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13 School Lunches That Literally No Parent Has Time To Make

They're super cute, super creative, and super not happening.

Only A Parent Can Guess What 6/8 Of These Kid Drawings Are

Warnings: These are by little kids, not Michelangelo.

25 Kids And The Absolute Cutest Things They Ever Said

You'll be so glad these kids learned to talk.

This Mom Collects Her Kids' Friends' Phones When They Come Over And, Of Course, Parents Have Thoughts

"I love my kids' friends so much that I want them to talk to each other at our house."

This 8-Year-Old Calls Herself The World's Youngest Barber And Offers Free Cuts To Her Community

"I told her, 'There probably won’t be any girls in the class.’ She said, 'Mom, that’s OK. I can do it.'"

Here Are 14 More Totally Unbelievable Things People Actually Said To Pregnant Women

"I said that my back hurt, and my husband's uncle responded, 'Maybe next time you'll swallow!'"

People Are Sharing Their Mom's "Catchphrases" And, OMG, It's So Accurate

"LONG. STORY. SHORT." — My mom concluding her hour-long story.

Here's What It's Like Being "The Most Beautiful Girls In The World" On Instagram

Ava and Leah Clements are 8-years-old with over a million followers.

27 Parents Got Brutally Real About What They Wish They Knew Before Having Kids

"That every time you think you've gotten a handle on parenting, all of the rules change."

17 Weird "Games" People Made Up In Their Youth That Are Boderline Genius

Who among us did not serve in the "Slug Wars"?

17 Ridiculous Names Real People Are Walking Around With Right Now

After reading this you'll never complain about your name again.

21 Celebrities I Had No Idea Have A Ton Of Kids

15 kids is like an entire daycare.

19 Hilariously Illogical Reasons Toddlers Melted Down

"The 3-year-old had a meltdown because her brother’s car window had poop on it and hers didn’t."

16 Moms And Dads Who Tried Their Very, Very Best

They taught us how to use a toilet so it's an even trade.

If Delivering Was An Olympic Sport, These People Would Win The Gold

Some heroes fight crime, others deliver packages.

This Woman Is Using Period Blood To Help Break The Stigma Around Menstruation

"Our disgust toward our bodies is not innate – it is a learned societal behavior."

17 Adults Who Almost Definitely Regret Talking To Kids

"My name is Michael and at home I poop a lot.”

17 Parents Who Drunk-Texted Their Kids In The Best Way Possible

Parenting is hard, but having a margarita isn't.

17 Grandparents Who Are Seriously Gifted At Texting

They're keeping up with technology like only they can.

21 Women Get Brutally Real About What Men Need To Know About Raising Daughters

"If we're avoiding a male relative's house, take the hint! Don't force us to go."

27 Lies People Believed As Kids That Are 100% Ridiculous But 200% Genius

"My mom didn't want us to eat food in bed, so she told us that if we ate while lying down we'd turn into snakes."

19 Pregnant Women Share The Most Inappropriate Things People Have Ever Said To Them

"A customer came into my store, saw that I was pregnant, and said, 'I hope you're married.'"

29 Parents Get Real About What It's Like To Have A Baby In The NICU

"If you need a break, take one. You're not a bad parent for taking a breather."

Hey Anyone With A Baby, You're Gonna Wanna Check Out Kristen Bell And Dax Shephard's New Baby Line Immediately

Shopping Hello Bello at Walmart is the equivalent of a trip to the Good Place.

14 Screenshots Of Interactions With “Nice Guys” That Are So Alarming It's Not Even Funny

"Not sure why you'd text me back when you knew you still had a boyfriend..."

After The Discovery Of A Pedophile Ring, YouTube Will Disable Comments On Some Videos Featuring Children

A small number of channels can keep comments enabled, but they must actively moderate them.

19 Parents Who Just Discovered Bitmoji, Bless Their Hearts

If your parents didn't have one before, they do now.

A Cartoon About A Mom Doing Everything And A Dad Doing Nothing Is Generating Quite The Conversation

"You haven't mastered the art of multitasking until you become a mom."

23 Adults Who Overheard Kids Saying Hilariously Weird Things To Each Other

"I think he had surgery because he swallowed gum and it got stuck in his heart.'"

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