MGK Shared Shocking Behind-The-Scenes Footage Of His Blackout Tattoo That Will Make Your Skin Crawl

    "Today marks the day that I start the physical change of my body."

    MGK, formerly known as Machine Gun Kelly, is experiencing a jolting metamorphosis with his body art, and he's showing how it all went down.

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    Over the years, we've seen the actor/musician transform as each new album phase rolls out, and now we're in his "sad boy" era.

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    On March 29, MGK and Trippie Redd released genre:sadboy, a collaborative EP alongside a 17-minute documentary. It's a blend of hip-hop and rock, which is the usual sweet spot fans of these artists would recognize.

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    MGK's appearance changes with each music era, but this "sad boy" chapter is possibly his most significant transformation. Surprising to many fans, he covered his entire chest, upper back, shoulders, and arms with a blackout tattoo.

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    It was such a dramatic change that it appeared unbelievable until he posted a behind-the-scenes video providing a body-tingling glimpse into the steps to cover most of his upper body with the black ink. Roxx, known for their freehand, blackout body art, did the ink work.

    Close-up view of a gloved hand performing maintenance work, possibly welding, on a metal surface

    He starts by showing his body covered in all his original tattoos with years of accumulated artwork, saying, "Today marks the day that I start the physical change of my body," he said. "We'll see what this turns out to be."

    Man with tattoos on torso and arms, standing in a kitchen

    After "one session" he shows that only the top and side of one arm is completed, and there's a long way to go.

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    Here's what it looks like after he removes the protective plastic wrapped around the fresh tattoo work of the first session.

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    He covered his chest and nipples.

    Hands in gloves shaving hair from a skin area with a medical clipper for a procedure

    He covered his collarbone area to his shoulders.

    Close-up of a tattoo being inked on skin with existing tattoos, artist's gloved hands shown

    He covered the inside of his arms near the pit.

    Person getting a tattoo on arm, artist in focus, wearing gloves, ink visible

    The close-up visual of seeing how many needles are in the gun (which he claimed in an Instagram story was 44 in total) will make your skin crawl.

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    Here's his body after about "seven sessions."

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    "It's been about two weeks since we started," he said. "This is the most painful shit I ever experienced in my life."

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    Here's a close-up of the scars formed by the tattoo on his arms.

    The tattooing even caused his skin to swell up in certain areas.

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    At one point in the video, MGK is even shocked at the changing appearance of his body. "Is that my belly button?" he asked. "Oh my god. Look at my fucking belly button."

    The result, including his finished belly button, can be mostly seen in his music video "Beauty" from the EP with Trippie Redd.

    Person with layered jacket and necklaces sitting, tattoo visible on torso

    Apparently, the pain from the blackout tattoo was so unbearable that he used his "hyperbolic oxygen chamber to heal faster." As someone with a dozen tattoos, I can only imagine the irritable pain of having your entire upper body slowly healing from the pain.

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    Check out the full video here.