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Calling all parents who need a laugh break, hacks and advice you'll actually use, and the viral stories you'll hear about at the school drop-off. Consider us your go-to playdate friends!

18 Hilariously Brutal Things Older Siblings Did To Their Younger Siblings That They're Still Salty About

"My older brother tricked me into thinking I was eating beef jerky, when it was really dog treats."

Asia McLain • 4 hours ago

17 Parents Share The Grossest Thing They've Had To Do Since Having Kids

"I had to make a bowl with my hands while my toddler projectile vomited into them at a restaurant."

Asia McLain • 9 hours ago

17 Husbands Of Pregnant Women Who Tweeted To Keep From Crying

"My wife was crying because she couldn't find her socks...they were on her feet."

Asia McLain • 12 hours ago

22 Facts That Will Be Truly Upsetting To '90s Girls

"I REFUSE TO ACCEPT THIS!" —You reading this

Brian Galindo • 2 hours ago

19 True Stories About The Moment People Realized They'd Met "The One"

Turns out true love does exist, and here's your proof!

Allie Hayes • 1 hour ago

People Shared Their Family's Creepiest Stories, And It's A Lot, Y'all

Good luck with that whole "getting a good night's sleep" thing!

21 Really, Really Funny Parents Who Are Definitely Hanging By A Thread

"Ways to piss off your child: Feed them. Bathe them. Clothe them. Breathe."

Pablo Valdivia • 8 hours ago

15 Life-Or-Death Things Everyone Needs To Know Before They Care For An Infant

Babies under 12 months should never have plain water.

Brian Galindo • 1 hour ago

21 Awfully Weird Things Teachers Have Caught Their Students Secretly Doing

"I saw something I will never be able to unsee..."

These 16 Teacher Tweets Prove I Could Never Handle Their Job

"My 1-year-old peed on my son's homework. It's dry, though."

Megan Fox Defended Her Son Wearing Dresses For The First Time After Being Mom-Shamed On Instagram

"I send him to a really liberal school ... but he still has little boys going, 'Boys don't wear dresses,' or 'Boys don't wear pink.'"

Ellie Woodward • 1 hour ago

17 Mexican Dads Who Totally Lied About Not Wanting A Dog

"No quiero perros en la casa" is the biggest lie ever told.

Victoria Beckham Thinks It's Really Important To Eat Full Meals In Front Of Your Kids

Becoming a parent has changed her whole approach to health and wellness.

15 Realizations I Had That Will Make You Feel Incredibly Old, I'm Sorry In Advance

The Playstation is turning the same age as Justin Bieber. Let that sink in.

22 Times Tumblr Managed To Really Understand The Experiences Of Women

You know a TV show was written by a man when they call a $36 bra expensive.

People Shared 16 Things That Piss Them Off And The Responses Are So Funny And So True

It almost makes you wonder if it's bothering everyone, WHY is it still happening?!

19 Kids Who Insulted Adults So Hard They Probably Cried Into Their Pillows

"The boy came up behind me and whispered, 'You look like Shrek.'"

15 Notes That Prove Doing Something Small Can Make A Big Difference

Write a note to someone that matters to you today.

25 Tweets That Prove Dads Are Funnier Than The Rest Of Us

"My dad was just introduced to Venmo and it's the worst thing ever. He just requested $50 for '2001 tee ball registration fee.'"

21 Moms Who Hilariously Summed Up Breastfeeding With A Single Tweet

"I think my son woke up on the wrong side of the boob."

Kylie Jenner Just Opened Up About Her Sex Life With Travis Scott After Having Their First Baby

After boyfriend Travis Scott noted that having a baby can hurt a couple's sex life, Kylie responded: "Yeah, I feel like we’ve definitely proven that rumour to be wrong."

Let's Face It: Your Grandma Definitely Had All 45 Things On This List

She always had that one cabinet full of stuff you couldn't touch!

People Have Revealed The "Dumbest" Things They've Ever Done, And It's Absolutely Hilarious

"I had on a face mask, but wanted something for my eyes ... I thought lemons would be great."

17 Teachers Shared Insults From Their Students That Made Their Jaws Drop

"A student grabbed my face and told me I had the face of a man and the nose of a dog."

60 Childhood Things You'll Only Know If You're Either A Gen X-Er Or An Old Millennial

"STFU, BuzzFeed, this was my childhood too and I was born in 2011." —Someone in the comments 🙄

18 Grandmas Who Sent Some Hilariously Genius Texts

When a grandma hits 'send,' it's bound to be hilarious.

15 Parents Who Made Me Laugh Today Because Having Kids Is Rough

Is it messed up or genius that I taught my kids to sing a cleanup song to the tune of 'My Neck, My Back'?

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