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There really isn't a wrong answer here.

Ehis Osifo • 2 minutes ago

"Very classy, pointed support of a black woman being treated repulsively by the UK tabloids."

"The security here at the O2 are quite hot on suspicious packages, so I'd keep it under wraps."

The 1975 and Calvin Harris took home two awards each.

The Queens of the Brits have done it again.

I love these two.

Let's be honest, you don't listen to any song after 2001 and that's your right!

"I will sell my soul to get tickets to a Jonas Brothers reunion tour..... done deal."

"My ovaries were not ready."

So you think you're a real Arianator, huh?? Prove it!

"Show me the receipts."

"It feels like the sonic version of someone giving you a hug and telling you it will all be okay."

Syd Robinson • 9 hours ago

I blame the Y2K scare for some of the music choices we made that year.

Did he only do this because of "Hotline Bling"?

"Peach Salinger’s brain when she realized her laptop was stolen."

"Totally surreal."

High key, you should REALLY get to know her.

When I was a teenager, Adams’ songs convinced me that men had feelings too. But just because someone is sensitive doesn’t mean they care about you.

Criticisms of Grande’s “cultural appropriation” are complicated by the fact that R&B-infused pop has been the foundation of her career — and she’s always sought to credit the black artists who influence her.

"Whoever is still streaming '7 Rings', I hope you choke..."

An oh-so-'80s photo of Courteney Cox kicks off this week's #ThrowbackThursday!


Oh boy, here we go.

The 23-year-old has landed the difficult leap from YouTube sensation to real-life star, but she still doesn't know what she's doing: "I'm still finding my feet pretty much."

"You deserve your awards. Let’s celebrate her fight."

"I think I’m going pretty out of my comfort zone and I’m learning to be ok with it. It’s still something I’m not 100% confident about."

Days after Ariana Grande dragged Grammy producer Ken Ehrlich, Nicki said her fans "deserved the truth".

Hey, Luis... let's talk.

Because Pink will always be a winner in her kids' eyes.

"What my food sees when I check on them in the oven."

"Dream come true."

Justice for your faves!

A show with a lot of moments.

From fashion to phone calls, this post has it all.


This glow-up IS more than I bargained for.

Updating live!

Three cheers for you.

Guess they really were the ~Best New Artist.~

"The girlfriend is Ariana."

In chronological order, starting with her Destiny's Child days.

There could be 100 phones in the room...

How well do you know your red carpet fashion?

"See that girl, watch her scream, kicking the dancing queen."

"You know me & I'd never."

"STFU and take a seat."

True Maroon 5 fans only, please.

"So, Adam Levine's nipples are ok at the Super Bowl but Janet Jackson's aren't?"

Alternatively titled, "the reason why you've got great taste in music in 2019."

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