Azealia Banks Said Doechii Fans Should Be Called "Wannabes," And Here's How She Responded

    "The first time you came for me, I let it slide outta respect for my elders."

    Azealia Banks might've met her match with her latest diss.

    Azealia Banks

    You may know rapper/singer Azealia from her 2011 hit "212," or perhaps you know less about her popular music and more about her controversial social media presence.

    Azealia Banks onstage

    Well, rapper/singer Doechii (real name Jaylah Ji'mya Hickmon), Billboard Women in Music's 2023 Rising Star Award recipient, took to her Instagram to ask her fans a critical question, and Azealia chimed in.

    Closeup of Doechii

    On April 5, alongside a series of photos of Doechii eating candy, smoking a cigarette, getting her hair done, and using the computer, she asked, "Ok, y'all... what should our fandom name be? 🤭"

    Everyone knows prominent artists' fandoms need a unique moniker. Beyoncé has the Beyhive, Taylor Swift has the Swifties, and Lady Gaga has the Little Monsters. And long before these artists, Deadheads and Phisheads existed. So, it's important that Doechii landed on an official name.

    Doechii onstage

    Ultimately, most fans were stuck on three names: Gators (sometimes spelled Gaytors), Swamp, and Chii Chiis.

    Doechii onstage

    On April 10, Azealia also responded to the Instagram post, writing, "Definitely should call them 'wannabe's,'" and Doechii wasn't feeling the negativity.

    Summarized text: A social media comment reads "Definitely should call them the 'wannabe's'" with 379 likes

    Doechii wrote, "The first time you came for me I let it slide outta respect for my elders. It's not my fault you sellin bussy soap and I'm sellin platinum records. Leave me alone PLEASE."

    Social media screenshot of a celebrity, Doechii, replying to another, Azealia Banks, with a humorous yet dismissive comment

    Doechii isn't coming from left field, either. Apparently, this isn't the first time Azealia has referenced her negatively. On April 20, 2022, Doechii shared a conversation teasing a potential collaboration on her song "Crazy."

    At first, it appeared as if Azealia was in communication with Doechii and the collaboration was going to happen.

    Private DM conversation between two users, discussing a Twitter ban and plans for a response. Text content is personal and situational

    Doechii's conversation was with an allegedly fake account, and Azealia responded harshly toward Doechii's record label, TDE, and her fellow artists like SZA and Isaiah Rashad. "TDE is going out fucking sad," Azealia said. "You got them revving up these like bot farms. You got this Doechii chick, who I have no fucking clue who she is. She's having like this month's long dialogue with some fake Azaelia Banks account... and thinks... some sort of collab. Like no, honey."

    Closeup of Azealia Banks

    Azealia also slammed comparisons between her and Doechii's music in an IG rant after the release of the Tampa, Florida, rapper's new song with JT, "Alter Ego."

    Azealia Banks onstage

    2024 has seen a resurgence of rap beef, whether seemingly justified or completely irrational, and based on the above comments between Doechii and Azealia, this feud feels unnecessary.

    Three separate images, top image shows two men on stage, one in a baseball cap, bottom left features a woman with pink hair, and bottom right is also of a woman with pink hair

    Doechii and Azealia fans, it looks like any collaboration (or peace) seems highly unlikely.

    We'll let you know if the conversation continues.