17 Best Moments From Taylor Swift At Coachella Weekend One

    Karma is the guy on the Chiefs coming to Coachella with me! 🥺

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    Back in 2016, Taylor Swift made a memorable appearance at Coachella to support her then-boyfriend, Calvin Harris, who was performing. Due to the new hair color she debuted, the moment was dubbed "Bleachella," which became part of Swiftie lore. It seemed she may never return to the music festival again — until now.

    Taylor with short hair in a shimmering, sleeveless dress on the red carpet

    Over the weekend, Taylor made a surprise appearance as a Coachella attendee — with her now-boyfriend Travis Kelce in tow — to support some of her friends and collaborators during their sets. Across social media, fans have dubbed it Taychella (Taylor's Version).

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    Taylor and Travis together at an NFL game

    Here are 17 of the best moments from Taychella (Taylor's Version):

    1. The couple showed up in some interesting looks. Taylor was very low-key, and Travis went for Adam Sandler core.

    Taylor in a dark skirt, jacket, purse, and ballcap, and Travis in striped pajama pants, a t-shirt, flannel, bandana, and ballcap

    2. Taylor wore a New Heights hat, repping the podcast Travis cohosts with his brother, Jason Kelce.

    Taylor in a ballcap with the "New Heights" logo

    3. They had a super cute moment while waiting for Ice Spice's set to start.

    Josh Crawford / Via tiktok.com

    4. Ice Spice shouted out "Taylor Motherfucking Swift!" You can see a clip on TikTok here.

    Ice Spice performing on stage wearing an intricate outfit with a smile

    5. Ice Spice performed the "Karma" remix, and Taylor and Travis danced. You can see the super cute clip on TikTok here.

    Ice Spice, Taylor, and Travis walking together

    6. Taylor and Travis hung out with Sabrina Carpenter, who recently opened on the Eras Tour, and her boyfriend Barry Keoghan.

    DVNNY IS AT COACHELLA / Via tiktok.com

    7. They also showed up to support Bleachers, which is fronted by Taylor's frequent collaborator, Jack Antonoff. See the clip on TikTok here.

    Jack in a striped shirt performing with a guitar on stage

    8. They looked super happy watching Bleachers perform.

    Group of people in dim lighting, Travis and Taylor looking at each other and her smiling

    9. Like, really, really happy! 🥺 Watch a clip of them kissing and dancing like nobody's watching on Twitter here.

    Taylor and Travis kiss at the Superbowl

    10. Taylor hung out with Ice Spice during Neon Carnival.

    Ice Spice and Taylor walking together

    11. She posed with Real Housewives star Teresa Giudice.

    12. She also posed with Swaggy Wolfdog, who's (to the best of my knowledge) a husky influencer.

    13. While they watched Dom Dolla's set alongside Ice Spice, Travis briefly lifted Taylor up. Watch the cute clip on TikTok here.

    Dom Dolla performing on stage with pyrotechnic effects during a concert

    14. And, of course, Taylor and Travis danced while watching Dom Dolla. The clip on TikTok is here.

    Travis and Taylor walking while holding hands

    15. In general, there was a lot of dancing. Watch another cute clip from TikTok here.

    Taylor Swift in a floral dress holding hands with Travis in a jacket, both smiling

    16. They seemed to have the time of their lives together. Watch a cute close-up video on TikTok here.

    Travis Kelce in a championship shirt hugging a smiling Taylor Swift in a sweater at a sports event

    17. They also got to watch Erick the Architect, who shared on TikTok that he's ready to collab.

    Taylor and Travis vibing in the audience with excited caption from Erick about getting to perform in front of them

    What's your favorite moments from Taychella (Taylor's Version)? Would you like to see Taylor headline Coachella one day? Let us know in the comments!

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