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Bathroom = the most underrated room in the house, so let's change that.

Samantha Yang • 11 hours ago

"I brought boxes!" —Marie Kondo, to literally everyone she visits.

Elena Garcia • 11 hours ago

FYI, you probably shouldn't try to donate them to your local library.

Here's what you should actually do with the books, clothes, beauty products, and electronics that you don't want anymore.

Dear bathrooms everywhere — don't let anyone tell you you're not beautiful!!!!!

Organizing your entire home might seem like a daunting task, but trust me, you ~Kondo~ it!

The world would be a better place if we just let the plants take over.

Game-changing products that might be even better at their job than you are at yours.

Stay safe, comfortable, and smart!


Wheel ly Wheel ly cool stuff.

Everything is under $10!

Hello, 911? My home is engulfed in a joyfire.

You got this.

Preventions AND solutions for some of those issues that go drip in the night.

Moisturizing beauts that are worth your coin rn.

Decluttering inspiration awaits!

Paint your fixtures, add paneling to your tub, and hang shelves above the toilet.

They're all under $30!

What do we want? Dishes that will clean themselves! When do we want 'em? IMMEDIATELY.

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