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A Professional Closet Organizer Completely Redid My Closet, And Here Are The Life-Changing Tips You Need To Know If You Have A Messy Closet

I got pregnant as a teen, so that ~self-discovery~ period in my life got replaced with motherhood, and all my energy went into parenting. I developed a habit of putting all of my needs on the back burner. But I wanted to change all of that! Enter: closet organization.

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Party Hosts Are Sharing Their Mastermind Ways Of Making Sure Everyone Has Fun At Their Parties, And Some Of These Are So Genius That I'd Even Attend Sober

"I came stomping out of the hallway into the living room, head banging and belting the song — and the entire living room lit up with laughter. Next thing I know, everybody was standing up and dancing, bouncing around, and head banging along with me."

A single family home

"It Took Two Years To Get The Problem Under Control": 20 Very Expensive Mistakes That Homeowners Seriously Regret

"You should account for A LOT of unexpected expenses. Our property transfer tax was over $14,000 and needed to be paid for upfront, isn’t included in your down payment, and couldn’t be tied into our mortgage. It almost sunk us since we scraped together every dollar we had for the down payment. A big oversight on our end."

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