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"I took a BuzzFeed quiz that told me I’m Spider-Man and now I have a spider bite on my arm. I do not believe in coincidences."

These kids are definitely going places.

If you’re not drawn to massages and manicures, here are some alternative ideas that might work for you.

We asked Juul users about addiction, nicotine withdrawal, and what it's like to try to quit using the trendy e-cigarette for good.

Adult diapers? CHECK!

"Moms love to text 'call me' and then not answer when you do."

"My mother-in-law organized my lingerie drawer while babysitting."

Brace yourselves, this is insane.

“Congrats. It’s the first interview I’ve ever cried in.”

Spark joy!

Sarah Aspler • 10 hours ago

It was the year that gave us some of the most iconic TV shows of the '90s.

"My mother-in-law had my dog put down while I was out of town."

All hail the boob.

"You know what I did in this bed? I masturbated."

You'll hate yourself if you read these and hate yourself if you don't.

"Are you serious?"

You'll never be quite the same again.

From here to maternity.

Get ready!

Were you actually a Girl Scout?!

Pour the milk, then pour the cereal.

"I didn't know I'd leak so much milk that my bedsheets would smell like Kraft Mac & Cheese."

Back when our biggest worry was whether Y2K would destroy our VCR.

The ultimate free bread showdown.

"People with AirPods act like all that but one good sneeze and it’s over."

Bloomin' onion, baby.

Anything hands-free is a must!

"My mom thought 'trap house' was another term for Escape Room."

A lot of things in 2018 were terrible. These inspiring health-related stories are not.

The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air recreation with Ellen!

"Harry Potter is on and my dad thinks Voldemort's name is Baltimore."

If you missed 'em the first time, you're in for a treat.

We know, I swear!

"If vampires like the taste of blood so much they should floss."

Protect them at all costs.

A reminder that, once upon a time, we weren't jaded people.

Yes, Gen Z, there was a time before we depended on the internet for everything!!!

Kids double as IT people.

"A girl at summer camp asked me, 'Why does a Black man drop you off and a white lady pick you up?'"

You can turn your plain old toilet into a literal porcelain throne.

"No, I'm not ready for Christmas, Susan."

Just imagine if this happened to you on your wedding day.

But their hearts were in the right place...I think.

It might not be the relationship you want, but it's the one you deserve.

"No seriously, thank you for the Christmas card with glitter all over it. We were actually running low."

🎵Oh, it's the most stressful time of the year! 🎵

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