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Mike Spohr • 9 hours ago
Mike Spohr • One day ago

16 People Share The Most Entitled Thing They've Ever Seen Anyone Do, And Wow, Just Wow

This is their world and we're just living in it, I guess.

Mike Spohr • 4 days ago
Mike Spohr • 4 days ago

14 Customer Stories That Will Horrify Anyone Who's Ever Had A Job

"Did you not see me waiting in my Tesla? I will have your job!"

Mike Spohr • 5 days ago

19 Kids Who Insulted Adults So Hard They Probably Cried Into Their Pillows

"The boy came up behind me and whispered, 'You look like Shrek.'"

Mike Spohr • 5 days ago
Mike Spohr • 6 days ago
Mike Spohr • 8 days ago

17 Teachers Shared Insults From Their Students That Made Their Jaws Drop

"A student grabbed my face and told me I had the face of a man and the nose of a dog."

Mike Spohr • 10 days ago

25 Moms Call Out The Myths People Believe About Them

Moms aren't who you think they are.

Mike Spohr • 12 days ago

17 Lies People Told That Epically And Awkwardly Backfired On Them

Warning: Reading this may cause you to die from secondhand embarrassment.

Mike Spohr • 13 days ago

21 Times Chrissy Teigen's Twitter Account Was Like Your Dream Mom Friend

She's like your best mom friend — except she's on TV and whatnot.

Mike Spohr • 13 days ago

17 Parents' First Day Of School Tweets That Are Way Too Relatable

"They both ran away from my car like freed hostages. Feel the love."

Mike Spohr • 15 days ago

18 High School And College Students Whose First Day Of School Was Hilarious

"First day of school," you tweet, as you roll over in bed and skip your first class.

Mike Spohr • 16 days ago
Mike Spohr • 17 days ago

21 Hilarious Coworker Interactions That Are A Little Too Real

Coworker: "Can you cover my shift tomorrow?" You: "Uh..."

Mike Spohr • 18 days ago
Mike Spohr • 19 days ago
Mike Spohr • 22 days ago
Mike Spohr • 23 days ago
Mike Spohr • 23 days ago