"He Didn't Change His Bedsheets": 29 Bizarre Habits People Hid From Their Partners Until They Moved In Together

    "He liked to tear holes in the sheets with his toenails so he could tuck his feet into them."

    No matter how well you know someone, there's probably something they do in their daily life that would surprise you. Recently, u/lovebeach8 asked people on Reddit to share the most shocking habit they discovered their significant other had after moving in together, and the responses range from odd but harmless to absolutely disgusting dealbreakers. Here's what they had to say:

    1. "He liked to tear holes in the sheets with his toenails so he could tuck his feet into them."

    Bare feet sticking out from under a white bedsheet

    2. "He won't clear the couch; he just sits down. Freshly folded washing? Sit on it. Handbag? Sit on it. Paper? Sit on it. I was so tempted to leave a saucy plate on the couch and see what happened. Habit finally ended when he sat on a laptop."


    3. "He and his roommates NEVER took out the trash. Like ever. Huge pile of full trash bags in the kitchen, almost reaching the ceiling, with trash in all the cabinets, too. Every great once in a while, they would rent a U-Haul to take it to the dump. It was so confusing to me, but I didn't know how to help them break the cycle. Nice guys, but sheesh."


    4. "Eating cereal with water, not milk."

    Person holding a bowl of cereal with a spoon, ready to eat

    5. "I knew my boyfriend was messy, but I put it down to the fact he was living on his own. When I moved in with him, we started by deep cleaning his place. He was then absolutely shocked when he realized I expected him to clean and tidy regularly. I don't know what he was thinking, that we would just do it once when I moved in, and then every six months? Thank God he's somehow improved!"


    6. "My husband folds towels while they are still wet and puts them away. It’s absolutely disgusting."


    7. "He would bite his nails and drop the little pieces all over the apartment. He moved out six months ago, and I'm STILL finding fingernail bits in weird places."

    Person biting nails in a close-up, showing signs of anxiety or deep thought

    8. "They didn't know how to turn on a stove, microwave, washing machine, or dryer. Then the one time they made dinner, I was so surprised and impressed that I didn't say anything when I found the takeout containers in the garbage. I feel stupid for not calling them out on it now but thankfully it’s not my circus or my monkey anymore. The habit was pathological lying and weaponized incompetence, but I only learned those terms after."


    9. "He literally undresses as he walks around the house. I will find socks in the living room, pants in the dining room, and a T-shirt in the kitchen. My husband also grew up with a stay-at-home mom who did everything for him and his siblings: laundry, cleaning, cooking, etc. Literally, the one thing she did not do was put their neatly folded clothes away in their dressers and closets. Some of our biggest squabbles have been over the fact that, yes, he is getting better at picking up after himself, but he does it in the most infuriating way. Dirty clothes end up right next to the laundry hamper, and dishes and garbage end up on the kitchen counter instead of in the sink and garbage can."


    10. "My girl loves peanut butter so much that she has a tub of it next to the bed. And on the coffee table. And in her office. None of these tubs have lids, and they are always open with a spoon in them. I'm concerned that the peanut butter might go bad, but she says she eats a whole container every two weeks. I still love her like crazy though."

    Top view of an open jar of peanut butter with a spoon inside

    11. "When he pops a pimple, he puts the contents on the frame of the mirror to 'see it' and then forgets to clean it off. I didn't understand what the white specks were at first. This has since stopped after it sent me into a rage."


    12. "Garbage bags of weed on the bed. He neglected to tell me he was a drug dealer."


    13. "He didn't change his bedsheets... ever. He thought the only reason I changed mine regularly was because of periods, so he thought men just don't have to change bedsheets ever. Now he changes them regularly, but damn, that was a wild thought."

    Unmade bed with a rumpled white duvet and two pillows in a bright room

    14. "My husband organizes something every day. BUT. It's the most random box in the back of the closet or re-folding his clothes. At first, my thought was, WTF???, but now I realize it's one way he relaxes after a long day. He's adorable."


    15. "She sprints up and down the stairs. She hates being on the stairs, so she makes it as fast as possible. It's wild to watch her calmly walk to the stairs and then just automatically start sprinting."


    16. "The first time I lived with a woman (outside of my mom and sister growing up) I was shocked by how much fucking toilet paper they use. I mean, I knew that, intellectually, women have to use toilet paper all the time, and men only have to use it sometimes. But...man, that difference was staggering. When I lived alone, I'd buy a twelve-pack of toilet paper and no joke, it might last a year. Sometimes, I would go days without using toilet paper at home because I'd do it at work or at school. Then, my girlfriend moved in with me, and it was all gone within minutes. Twelve rolls. Vaporized."

    Nearly empty toilet paper roll on a holder against a tiled wall

    17. "My ex-husband used to suck his thumb. I caught him doing it one night. It was so bizarre seeing this big man covered in tattoos sucking his thumb."


    18. "She's the most clean, organized person I know, but she opens our snacks and leaves them out to get stale."


    19. "She squeezes the toothpaste from the middle."

    Person applying toothpaste to a toothbrush, reflected in a bathroom mirror

    20. "Until we agreed on a sane solution, she would remove her daily contacts and just… throw them on the floor wherever she was. They dry up quickly and become crunchy, sharp little eye germ blights. Absolutely unthinkable to me."


    21. "My long-distance partner would turn off the freezer on his fridge to save on electricity bills, even when we had frozen hashbrowns and vegetables. He would only turn it up when we bought ice cream or popsicles."


    22. "When my future wife and I moved in together I was shocked and confused when she lit a candle. At my mom’s house, candles were just for looking at. You never actually lit them."

    Person lighting a marshmallow-scented candle with a match

    23. "My now-husband would buy packs of socks and underwear, wear them, and then toss them."


    24. "My wife makes no effort to squeeze out any remaining toothpaste. No roll up, no squeeze from the bottom, the second it's a little difficult, she throws it away."


    25. "He is a neat freak. Don’t get me wrong, I love a tidy house, but if he saw a single hair on the floor, then all of the floors in the entire house needed to be swept and mopped. While having floors that clean is a nice thought, I have waist-length black hair, and we have a Rottweiler who sheds, so it was completely unrealistic. He gave up after six months and bought a Roomba."

    Robotic vacuum cleaner operating on a carpet near a piece of furniture

    26. "He would pee in the sink instead of walking ten more feet to the bathroom. He is my ex now."


    27. "Cut up pizza using scissors like it was the most normal thing in the world."


    28. "After my fiancé is done brushing her teeth, she just…stops. No washing the toothbrush out, no rinse and spit. She was equally surprised that I don't do it like this!"

    A toothbrush and toothpaste tube laying on a bathroom counter

    29. And finally, "My ex would wipe his teeth with the towels in the bathroom. Hand towels, bath towels, the same towel guests used to dry their hands, the same towels he used to dry his butt — in his mouth. And his plaque would leave crusty yellow stains on them, which made them gross to use."


    Do you have a story to share about a weird habit you didn't know your partner had until you lived together? Tell us about it in the comments!