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Calling all parents who need a laugh break, hacks and advice you'll actually use, and the viral stories you'll hear about at the school drop-off. Consider us your go-to playdate friends!

These 16 Tweets By Teachers Are Making Me Thankful For My Desk Job

Teacher: "I've never been there before!" Student: "Why? Are you poor?"

17 Parents' First Day Of School Tweets That Are Way Too Relatable

"They both ran away from my car like freed hostages. Feel the love."

The 20 Easiest Crock Pot Chicken Dinners We Know

All of these can also be made in an Instant Pot.

Cardi B And Travis Scott — A Breakdown Of The Grammy Drama Fans Are Talking About

"I wasn't even thinking of winning or even the Grammys. All I could think about was ... Am I still going to have a career after this baby?"

14 Times Baby Boomers Completely And Unapologetically Boomered

*immediately enrolls in OLD SCHOOL UNIVERSITY, majoring in RESPECT*

17 Wacky Grandmas Who Do Things A Little Differently Than We'd Think

Stop pulling the laundry basket around on a leash!

Choose Some Trendy And Unique Baby Names And We'll Tell You How Many Kids You'll Have

Who knows, maybe you'll come out of this quiz with a couple of ideas for names.

School Is Back In Session, So Here Are 15 Of The Best Teacher Tweets From This Week

"Reach out to your kinder teacher friends, we are not OK."

13 Baby Shower Buys That Mums-To-Be Actually Want To Receive

"Oh, I just bought the cheapest thing on the registry" — Everyone but you.

17 Foods You've Probably Been Eating Wrong Your Entire Life

Pringles are only seasoned on the top side, so you should eat them upside down.

"Back To The '80s" Is Making Me Relive My Childhood And I Love That

A musical reminder that it was the greatest decade to be a kid!

Here's What Everyone Wore To Black Girls Rock! 2019

"To all the ladies in the place with style and grace..."

17 Dads Whose Texts Are Way Too Funny To Be Ignored

"I can't make noise with my armpits anymore!"

A Mom Got Shamed For Bringing Her 4-Year Old Son Into The Women's Restroom And 24 Other Ridiculous Reasons

"My mother-in-law shamed me for having a cat, saying it would smell milk on my baby and 'steal the baby's breath.'"

27 Times People Walked Away Shocked After Shopping At A Thrift Store

Life is like a thrift never know what you're gonna get.

An "Avengers" Themed Land Is Coming To Disney Parks Around The World, And I Already Love It 3000

"Avengers Assemble (in the FastPass line)!" — Captain America, probably.

17 Very True Reasons Why Being Pregnant Is The Definition Of Bravery

What's worse than a broken heart? Stitches after childbirth.

This Photoshoot Of A Woman's Husband Shaving Her Head After Being Diagnosed With Cancer Is Heartbreakingly Beautiful

"Strong women aren't simply born. They are made by the storms they walk through..."

People Are Revealing The "Dumbest" Thing They've Ever Done, And I'll Let You Know When I Stop Laughing

"Where the heck are my glasses?! Oh wait, I'm wearing them." — Me, 75 times a day.

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