It Finally Happened — We Had Andrew Scott Read Thirst Tweets, And It's As Good As You Imagined

    Andrew Scott looking right into the camera and saying, "Kneel," is making me blush.

    Your prayers have been answered. We've heard you asking, so we FINALLY sat down with Andrew Scott and had him read your thirst tweets.

    Andrew Scott sits wearing a casual black top during an interview with two reaction frames

    To celebrate his new Netflix series, Ripley, we put Andrew through the ultimate test — try and read some of the thirstiest tweets about himself and his beloved characters.

    Andrew Scott in Ripley sitting at a bar with a contemplative expression; dressed in a leather jacket, the setting is indoors

    From general love for Andrew...

    Andrew Scott smiles and looks down, seated before a screen displaying a playful message from a fan absolutely thirsting after him as the Hot Priest in Fleabag...

    Andrew Scott saying "Kneel," after reading a thirst tweet about the Priest from Fleabag everyone's shared appreciation of him and Paul Mescal's mesmerizing chemistry in All of Us Strangers. Andrew read every single tweet we gave him, and it did not disappoint.

    Andrew Scott, seated, reacts with a smile in front of a dark background. Text overlay from a tweet included

    You can check out Andrew's full thirst tweets video below:

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    And be sure to watch Andrew, alongside Dakota Fanning and Johnny Flynn, in Ripley, which is streaming now on Netflix!

    Andrew Scott in Ripley