17 Photos Of People Being Dead Wrong And Refusing To Admit To It, Like, Even A Little

    Only on social media can someone be this smug and this wrong at the same time.

    A fact of life: Sometimes you're wrong. What separates us from the 17 people on this list, though, is being able to admit that we're wrong. Here's a bunch of people doing the opposite of that:

    1. That is, in fact, exactly what it equates to.

    Tweet expressing confusion over the belief that 2% of UK population equals 1 in 50 people

    2. Oh, well, if you beg to differ...

    A screenshot of a humorous exchange where one person doesn't realize South America is a continent and Utah isn't in it

    3. "The land just kind of sat there unused." Where did you get that from, a Texas history textbook?

    A comment saying that the US has a low population density because "we only existed since 1620, before that the land just kind of sat there unused, since there was nobody there"

    4. Here's a 1-star review from a person claiming that they got a lemon instead of an orange with their beer. I'll let you decide based on the picture.

    A text review expressing disappointment with service and experience, saying they got a lemon wedge with their Blue Moon beer, and argued with the owner because they know what an orange looks like
    A glass of beer with an orange wedge on a wooden bar surface

    5. Yousureaboutthat.jpg.

    A commenter claiming Jesus is the only deity to raise from the dead and save others, with another commenter pointing out the many examples of gods who resurrected and saved souls

    6. Hmm, what do you call it when you heat up raw milk to make it safe to drink? Pasteur-something?

    User comments on never having food poisoning from unpasteurized milk but says they boil it, which is basically pasteurization

    7. Not sure you should be tossing the word "dumb" around, friendo.

    One commenter uses the word "prequel" and another user calls them dumb, saying that a prequel would just be the first in the series

    8. America invented pizza? Wow, we've really done it all.

    Commenters arguing about the origin of pizza, with one person saying "actual real pizza" was invented in NYC and someone posting a history going back to 997 in Italy

    9. Tell me you know nothing about the scientific method without telling me you know nothing about the scientific method.

    Comment saying that theories like the big bang theory and the theory of evolution are called theories because there are no facts to back them up

    10. Listen, I'm not great at math, but even I know that 3^3 is not the same as 3*3...and I definitely also know that 3*3 does not equal 6.

    A commenter arguing that 3 cubed equals the same as 3 x 3

    11. So, as a cis man, I don't have a pelvis? Uh-oh, that's gonna cause some problems for m— *immediately collapses to the ground.*

    An anti-trans commenter arguing that only women have pelvises

    12. Ah yes, I believe I remember Al Gore saying that the one true symptom of global warming is that days are as warm as nights.

    Commenter arguing there's no evidence CO2 is the ultimate cause of global warming, otherwise days would be as warm as nights

    13. This explains why some people don't support a $15 minimum wage. They're just horrendously bad at math.

    Commenter saying that if Taco Bell workers made $15 an hour, they would make $100,000 a year, with another commenter pointing out that it would be only $31,200 for a 40-hour week

    14. I don't even have a cervix, but OUCH.

    A comment claiming that the head of the penis goes through the cervix during intercourse and sends the semen into the uterus — otherwise women would never get pregnant

    15. This just in: Hair dye is responsible for every disease and disorder known to science. Who knew?

    A long comment claiming that negative effects of hair dye include brain damage, ADHD, autism, cancer, and heart disease

    16. How much you wanna bet that the red user below also thinks "night" is spelled "nite"?

    Commenter arguing that the correct spelling is "lite," not "light"

    17. And finally, this actually explains a lot about how rich people think.

    Commenter saying that they live paycheck to paycheck even though they make a ton of money and have plenty of savings