18 Times People Cried While Belting Out: "I've Seen Better Days, Been The Star Of Many Plays, I've Seen Better Days"

    Someone give these people a lucky penny!

    1. The time this person's package was en route to their house in North Carolina, only to be delivered to a FedEx location in another state:

    FedEx tracking status showing a package in transit with times and dates for anticipated delivery, going from Oklahoma to Tennessee and North Carolina and  then to Minnesota

    2. When this shower door spontaneously exploded out of nowhere:

    Bathroom with shattered glass door on the floor next to a bathtub; towel hangs on the side

    3. When this person's blinker disconnected from the steering wheel without force:

    Close-up of a car's steering wheel with a dangling turn signal lever

    4. The moment this person's sandwich slid off their plate and directly into the trash:

    A trash can with a sandwich amid other trash, with caption: "My sandwich slid right off my plate into the trash"

    5. When this person's vacation morning started out with them seeing this in the hotel coffee-maker:

    Inside of a coffee-maker with residue and stagnant-looking liquid and grinds

    6. The time this person freaked out because they got a ticket, only to realize later that it was a ticket for a different car:

    Green Mini Cooper car parked on a wet street with buildings in the background

    7. The evening this person's oven mitt melted onto the pizza pan:

    Hand in a green oven mitt with a melted section removing a pizza from an oven

    8. And the time this person accidentally melted a whole bottle while trying to sterilize it in hot water:

    A melted plastic baby bottle with the nipple on top

    9. When this person lost control of their bowl of beans:

    A mop next to a spilled bowl of beans on a kitchen floor, with splatter on the wall and floor

    10. The time this person's dog chewed off the shifter in their car:

    A worn gear shift knob with multiple surfaces missing, revealing the white material underneath

    11. The time this person's excitement for taco night was crushed (literally and figuratively):

    Taco shells in plastic packaging leaning sideways, some shells broken

    12. When this person guessed every single word but the correct word on Wordle:

    Wordle game screen showing a completed puzzle with several incorrect attempts, including "lunch," "punch," "munch," and "bunch"

    13. The moment this person realized their key would no longer turn on the car engine:

    Desk with a plier and key fob and key attached

    14. When this person needed to remove a stump, but the shovel had other plans:

    Shovel digging into soil and mulch near a white fence

    15. The night someone's dad dropped a decoration and shattered an entire glass table:

    Broken glass shards on a tiled outdoor area

    16. The time this person's dog ate their coat hangers like this:

    Pile of clothing hanging on multiple black plastic hangers with the tops chewed off

    17. That one time this person spilled soda in their cup holder:

    Spilled liquid in car cup holder with coins

    18. And, finally, the moment when this person realized they would be unable to protect themselves from the sun:

    A hand holding a Banana Boat sunscreen bottle with the top and spray nozzle broken