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Calling all parents who need a laugh break, hacks and advice you'll actually use, and the viral stories you'll hear about at the school drop-off. Consider us your go-to playdate friends!

This Mom Had Her Kids Apply For "Jobs" Doing Chores When They Asked For More Allowance

I'm honestly thinking about applying to the "Laundry Supervisor" position.

I Can't Get Over This Video Of Newborn Twins Reaching For Each Other's Hands

Apparently, they've grown up to be pretty different toddlers.

17 People Who Shopped Online And Then Immediately Regretted It

Sometimes a fail can turn into a fashion win. Sometimes.

19 Facts About Target That Are Honestly Kind Of Surprising launched in 1999...half a decade before Gmail.

Chuck E. Cheese’s Origin Story Is Actually Pretty Dark — Apparently Chuck E. Cheese Is An Orphan

This is even more surprising than the fact his middle name is "Entertainment."

What Happens When The Adopted Kids Of Anti-Gay Parents Come Out?

Evangelical Christians are the religious group most likely to adopt but are also most likely to oppose homosexuality, which can make life complicated for gay adopted kids.

Decorate A Kids' Bedroom And We'll Tell You What Kind Of Parent You'll Be

Will you be super strict, or really really chilled?

We Know What Percent Grandma You Are Based On How You Answer These 6 Questions

Get ready to drink some tea and bust out your knitting needles!

The Muppets Have Their Own Twitter Accounts And They're Hilariously Wholesome

"I do not know why my eggplant didn't grow. I planted the egg in June!"

19 Parents Share The Things Their Kids Are Hiding From Them, And They Are Hilarious, Random, And Heartbreaking

"My 6-year-old son poops in the backyard every morning and blames it on the dog."

This Mom Accidentally Voice-To-Texted A Diaper Change And It Is Too Funny

"My pregnancy and child have brought up a ton of horrible do we have a poop uhoh poop poop poop poop poop poop."

Kate Middleton Is Quite Possibly The Most Animated Person That Ever Lived

Just try and get through this post without smiling.

15 Grandpas Who Are Having A Not-So-Great – OK, Terribly Bad – Day

That one time grandpa mistook wasabi for guacamole.

14 Facts About Childbirth That'll Make You Blink Fast And Say, "What?"

Yes, it's true: The world's fastest labor was just two minutes!

17 Parents Who Could Make A Living Embarrassing Their Kids

"Maybe if you didn't vape you wouldn't be sucking for air right now!" — Dad at your hockey game.

Parents Are Sharing Times Their Kids Made Them Say, "Weird Flex, But OK"

"I know everything until you ask me a question." —a very profound-yet-confused child

16 Grandmas Who Are Not Having Their Best Day

"TBT to when I mixed up the gas and brake pedals."

18 Parent Reactions To Their Kids' Tattoos

Featuring a bunch of angry dads.

19 Absurdly Funny Kids Who Didn't Even Mean To Be So Hilarious

"Buy my girlfriend's CD, I'm so proud."

25 '80s Toys That'll Make Any Gen-Xer Or Old Millennial Say, "I Totally Forgot I Used To Have That!!!"

Also, a reminder that the decade produced some of the best and also weirdest toys of all time!

17 Frustrating Things People Who Meal Prep Will Deeply Understand

Meal prep is 75% searching for the right tupperware lid.

21 Moms Who Hilariously Nailed Motherhood In A Single, Honest Tweet

"My kids' favorite place to go shopping for toys is the pile I just set aside for Goodwill."

Most People Can't Identify 20 Of The Muppets — Can You?

The most sensational, inspirational, celebrational, Muppetational image quiz you'll ever take!

17 Really Gross Things Kids Were Caught Doing

It's been confirmed. I will most certainly not be having children.

15 Hysterical Mom Truths Of The Week That Will Make You Cackle

Bottom's up moms, it's been a long week!

15 Photos That Prove Cat Beds Are Basically Pointless

Why sleep in a bed when you can sleep in a bowl?

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