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    I Spend A Lot Of Time On The Internet, But Here Are 13 Life Hacks I've Remarkably Never Heard

    "You can sharpen your knives with a ceramic bowl. Rub the blade up and down on the bowl's ceramic ring."

    I'm on the internet often, and quite frankly, sometimes I feel I've seen all there is to see. However, recently I stumbled on these "life hacks" on Quora that I've surprisingly never heard. They're clever, shady, and wildly interesting!

    And instead of the typical gifs that are customary in these types of posts, please enjoy reaction photos of me discovering or trying these tips.

    1. "If you ever have to park in a city at night, park in front of a bank. Why? They're lit up and have cameras everywhere."

    Drive-thru banking area with multiple ATM machines under a well-lit canopy at dusk

    2. "Start every phone call with 'My battery is almost dead.' That way, you can hang up on them at any time."

    Man in a cap and dotted shirt using a smartphone against a blue brick wall

    3. "Reverse your hair (from the side you usually comb) a night before sleeping; then it will be easy to set the next morning."

    Woman with a serene expression wearing a scarf outdoors

    4. "Put your favorite song as a custom ringtone for people you don't like. That way, you can enjoy the song while neglecting their calls."

    Person in a hoodie at a desk with a laptop, talking on the phone

    5. "If you've forgotten an acquaintance's name, just ask them what their name is, and after they tell you, say 'No, your last name.' It works like a charm, and they never suspect a thing."

    Two professionals shaking hands outdoors, one holding a laptop, both smiling

    6. "You can sharpen your knives with a ceramic bowl. Rub the blade up and down on the bowl's ceramic ring."

    Knife resting on red teapot on a tiled counter

    7. "Use lip balm to heal paper cuts and immediately stop pain."

    Person holding a marker and flipping through a stack of white papers on a desk

    8. "Put a dry tea bag in smelly shoes to absorb the odor and leave them smelling fresh."

    9. "Tape a dryer sheet to the back of a fan to freshen up a room. As the fan blows air, it will distribute the scent of the dryer sheet throughout the room, leaving it smelling fresh."

    Person placing a filter behind a domestic fan in a room

    10. "Take a peek at people's feet when talking to you. If their feet are pointed away from you, the person you are talking to wants the conversation to end."

    Two professionals engaging in conversation, one holding a tablet. Arrow points to the one standing with one foot raised

    11. "Apply a thin film of oil to the surface of a plate. You can trap all the nearby mosquitoes just by swaying the plate, and this works like a charm."

    Liquid being poured into a bowl plus a metal plate equals an ant

    12. "If you've ever taken a boring class, record it with your phone and play it back on sleepless nights."

    Woman sleeping in bed with a book and illuminated bedside lamp

    13. "You can break the top of the toothpick and place it on the ground so the sharp point of the toothpick remains clean without touching the ground."

    A single pencil with a broken tip lying on a flat surface

    Do you have a genuine, one-of-a-kind thing you do that makes life a little easier? Tell me all about it in the comments below!