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Calling all parents who need a laugh break, hacks and advice you'll actually use, and the viral stories you'll hear about at the school drop-off. Consider us your go-to playdate friends!

Krista Torres • 2 hours ago
Krista Torres • 8 hours ago
Christopher Hudspeth • 8 hours ago
Krista Torres • 7 hours ago

15 Brothers And Sisters Who Are A Joy To Watch

"My brother plays dead when my mom yells at him."

Krista Torres • 8 hours ago

This Woman Got A Text From Her Ex Right Before His Wedding Day, And Twitter Had Mixed Emotions About It

"Regardless of everything, you were meant to be a part of that person's life, and them, yours."

Syd Robinson • 1 hour ago

People Shared The Cringiest Thing They Witnessed At A Wedding And I'm Embarrassed FOR Them

"The groom’s mom got so drunk she peed herself and yelled, 'OH MY GOD! I’m peeing, guys!' as she was peeing in her chair."

Farrah Penn • 2 hours ago

17 Family Members Who Will Make You "Spit Milk Through Your Nose" Laugh

"I really don't care about your grades right now, do you have a prom date or not?"

28 Of The Pettiest Reasons People Broke Up With Their Significant Other

"His head was too round. It was distracting."

Spencer Althouse • just now
Krista Torres • 2 hours ago

15 Texts That Will Only Make Sense To People Who Have A Sister

"If you're fine then don't ever cough that loud again."

16 Moms Opened Up About What C-Section Births Are Really Like And They Are True Superwomen

"Your body made a baby and you got that baby out in the best way possible for your unique situation."

Melissa Harrison • 3 hours ago

These Polar Opposite Sisters Are Going Viral On Twitter, And We Have No Choice But To Stan

"Our style only became drastically different when we became adults and started dressing how we truly wanted."

Syd Robinson • 5 hours ago
Ehis Osifo • 8 hours ago

If Your Grandpa Had At Least 32 Of These 51 Things Then He Was "Peak Grandpa"

You'll probably smell Old Spice while looking through this!!!

23 Things You Definitely Didn't Realize Could Happen To Your Body After Childbirth

"My hair changed color during pregnancy, and now I have a blonde ring around my head."

This Man Is Accused Of Underpaying His Nanny By Over $150,000 In One Year

The nanny worked seven days a week and had two days off in a single year, the Fair Work Ombudsman alleges.

This Artist Created A Postpartum Depression Graphic Novel To Illustrate How Heartbreaking It Really Can Be

Teresa Wong's Dear Scarlet is an intimate and moving graphic memoir.

18 Dating App Convos That Are So Bad They're Funny

"Are you my New Year's resolution? Because I'm not planning on doing you at all."

18 Really Clever Dentists That Deserve An A+ For Creativity

Give these dentists a good Yelp rating!

What's Your Worst Traveling-With-Kids Horror Story?

Traveling with kids isn't a's a trip.

21 Hilarious Target Tweets That’ll Make You Feel Seen

This is for anyone who has gone to Target for just one item and left with a dozen things you didn't know you needed.

44 Throwback Black Twitter Moments That Still Make Us Crack Up Laughing

"If you can't go to Bella Noche, where can you go?"

Hilary Duff Revealed What It Was Really Like Becoming A Mom At 24

"It was a little isolating in the beginning because I didn’t have any friends that had babies yet."

21 Super Clever Things That'll Make You Go, "I Wish I Thought Of That!"

This world is pretty cool once you get past all the trash.

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