something Gross About Captain America After "Endgame"

If you've seen the movie, please help me here.

Andy Golder • 21 days ago

We Know Which "Game Of Thrones" Episode You'd Die In

Better hope your result isn't the Red Wedding.

Andy Golder • 21 days ago

21 Disney Posts That Are Basically Inside Jokes For Fans

🎵"Uptown rat...he's been living in a Paris flat..."🎵

Andy Golder • 22 days ago

Exactly How Old Of An "Old Millennial" Are You?

When exactly were you wearing wide-leg pants?

Andy Golder • 22 days ago