JoJo Siwa Defended Her New "Bad Girl" Era Look

    "People are afraid to be different."

    After eons of teasing, JoJo Siwa's new "bad girl" single "Karma" is out.

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    Along with the song and music video, JoJo has been spotted sporting some matching looks for this new era — which have been met with some bewilderment and some praise (see: Gene Simmons of Kiss defending her iHeartRadio look).

    Closeup of JoJo Siwa

    Of her new era post-child stardom, JoJo told Entertainment Tonight, "It's been something that we've tried to figure out the best way to navigate. I do have such a young fan base, and I do have a lot of kids that look at JoJo Siwa and still follow my music from years ago. However, you know, I'm not the same that I was when I was 14."

    JoJo posing with peace signs, wearing a jacket with "KARMA" and sparkly silver pants

    "That can live on and people can know that human. But this now is 20-year-old, 21-year-old, here for a good time [JoJo]. Let's be honest, let's be real. Let's make some art," she continued.

    Screenshot from the "Karma" music video

    While she had previously compared the move to Miley Cyrus's Bangerz era, she further elaborated on her influences, explaining, "Michael Jackson, Prince, Elton, Bowie — and of course, Gaga, take all the inspiration from Gaga."

    Closeup of JoJo Siwa

    "Those people, for me, that were just not afraid. Elvis was the first to not be afraid to be different, to not be afraid to be out there, to not be afraid to take a risk," JoJo said. "I mean, the shit Freddie Mercury used to wear onstage — you would be like, what?"

    Screenshot from the "Karma" music video

    "I think now, people are afraid to be different," she concluded. "We're all different. We're all weird. We're all a little fucked up. And I think that's OK to show that."

    Screenshot from the "Karma" music video

    But riddle me this, JoJo: Why is it, "Karma's a bitch, I should've known better / If I had a wish, I would've never effed around" and not "Karma's a bitch, I should've known better / If I had a wish, I would've never met her" or something that flows???