One-eight-two or one-eighty-two?

Andy Golder • 15 hours ago

"Season 10?" —Zach "John Dorian" Braff

Andy Golder • One day ago
Andy Golder • One day ago

You gotta be careful with that open bar.

Andy Golder • 2 days ago

I refuse to compromise on this opinion.

Andy Golder • 3 days ago

Stan Lee's rant about racism from 1968 is as relevant today as it was then.

Andy Golder • 7 days ago

What to do, where to go, and most importantly, what to EAT.

Andy Golder • 8 days ago

What kind of pants do ghosts wear? BOO jeans.

Andy Golder • 11 days ago

Bored? Me too. Here are some really dumb websites to kill time.

Andy Golder • 13 days ago

Never let your ex have the mic.

Andy Golder • 15 days ago

Remember when we ate out of styrofoam?

Andy Golder • 15 days ago

Hang on, lemme grab my sorting hat.

Andy Golder • 17 days ago

I can't tell you why I'm laughing, but I'm laughing.

Andy Golder • 20 days ago

U lik the quiz.

Andy Golder • 21 days ago

Gen Z? Millennial? Baby Boomer? Gen X? This quiz knows all.

Andy Golder • 22 days ago

And yes, this includes food recommendations.

Andy Golder • 23 days ago

It's like a TV Guide to your soul.

Andy Golder • 25 days ago

Trashy TV show? Check. Pile of junk food? Check.

Andy Golder • 26 days ago

Have a magical day!

Andy Golder • 26 days ago

Yeah, popping bubble wrap is great, but have you tried exercising your right to vote?

Andy Golder • 26 days ago