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All things queer, all year!


All things queer, all year!

Side-by-side of Billie Eilish in sheer top with layers, and Taylor Swift in a sequined outfit

Taylor Swift Has Been Called Out After She Dropped Three New Variants Of “The Tortured Poets Department” On The Same Day As Billie Eilish’s Album Release After Billie Was Accused Of Shading Her

Reacting to the move, one person claimed that Taylor “hates seeing other women succeed” — and the star’s own fans are calling her out after being made to feel like “cash cows.”

Man holding POS terminal with receipt showing total of $225, captioned with age-related joke

This Gen Z'er Feels "Expendable" After Chronic Brain Fog Forced Him To Quit School — Here's How It Affects His Budget And Day-To-Day

"When the fog hits, I might as well be a different person: I get aggravated more, I get confused in conversations, I can't plan, and I get very impulsive, which means I've had to learn how to handle that — which has taken the better part of over a year at this point. I'm only 25, but I feel like I'm 85."

Person in lecture hall looking tired next to a superimposed geometric shape head and receipt with a motivational quote

"I'm Living Two Different Lives": This 19-Year-Old Student Explained The "Terrifying" Reality Of Living With Unsupportive Parents In 2024 And How It Affects Their Daily Life

"Every morning, I go to school, put a rainbow keychain on my backpack, and become a proud queer student. Every night, I put the keychain back in my bag and go home to a family that would disown me or take everything away from me if they knew who I really was. There are so many painful details that add up far too fast, but at the end of the day, the point is that I'm living two different lives, and they're only separated by a couple of streets."

This Is The Gracious Way That Lily Gladstone Responded To Losing The Best Actress Oscar To Emma Stone Amid Online Backlash

“Throughout the awards campaign, she always made it about the Osage people,” one fan pointed out. “I always noticed how much more she spoke about the subject matter of her film and made sure to center them even in conversations about her own performance.”